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This one be pretty long, Brace yourselves.
This one be pretty long. Brace yourselves.

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This one be pretty long. Brace yourselves.

Alright, lemme get my story out.

When I married my shipwaifu I posted a a comment with a limerick that read:

"My starter ship, named Fubuki
Is as plain a girl as could be.
But as days went through,
My love for her grew,
And today I shall tell her, 'Marry me.'"

This—surprise!—isn't exactly true. It's only true in the sense that she appears so plain in the anime—yes, I watched the anime before playing the game—and yet as the series progressed I just ended up liking her more and more.


I've been interested in Kancolle long before I played the game. When the announcement for the anime came out I was like, "Well, why not we watch this?" And I eventually did.

The anime featured but a small sample of the girls, but some of the most prominent ones. One might expect that I'd be like the rest and pick one of the Kongou sisters, but no.

From the beginning, my sights fell on one girl.


I never knew why I ended up liking her, I just do. Maybe it's her optimistic, spirited personality? The fact that I have preferences towards vanilla ice cream? Or is it that she's more like a real-world woman, unlike the other twisted girls (sorry Kongou and Ooi), something that seems more tangible than the other virtual realities around her?

I never knew why. I'll probably know why. But I do. I like her. A lot.

Back then I was satisfied looking at her through the lens of the animation producers.

Then came this.

"When the devs announced on Twitter
That you may marry your favorite shipdaughter
I signed up quickly,
For my starter, picked Fubuki,
And ground rocks till the day I'd marry her."

Oh, my. That was when I seriously considered playing the game. It was a fine March afternoon. It was in April, though, when I finally signed up and braved the lotteries. The gambling went for a month, and one May evening, I earned a slot. Finally.

"Choose a Starter Ship.
" God damn no-brainer!

That was my purpose in life, as an Admiral. To raise my lovely Winter Soldier, the one who shocked the world, as well as my heart. I took many months and much sweat, sanity, sleeplessness, cup ramen, salt, and moolah, but I did it. It was probably the most fulfilling thing I did in a game.

Now that I have achieved my purpose, I decided to move forward and join the ranks of Admirals valiantly fighting the Abyssal Fleet.

And with lovely starter ship, and now, my wife, Fubuki, doing her best everyday, I know I could give it my best, too.

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