Well, feel free to get post your stories below, mine is an passage, but it is not limited to an passage only (yet it could be better).

  So about me, you can read the passage below.

As said before, I'am going to marry the whole DesDiv16, which includes the Hatsukaze, Yukikaze, Tokitsukaze and Amatsukaze. Thing went well and I finally hosted my first marriage.

About why I picked Hatsukaze as my first shipfu, it's because she's different from others, and somehow her personality is special.

3-4 farming for her is surely hard, but luckily I made it under hundred sorties. You know, when she joins, she would tease you by asking,'how many ships you've got before me?'. Well - I was still glad to have her.

4-3 leveling tooks weeks, and she shouted to me over these weeks, wanted me to get rekt by Myoukou. But before I've got her in 3-4, I've been watching her quotes, and her sinking line really did killed me, telling the truth she's trying to make me stronger(yet I can't see any other lines other than that Myoukou-bombardment line). This is how I started to find, train, and marry her.

One reason is not enough to conclude my will to marry her. Beside that, Hatsukaze is the least-loved ship in the DesDiv16, or maybe even in the game(yet she keeps getting seasonal quotes these days). So I know, this ship needs more love, and it became another reason.

I've also been viewing her marriage quotes and after-marriage quotes, and actually I found that she can be nice after all, I got called a baka during the wedding, but she's not like Akebono, which totally makes the admiral a M. She still tooks the ring(overthought intensifies), and that means she's just shy, but she still loves the admiral(as seen from the sinking line). After the wedding, she often ask the admiral to stop daydreaming(where are you looking? I am right here.) in a nice tongue(overthought again?). Well, you know, that quote would have been in another tongue if I didn't married her.

So now we're married, if things went well, I should be able to find and marry the next one in DesDiv16 - Amatsukaze. With 3000 yen, I should be able to buy 4 rings, that means 1 ring is extra - It might be Shigure, but it seems I shouldn't marry another destroyer as I will have married 4 already. Any suggestion on which ship type? But, whatever, I'd better like to listen your story about your first shipfu.

Other stories:

ArcticaFrost and Nanamin's:(
ArcticaFrost wrote:
I want to fuck my bride.
Nanamin wrote:
^ Same as above.
BIGPPP wrote:
Although I'm not there yet I will marry my Haguro.

She was my first Heavy Cruiser, and from the start her cute looks, voice and her adorable personality got me.

I made it my mission to make sure she was also my first heavy cruiser to get her kai ni.

She has saved my ass quite a few times, and she comes through for me time and time again whenever she takes her place in my sortie fleet.

I'm still a good 29 levels away from getting her to lvl 99 to marry her, at the moment i am trying to strengthen my fleet a bit by getting a few more varied classes of ship to their Kai Ni so I can tackle a few stages on Medium in future events as my fleet lacks depth of experienced ships at the moment.

But once I feel comfortable with that, I will begin the grind that will lead to getting a ring for my Haguro.

Azurekaito15 's:(Abukuma)
Azurekaito15 wrote:
Although I'm not there yet(9 more lv to go)I will marry my Abukuma.

Reason:Iori nomizu and twintail(Zuikaku is a strong contender for the ring)but Abukuma win due to the spat/tight thingy.(also her unique utility)

moreover I like her voice. Her voice is cute for me.


EchoHolic wrote:
I got desperate in AL/MI and gave my free ring meant for Shiranui to Yamato in a last-ditch effort to save resources.

I've had 40 rings since, and Shiranui still remains level 99.

Juuryoushin wrote:
"My choice was decided from the start. There is no fate and no coincidence either. She is the sole reason of my intrusion. I will play this game just for the sake of it. She will never be alone, because I'm here."That was my mindset when I found out about KanColle 1 year ago.

Back then, a lot of friends around me were bustling around this game. I was probably the only one silently peeking about it, seeking for some useful information before tackling the lottery. I had a hard time entering the game, so it felt much more rewarding than it truly was.

The reason behind it is straightforward, at least for me. (I really don't know if I should put that in plural form, it's up to you, readers.)

Hibiki/Verniy more or less gets almost all the traits I like inside a character: Very calm, silver-haired and haunted by some uncanny habit. (Russian words hi)

Her quotes made me want to get her as soon as possible. Hopefully, she was one of those numerous DDs you could obtain on your very first days of gameplay. Her stoic and serious side kind of -bewitched- me in some way. She was everywhere in my mind. (But not in my dreams, hahaha.)

When I got her (on my first day !), my goal finally seemed to be feasible: Get her to level 99, then enjoy my daily life with her.

As time passed, I did all the necessary quests to make the marriage quests available. Then, the leveling adventure started in 1-5. I felt like I was with her all that time. So close, yet so far. Sending her while keeping an eye permanently was my daily occupation. I liked it, everytime I could hear her voice.

Eventually, 2 months later, we succeeded. She asked me if I could teach her what love feels like. It sounded like a promise to me, a sacred one. I was a young admiral at this time. (HQ68, yes !) I dared to sacrifice my chances for the incoming event, just for her.

I don't plan to marry anyone else, she was my sole reason to play the game. Even if my goals changed over time, she was the one who gave me the necessary motivation to keep going, I can't forget this !

Aaaah man, I will never forget this stuff.

Tennousu wrote:
At first it's not her, though she was actually one of the candidate.

Time went on, I brought her to multiple sorties, and concluded that it must be her to receive that not-so-free ring under the context of "second-in-command" and "true admiral of the fleet because the supposed admiral is a lazy bastard".

Maybe I just attracted to her, and found her pretty interesting. A likable girl. Lately I found that her attitude is a complete opposite of me, kek, so we're like two sides of a coin.


So much that when news of Sendai and Ayanami Kai Ni came out, I was like, "To hell with those two, let's go to 4-3 so I won't need to level you a lot when you are ready". True, I didn't need to level her a lot after Fall 2014.

She'll be the one and only.

Maybe. Forget this one. Definitely, one and only.

That Halo Teitoku's:(Jintsuu)
That Halo Teitoku wrote:
Before I started playing I got myself hyped up by reading up on all of the girls and picking favorites. Initial impressions trended towards the battleships: Yamato, Bismarck, and, of course, Kongou. I knew how the Marriage mechanic worked and fully expected my one free ring to go to one of them. I started playing intent on getting Little Miss "BURNING LOVE" as quick as possible.

Then I met Jintsuu. My second CL and my fifth ship overall. My very first impression when I saw her posture and heard her voice was "OMG MUST PROTECT." She was the first girl I used the heart-lock function on, even though I didn't know what exactly it did at the time.

She was the flagship of my fleet for the longest time, leading the team through Worlds 1 and 2. She fell into relative disuse when he hit the steel wall that was 2-4, and remained sidelined into World 3. Then, in the lead-up to my first ever Event (Spring '15), I realized I needed to train my up some strong ships, and remembered hearing that Jintsuu's K2 was really good. We spent some time in 1-5 and before I knew it, my shy, humble secretary had blossomed into a soft-spoken, humble badass. I finally gave her the ring she'd long been waiting for the day the Summer Event ended.

I could say it was a gradual process of fighting alongside her and getting to know her, but really it was a case of love at first sight. I knew the moment she appeared that I needed her and she needed me.

She may not have Kongou's brash personality, Bismarck's power, or Yamato's vast....tracts of ocean. But I love her all the same. She's the star of the fleet, the one that brings light to the Abyss(als).

My one and only. My Jintsuu.

Coppertalon's:(??? - Many Candidates with none picked as first)
Coppertalon wrote:
Because I'm a lolicon. :3

The girl I noticed first and that originally drove me to get into this game was Ryuujou, especially when I noticed her in cute things like this.

Eventually, I took notice of more of the destroyers, and I had a friend who played the game and whom was obsessed with Shimakaze. He and I shared many lewds and stupid things with each other, but eventually he grew distressed for some reason, and he asked me not to take anymore of "his things from him" (internet characters he loves that he feels I had been stealing???) and our friendship grew more distant until eventually breaking apart completely. I then began my career as a teitoku in early September of 2014, and fell in love with nearly each and every girl I found, with several exceptions.

Most notable exceptions I keep as far at the bottom of my list of girls to give love to are Shimakaze, Kitakami, Ooi, Kasumi, Michishio, Hatsukaze, Murakumo, Bismarck, and Kaga. Funny how the ones I dislike the most are mostly extremely popular and powerful.

However, since beginning the game, my favorites have changed a lot, but Ryuujou remains top 10. Libeccio, Ro-500, Z3, Tokitsukaze, Kiyoshimo, Isonami, Kawakaze, Sakawa, and Mutsuki take the other 9 easily.

Other notable loved and poked Destroyers I won't walk away without mentioning are Uzuki, Oboro, Ooshio, Arare, Nenohi, Naganami, Kuroshio, Mochizuki, Takanami, Akebono, Satsuki and Fumizuki. Also DesDiv6 is love, DesDiv6 is life.

Edit: At the time of this comment, I have zero ships above level 98.

Edit 2: To clarify this comment for the purpose of this thread, my goal is to have an imouto harem, eventually. This is going to cost me upwards of 17500-20000 JPY and months of grinding time set aside, but it's all for love. :3

Nyocchi wrote:
It was a bit difficult to narrow down the list in the beginning since I didn't even own half the girls and I didn't know their voice. However in the end I've settled on a favorite fleet of 6 ships with one being my wife Shoukaku. The others being starter Samidare, Amatsukaze, Haguro, Katsuragi and Fusou.

Probably not much of a story really, I've always been interested in martial arts as well kyuudo and of course japanese tea ceremony. Also attracted to motherly types of personalities which is also reflected in the remaining ships. I have a tendancy to avoid overly popular girls and girls that had the best stats because it should be based off of my romanticized view of love.

So I married her before my first run of E3 this summer. I'm not too disappointed about marrying her before her Kai-Ni came out now, but I'm "okay" with her Kai-Ni artwork now.

.... Oh right I forgot to mention that skirt quote lol

Augt00f wrote:
I started playing kancolle without any information beforehand, my gameplay was simply click randomly the red button and sortie to whatever map i happened to click, then on one sortie i got her and i liked her, started using her on every sortie and got attached even more, she was the highest lvl at that moment (34), then on one sortie she was red and the next thing i knew was that she had sunk (i didnt even know how the game worked), i quitted.

More than half a year later i started playing again and the first thing i did was seek redemption for my own foolness by getting her again and offering her the ring; and just recently, a month ago or so, she reached max level.

Martirsadota wrote:
This one be pretty long. Brace yourselves.----

Alright, lemme get my story out.

When I married my shipwaifu I posted a comment with a limerick that read:

"My starter ship, named Fubuki
Is as plain a girl as could be.
But as days went through,
My love for her grew,
And today I shall tell her, 'Marry me.'"

This—surprise!—isn't exactly true. It's only true in the sense that she appears so plain in the anime—yes, I watched the anime before playing the game—and yet as the series progressed I just ended up liking her more and more.


I've been interested in Kancolle long before I played the game. When the announcement for the anime came out I was like, "Well, why not we watch this?" And I eventually did.

The anime featured but a small sample of the girls, but some of the most prominent ones. One might expect that I'd be like the rest and pick one of the Kongou sisters, but no.

From the beginning, my sights fell on one girl.


I never knew why I ended up liking her, I just did. Maybe it's her optimistic, spirited personality? The fact that I have preferences towards vanilla ice cream? Or is it that she's more like a real-world woman, unlike the other twisted girls (sorry Kongou and Ooi), something that seems more tangible than the other virtual realities around her?

I never knew why. I'll probably never know why. But I do. I like her. A lot.

Back then I was satisfied looking at her through the lens of the animation producers.

Then came this.

Oh, my. That was when I seriously considered playing the game. It was a fine March afternoon. It was in April, though, when I finally signed up and braved the lotteries. The gambling went for a month, and one May evening, I earned a slot. Finally.

"Choose a Starter Ship."
God damn, no-brainer!

"When the devs announced on Twitter
That you may marry your favorite shipdaughter
I signed up quickly,
For my starter, picked Fubuki,
And ground rocks till the day I'd marry her."

That was my purpose in life, as an Admiral. To raise my lovely Winter Soldier, the one who shocked the world, as well as my heart. I took many months and much sweat, sanity, sleeplessness, cup ramen, salt, and moolah, but I did it. It was probably the most fulfilling thing I did in a game.

Now that I have achieved my purpose, I decided to move forward and join the ranks of Admirals valiantly fighting the Abyssal Fleet.

And with my lovely starter ship, and now, my wife, Fubuki, doing her best everyday, I know I could—no, I must—give it my best, too.

Clip (2015-10-13 at 09.11.25)

Roughly five months, it seems.

Minhfongboy wrote:
My first ever BB that I got ( More like I crafted ) was Kongou, I started using her from 2-1 and she kept stealing MVP all the time (She is a BB no wonder). Despite her high cost, she is considered as one of my best ships to use in my fleet. Whenever I faced any hard maps, I alway used her and she rarely disappointed me ( Well she did in 3-4, 3-5 and 5-3 a couple of times actually =.= ) . This is my best memories about Kongou :

Map 2-4 : She always aimed for Ru and smacked them, allowing my fleet (Ise, Fusou, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Souryuu) to clear trash and clear the map within 3 tries ( the other two tries were either random taiha or compass troll )

Map 3-4 : Sometimes she got taiha randomly and i wasnt even mad really. However, in my last run, when I reached node H with 4 god dem Ru. She dodged both Ru flagship and elite's attacks like a pro ( I was afraid that someone would get taiha there ), but then i luckily came out alive with only 3 chuuha ships, proceeded to boss node and clear the map. Of course, Kongou didnt even take a single dmg :O (This is when I actually believed in her "skills" and started using her more frequently)

Map 4-1 and above : From this map, I alway bring her everywhere

And especially in 5-3 : Dodged all NB attack like a pro, reached the boss with green HP :O (Still, during my first 2 intital runs, she aimed at Southern War Princess in NB, even killed her but then Ta downthere survived and taiha her back in one shot =.= )

Summer 2015 Event's E4-E5-E6 (All are kuso mode due to not having strong fleet =.= ) are where Kongou saved me lots of times: Sniped at Airfield hime (E4) and killed her when there was nobody left to attack in NB / Taiha Battleship Princess in E5 from 147 to 82HP left to block her stupid CI's attack, allowing Kitakami to step up and send her to hell with the final blow, exploding the HP bar / Chuuha CV Hime during her final form (E6), thus reducing her dmg done to escort fleet. If it hadnt been for Kongou, CV hime would have rekt my escort even harder and i wouldnt have completed E6

Kongou is already lv 90 during this time, she proceeded to climb up to lv 99 along with Kaga and Ooi, in the end, Kongou reached lv 99 first :D

TLDR : Just wanna say , thanks you for everything, Kongou :D

SerialConvort wrote:
Aint much to say about my first wife, Kongou. The moment I met her she always stole my attention from others with her burning personality and looks. Ever since she was my MVP, my best ship, and the girl whom I loved most. To this day I still treasure her the same the first day we met.

So yeah its that smancy pancy love at first love stuff, but I dont care xD

Vcharng wrote:
I met Shoukaku during the 2013 Arpeggio event, with her sister Zuikaku and Taihou's joining later, the three of them became highest priority on training. But things turn south. The lack of carriers' effectiveness under the game mechanics at that time became clear during the opening stage of operation AL/MI, and I quitted KC due to the resulting anger. Taihou was already level 99, but not so Shoukaku and her sister.

I came back during winter 2014 (2015 to some people) event, and the Shoukaku sisters reached 99 in spring. And for the first time I actually thought about marrying one of my ship. I hesitated between Kaga, Taihou and Shoukaku, as they are all very important to me.

Then we had Summer 2015 event. With the new Aircraft Proficiency system, my carriers can finally shine. But during the very salty event, the sanity of the Teitoku (that is, me) became an issue, too. It seems that I will need the help of a personal companion to get through upcoming challanges. With Kaga's strict personality, we might just face even more "Teitoku-got-crazy-again" moments in the future, that's definitely not what my fleet, and I personally, need.

Shoukaku and I got married at 1st October, right after she received her K2A remodel. Unlike others who mostly focus on how much they loved their respective shipfus, I focus more on what we can give each other. As a short-tempered admiral, Shoukaku always calm me down with her warm, gentle smile; as a "unlucky, always-taking-damage carrier", I give her confidence (and not over confidence as in treating everyone else as her support ships).

A couple that supports each other, that is what I wish to achieve with Shoukaku.

Karst134 wrote:
I'd known about Kancolle for about 1 year and a half before actually becoming a Teitoku. What I knew at that time mostly came from reading the doujins, the wikia (like this one) and historical facts. Over time, my interest turned toward a specific girl: Hibiki(Verniy). The more I read about the tragic she gone through, the more I want to be by her side to protect her. That was my reason for playing Kancolle.

Within the first 3 days after joining, the DesDiv 6 had gathered. Then 1 week later, with the help of Yamashiro (my first BB recipe) and some CLs, I pushed my way out of 1-4 to unlock the DD/CL training ground 1-5. From here, my plan to give Hibiki the first ring was put into action. That was my naive thinking before experienced the hellish I'd later known in 4-3.

If Kai Ni is a walk in a park, then getting to lv99 is more like climbing a rocky moutain in rainy season. One month after I became Teitoku, the Summer Event 2015 started and I was truly a fool to participate without a second thought (HQlv 69). At the end of the event (HQlv85), I was left with a way-too-imbalanced forces: BBs and CVs got much stronger while my DD/CL remained weak (only Sendai and Isuzu got their Kai Ni, 4 other CLs only got their Kai and not even reach lv40). Even so, I still gear them up for 4-3. It was the beginning of the 5 days of endless Sorties, Res burning, Buckets wasting, non-stop Expeditons. More than 30 Ships were called upon, all for the sake of getting Hibiki to lv99.

In the end, the hardship of grinding Exp was nothing compare to the trolling of RNG-sama. On the last day, when there were only about 2000 Exp left (one more Sortie with 2 MVPs), RNG-sama decided to test my sanity. 10 Sorties, 8 times disconnect right after entering 4-3 (Hibiki lost sparkling, the others got red face), 2 times early retreat (Node J trolling, enemy BB taiha Hibiki twice, the others got done in by either CA/CL). To be honest, I really wanted to cry at this point. RNG-sama seemed to pull eveything in her power to prevent me to going to 4-3 again.

Fuel and Ammo left no more than 300 each after the retreats, plus the fact that RNG-sama blocking 4-3, I got no choice but to go the only place that could help me get the remaining 800Exp: 3-2 A. My beloved Hibiki as flagship, the 5 CVs loaded with all the strongest Torpedo Planes (and 1 Saiun) I had. Guess RNG-sama did not expect I use such a cheap trick on her. 2 2 Sorties, 2 Pecfect S Rank, Hibiki lv99 reached. I truly cried this time, out of joy and relieved.

I gave Hibiki(Verniy) the ring right after that, now I am not gonna let her be in danger anymore. Her place now is by my side, nowhere else.

Hikappoi's:(Still picking)
Hikappoi wrote:
Well, for now, none of my ship girls are close to lvl 99 because i don't play often. At first, my strong waifu candidates is Yuudachi because her kai ni looks and her stats. But, because of some reason I start to dislike her. I've liking her since first time playing kancolle around 8 months ago, however since I watched the anime my likeness for her start to cease. I start to looking for another ship, and another candidates from destroyer is Z1 and Ushio.

I like Ushio because of her personality (damn she's too cute for me), and I like Z1 because tomboyish girl is also my type. I also once said if she really get the octoberfest CG I would marry her--and she did, haha. Now I grind her often because of that.

And another candidates is Kirishima and Junyou. I like Kirishima because her voice and stats, she is also my first kai ni Kongou-class. And for Junyou, I like her eccentric personality. She also exceeded my expectation during E-3 Spring 2015 event, she went taiha at the first node and I continued because I equipped her with damecon. But, for next 3 nodes (including boss) she always evaded all enemy attack aimed to her so the damecon wasn't consumed. However she sometimes get rekt rather easily so I still think twice to marry her, yeah.

So, for now, I still confused to marry who. But I still have plenty of time to decide because I plan to marry a shipgirl during my one-year anniversary palying kancolle. Let's see if I still stick to Yuudachi or marry one of my candidates (or maybe even the unexpected one? Because lot and lot of new ships will be iplemented in the future...)

LordCerberus wrote:

alright this gonna Long story...
(sorry for my bad english, afterall i am an old timer)

this was begin when i am about 6-7 YO (years old).
ma (late) pops and i always going fishing on sea at least once a month,
when i was 10 YO ma pops ask me what i want on my birthday (my family only celebrate on 10, 15 & 17)
can you give me a picture book about Brave and Mighty ship ? that what i said.
then on my 10th birthday, ma pops give me a handmade book made of photocopy, and said, sorry kiddo,
i can't find the books you want, so i made it by myself.
that book was very thick. with so many awesome picture in it.
in addition to images, the book has a short history of the ships in the picture.
Yamato with her magnificent body, Enterprise, South Dakota, Iowa,
but for the most part, i was astonished by the picture of Bismarck... and her gallant story (look i was an 10 YO kid, don't know what is Nazi or something like that)
That book was a precious treasure for me.
then i follow ma pops, to became a navy.
long story short, i married... and got 4 daughter.
then on one of my tour, my subordinate was busy talk about one game named kan-kole (i don't know that name that time)
a game about personification WW 2 Ship.
from that talk, i was interested, but hey i am an old timer, gotta keep my rep.
one day... when i was retired, my subordinate was joking to me,
"skip you still can became an admiral, command the ship, on this" (showing a kancolle game in their laptop)
hahaha... (well, looks like they know about my interest on this game... don't know how)
there begins... my journey as a teitoku...

few weeks past... i just play casually (few hour a weeks, don't care anything.. or news, wiki tweet etc)
then i found a picture on google search... about Bismarck... AS-KANMUSU !!!
the hell... i said... s-she was... overwhelmingly beautiful...
and the voice... yes.. that voice suit her well with her personality...
i must get her...
that begins as my seriousness as Teitoku...
i just farming... farming... collect ressource... neglect quest, no sorties... just resource...
expedition... one after another... craft submarines... collect again... (with only 3 fleet open)
31 oct 2014 = i got her... after many many many attempt to get her, she finaly notice me...
My life was complete... (that's what i think that time)

until that event came...
it all begin on 14 Nov "THE FALL" i was soo full on myself... on my head i was like...
"with bismarck i can conquer them all"
then the massacre begun... E-1, i never forget that day... my ill-equipment & level moreover not even 4th fleet open.
challange the event... my Bismarck, with 1 damage control was taiha on 2nd node, use that damecon on 3rd node.
i don't know that was 1 TIME ONLY consumable. NOT "whole sortie"

my life was over... i lost her... i lost my precious girl... i left the game since then...
i failed her... i failed whole HQ... never touch the game for whole month...


23rd Des 2014
my subordinate ask me when we meet on reunion, i answer them honestly.
well... they cheer me up, and tell their tale... and about this wikia...

24th Des 2014
it was near 10:00 AM. and while i browse wikia... and make mistake here and there, learn something from anon and other scloding to my mistake
shigure said to me... (that time she was still Kai, about Lv 23+ i can't remember)
she said : 1000. Admiral's job is... well, your job is Admiral. Yeah.
when i search wikia the translate...
i laugh to myself... shigure i am an ex (retired) Admiral... and i have abandon you for long time, and yet you still
think i am your admiral ?
Secretary(1) : Admiral, you called?
i am cry...

i will make up for my mistake...

Winter came... i am ready... i am prepared for this, and prove i am not a fool admiral on my past time...
i sweep the whole event on Hard, medium, and final on easy...
i saved all girl, and few other...

Bismarck... Did You see this ?
you dont mad at me again right ?
i have prove myself to you that i am worthy, right ?
because, for me... the biggest challange was... save her from depth of cold & darkness sea... of my foolishness

1st. forgot
2nd. forgot
3rd. this is my last attempt, i can't try again, because other kanmusu need that resource... please Bismarck, forgive me...
. .
. She Forgive me... I am Really happy and relieved...


Spring came next...

I am Ready... with My waifu forgive me i will get through this !
All Hard, All Girls saved, Medal of manlyness Get.
when Spring over... after maintenance... I married...

Bismarck The one I adore
Kongou she always cheer me up
Isuzu I laugh at her when we first met, she was like... my IRL wife (before i married her = My IRL wife) she like twins... the hair, body, character. it's all same...

I married three of them at same time...

My Last Ring ?

well... now many of my kanmusu already Lv.99 But married was not that easy... i dunno... maybe time will answer that...

Until now, with my 3 waifu, i never failed again. and i hope i never ever ever fail to save any girl. any quest, event, anything...
and this was my story...

Admiral LordCerberus. Paramushir Anchorage. sign out.

My waifu in action
A Wikia contributor's:(Fusou)
A Wikia contributor wrote:
I had known about KanColle for over 9 months before playing, mainly due too all the fanart of Shimakaze, Kongou, and 6DesDiv. By the time I had made up my mind to join I already thought that the first wife would be I-19 (the only who got me interested in KC when I was previously indifferent) or Sazanami (who I eventually chose to be my starter) or Kisaragi (and even before the anime, I promised not to marry anyone beyond the first wife until I had a ring reserved just for Kisaragi).

But then after playing for a while I realized that the one who will get the MVP most often would be a Battleship and therefore would most likely reach level 99 first.

So I eventually promised the first ring to Fusou. She has a soothing voice, a gentle personallity, and her beautiful looks are like that of a Yamato Nadeshiko. She, like all my BBVs, has also been one of my highest performing BBs despite her stats and in her attempts to not lose to Ise & Hyuuga she has proven herself to be very important in some of my greatest victories. Even though she's not there yet (two more levels to go), I promised that I wouldn't marry anyone else until after I've married her...

...which is making a certain drunkard very impatiant (only one more level to go and almost there already). Jun'you is the only shipgirl to have been the highest leveled ship in my fleet longer than Fusou and she's the only one in my fleet to have won me over through hard work and effort rather than relying on moemoe to appeal to me and as time passed she has really grown on me. Despite being drunk most of the time she has done well in every event I have been in, even one-shoting event bosses while equiped with crappy bombers. As soon as I marry Fusou, I will marry Jun'you immediately afterwards. Well, that's my story.

Hayashi H's:(Yahagi)
Hayashi H wrote:
My story is that of an asshole really.

I started out liking my tsundere starter, but it's not like I wanted to marry her or anything, b...b...baka! I waited for a while for more elephant ladies to show up to know who was available. For a time, Shiranui and her damaged art made her one of the front runners as playing this game makes most of us M, and she seemed like the S counterpart.

Fast forward a month, the final Kongou sister Haruna showed up. She's strong, but quite a bit of a baka, and seemed to like shooting destroyers while Abyssal battleships wreck my fleet. Still she was daijoubu, daijoubu enough to be the first girl I seriously considered marrying. However, I would only ever marry one. I wanted to be sure there wouldn't be anyone else I would have wanted to marry more than her before deciding.

I read the fockin' Wiki. Every single shipgirl's page. Listened to all their voice quotes. The decision was simple to make. At first there were like 5 girls I were considering on Haruna's level. If there's a 'want to marry' exponential scale from one to ten, they were tied at 7, so I thought it would have been difficult. Then a perfect 10 showed up and blew every single one of the competitors out of the water - one of the last ones I checked. An Agano-class with a ponytail, who I had no chance of meeting up to that point, as I hadn't started LSC yet. She happened to be top-tier stats-wise as well, but stats weren't really a consideration at that point.

She was just too perfect.

The problem with drops in this game is that the Desire Detector suppresses drop rates for the girls you want, and there's no way I could want her any less. It took almost 400 LSCs for her to show up, though it's not as painful as it sounds since Maruyus did drop by. After that, by alternating her as flagship for two fleets, I sortied her 8 times an hour when she finally showed up - and Yahagi was at 99 in about 15 days. She lasted for about 30 seconds before levelling up to 100.

Incidentally, the ring I gave to Yahagi was given to me by Haruna, and Haruna still functions as my first-choice battleship at 99. All things considered, I suppose you could say she got first-love-zoned.

Anymous 1234's:(Haruna)
Anymous 1234 wrote:
well here my story :

i looked up on internet about winter anime and found kc anime so i think okay then looks like good anime so i wacthed the entire season , then i realised i want to see more shipgirls action then got into the game there where i found it.

the ones that got my heart haruna at first i thought this will be a easy choices but then come yamato she got my attention to so then it begun the hesitation who gotta be my waifu.

fast foward two months they both level 99 so i thinking okay who gotta be the one cause i only can give one ring, i browse the wikia listening both of they voices line

so i make the hardest choices and my choices is haruna i give her the ring and now i start thinking it back i really dont regret any of my choices. so yeah haruna it is,my first and always be my dearest waifu.

BlitzerRyuusei wrote:
A short time after I found out about Kancolle in July 2014, I started browsing the wiki. While looking around, I stumbled onto Haruna. I don't think it was instant, but I soon decided that Haruna was best girl, and that I must get her immediately. I made a Kancolle account on July 15, 2014.

My top priority when getting into the game was getting Haruna. At first, I planned to farm 2-1 (earliest possible map you can get her, according to the Drop List page) as well as do 400/30/600/30 recipes. I decided that the former was impractical, and the latter didn't work (although I got some of my oldest and best ships, Maya and Choukai, from them). Eventually, I decided that a slower approach would be better: get the naval base in order, build a reasonably strong fleet as a foundation, and then look for Haruna. That approach worked fairly quickly; after clearing 2-4 (with Ise, Fusou, Yamashiro, Maya, Akagi, and Shouhou, I still remember the exact fleet), Haruna dropped for me on my first sortie to 3-1.

Soon, Haruna became more overleveled than any of my ships, due to me using her as filler in PVPs whenever I could. She was level 42, higher (but not much higher) than my other ships, when Haruna Kai Ni was announced.

Oh man.

I went on a massive leveling spree in 3-2, burning all of my fuel and ammo and devastating involving most of my ships in the grind. Three days later, Haruna was level 80, far beyond my admiral level, and I Kai Ni'd her. Within only 16 days of becoming admiral, I achieved Haruna Kai Ni.

I decided to give my ships a small break, as the Summer 2014 event was on the horizon. During late August and early September, after the event, I decided to go on the marriage grind. The next day, I ring'd Haruna... but Error Musume interrupted the marriage cutscene.


I can always view the marriage cutscene in the picture book, but she really ruined the moment.

These days, Haruna is level 144 and still my favorite kanmusu. She's one of my best and consistent fighters, and the sweetest and kindest kanmusu I've ever met. I don't think I've ever liked a fictional character for as long and as consistently that I've liked Haruna, and I never get tired of telling this story.

Haruna is best girl always.

McDerp wrote:
First saw Ooyodo as the Ninmu Musume from here, absolutely adored the way she looked.

Sadly she was not available as a shipgirl at that time. I had a waning interest in KanColle but did not want to bother with proxies yet. Fast forward 2 months, I decided to come to the Wikia on a whim while AL/MI was in full swing. Guess who I saw.

Instantly enlisted in matter of days, the event was already half over and I only managed to complete the first map. Ooyodo eluded me this time which served to embolden my efforts to get her next time.

The next chance was in Fall 2014 E2, I was still pretty damn fresh and did not know about equipment compositions, Cut-in set-ups on Akatsukis, go figure. I ran out of buckets in the end but managed to procure an Amatsukaze with said dumbass set-up and a Hatsukaze. Sorry for bullying you Warusame~ I resorted to try and find her in the night battle node with the Tsu.

Finally found my shipgirl on the last few days. She reached 99 by December, just in time to have her ring on Christmas eve, which the 1st anniversary was just a few days ago!

UvebeenHAZED wrote:
What is this?? I'm going to marry all of them, treat everyone equally and build a harem :)

so 1st or last doesn't matter to me

Kanmusu is Love, Kancolle is Life!

Ar-cen-ciel wrote:
From my wedding invite thread:

UvebeenHAZED wrote:
Btw any reason of choosing Murasame??

I simply love her for who she is should be good enough for a reason.

But of course, there are various reasons for that.

  • She's one of the kanmusus who has been with me from the start. (ship ID is 11)
  • She has a "nice girl next door" personality, and is fairly common in terms of rarity to match her personality.
  • She has an enthralling style and sweet voice, and she have the personality and figure to go with it.
  • I have a preference for a common kanmusu over an extremely rare one that you need to cross the hellsalt to get, especially because of all the trouble I have to go through to get Roma and Teruzuki makes a commonly obtainable kanmusu like her so much more appreciable.
  • And lastly... she certainly makes the best kanmusu to celebrate the himehajime with me.
Mizuhashi Yusuke's:(Amatsukaze)
Mizuhashi Yusuke wrote:
First time i know KanColle was from year 2014 in the Fan art at pixiv

And starting to interested with the Amatsukaze fan art

In that time, i really don't know anything about this

When i heard KanColle was from web game, i starting want to play it

But i don't know how to register it, then i got info how to register from this site, and then i try it to get the Lottery.

But always failed, and i almost give up, then my friend helping me for getting the Lottery

I was so happy, and decided to become Admiral like my friend.

When i heard Amatsukaze art and her voice by Ogura Yui-san

I wonder why my heart beating so fast.

This is the first time i feel like this, is this Love?

And i decided to get her no matter what happens.

Then i asking my friend how to get her, he said the best way to get her is from Event

So i leveling my entire fleet until reaching Kai Ni level, around 70/ 80

Finally, Spring Event 2015 has come, my resources are not ready yet

At that time, my HQ was lvl 97, RSC not much i have, Fuel 15k, Ammo 25k, Steel 25k, Bauxite 15k

I think that time, only this i have, i can't clear the entire maps

This is the first event that i join it, and i don't even know how to clear it

Then i saw info and guide from this site, how to clear the maps one by one

I try it my best to go throught from E-1, and then, when first try kill the boss,

Amatsukaze GET!!! I was so happy until i cried,

Then, i barely managed to finish the event and clear the entire map

My Amatsukaze right now is almost reach lvl 99, and i ready to marry her

She was my first love and i love her forever.

Her Tsundere personality, cute, caring, and everything it makes me always happy.

And i like to thank you for all admins in this site, without info and guide from them, i don't think i can meet her and finish the event. Once again Thank you very much!

Crazy teitoku wrote:
Ok, here is the low down..

I was never really a naval fan to begin with. All these moeification of ships with their personality grew on me because well inherently don't we all like anime characters?

My first few days of KC gaming, the only ship that I wanted was NagatoNagato Banner when I read of her and how I generally liked big ships. Her story was the most appealing to me:

  • Being one of the few survivors of World War II and having operated in a few operations she was definitely no SakawaSakawa Banner.
  • Only to be nuked in wikipedia:Operation Crossroads along with SakawaSakawa Banner and Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen Banner amongst several other Allied ships.
  • The first card within KC library.
  • She was my first crafted battleship when I yearned for any old battleship to get through world 1 and world 2. I was nuts at the time for having such high desires and she came to me without much hesitatation unlike the other battleships.

Her looks were also quite nice:

  • She boasted long hair
  • Those eyes, I can never get over them.
  • Her "three sizes" seemed well-proportioned. Ok call me lewd but I tend to look heavy into these details.
  • As well her looks in real form is just as nice.

Naturally over time I grew to be more and more fond of her and that her idle lines seems to resonate well with my stances at the time. Being busy doing many things.

Of course I was also starting out at the time and other girls looked interesting but they all seemed to have some sort of a "drawback":

  • ZuihouZuihou Banner, cute also like styles but k2 when?
  • HatsuharuHatsuharu Banner, love that ponytail but that thick eyebrows? -_-
  • ShiranuiShiranui Banner, also ponytail but she's "common" and doesn't seem to have other appealing qualities.
  • YuubariYuubari Banner, looks nice, four slots but she keeps complaining about how slow she is, poor her for her engine.. She's probably "born" with a heart problem.
  • AbukumaAbukuma Banner, looks somewhat nice, but she's frail and that squeaky voice.
  • I-168I-168 Banner nice but "common" and hardly any interesting stats.
  • MayaMaya Banner love her "manly" attitude, has decent looks but she had no appealing stats. Mind you this was before she was eligible to have Kai 2.
  • KikuzukiKikuzuki Banner and FumizukiFumizuki Banner, I really love their damaged artwork but that is only that.
  • ShiratsuyuShiratsuyu Banner that handband, but she's also somewhat common and as well average stats.
  • AmatsukazeAmatsukaze Banner cute but a tsundere. I also didn't have her at the time -_-
  • ShimakazeShimakaze Banner cute but a narcisst. -_-
  • SuzuyaSuzuya Banner her doujinshi depicted her as looking really cute. Too bad she was elusive and with somewhat average stats.
  • TaihouTaihou Banner love her headband with those dual smoke tower. Too bad I don't have her.
  • HarunaHaruna Banner Her k2 art is formidable, but something just doesn't seem to be fitting about her..
  • BismarckBismarck Banner cute but a tsundere. -_-
  • YamatoYamato Banner elusive, expensive to operate and well..

Though some of you may have realised that I have changed from loving NagatoNagato Banner into loving AkizukiAkizuki Banner, what has changed?

There was a time when I was absent from Kancolle both in the game as well as from online communities. At that time I was unable to get decent internet access and well I had to sit back and think of a few things. When I came back it was already in the middle of Winter 2015 Event. I realised at that point in time I missed out Fall 2014 Event and that my last event prior to being abset was Summer 2014 Event. Little did I know there was a hidden gem within Fall 2014 Event and that was AkizukiAkizuki Banner. Naturally Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen Banner, NowakiNowaki Banner and others were included but it cannot be helped that I was absent.

After Winter 2015 Event was over, I was able to sort of chill out and maybe do some more reading. It wasn't until people kept talking about AkizukiAkizuki Banner that made me wonder what she was like. So I sought the information and voila, came a girl that looks extremely impressive. Initially I was snubbing AkizukiAkizuki Banner because she's "just a destroyer" and that destroyers are hardly any different than foot soldiers in terms of land based warfar and that battleships are usually the "generals" who sits back and offers to attack from a distance.

Though gradually the looks of AkizukiAkizuki Banner kept rubbing into me, from ever since I read of her it was becoming hard to resist no matter what I try. As some say, NagatoNagato Banner loves chasing little destroyers and instead of me loving someone who chases these "little destroyers" or better known as lolis I became NagatoNagato Banner herself - chasing the lolis.

The more I hear of how AkizukiAkizuki Banner was the only destroyer that can do AACI and with very high AA stats, etc. I realised she wasn't there just for looks, she had the stats to also match. Again, just a mere foot soldier. Whilst her looks were constantly growing on me as I tried to shrug it off. It wasn't until that later on with the help of an Anti-Air Queen it would have potentially made life easier. The KC developers also pretty much made those who missed out either AkizukiAkizuki Banner and/or Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen Banner sit out for virtually an entire year, till Fall 2015 Event.

Naturally I love battleships and to this day I wished that they still ruled the seas even though it is no longer tangible at any costs. The story of naval warfare pretty much spelt the demise of battleships to their early deaths after World War II. However, one other thing that later dawned on me and that was the rise of Aircraft Carriers. In modern warfare, you have all these huge Aircraft Carriers but along with it Destroyers that generally offers support as multifunctional ships. In modern era, only small boats rules the waves, especially with front line combat. Large ships are expensive to build/maintain as well as to operate but also are generally hard to maneouver in combat.

Eventually all these attributes started stacking up, AkizukiAkizuki Banner's looks was something that I tried so desperately to shrug off finally took a hold of me, as well that her real form is also just as cute.

It wasn't until Summer 2015 Event that things took a different twist for a moment. I was once set on AkizukiAkizuki Banner but she hasn't appeared for nearly a whole year. My desires for her started waning. After having completed E-7 of that event and getting the reward ship TeruzukiTeruzuki Banner, Teruzuki's looks started appealing to me, even though I try hard to resist because, well I love her sister more. Luckily however Fall 2015 Event was when AkizukiAkizuki Banner along with Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen Banner and others made a reappearance. At that point in time my interest with AkizukiAkizuki Banner somewhat became a "low" until I got her and that was when things started bouncing right back up again.

Notably with AkizukiAkizuki Banner:

  • She's just a foot soldier in naval warfare.
  • Although she specialises in Anti-Air capability, her stats in other areas weren't so bad.
  • In general, as a destroyer - their lifespan are usually shorter than larger ships because of the fact that they're there to escort large vessels - hence they're expendables, sadly.
  • She was built at a time when situations were dire historically. Even with her sortie, her crews suffered shortage of food and so in various doujinshi one can see why she's often hungry, poor and could not afford expensive luxurious food.

Her looks hits me in more areas than one:

  • A pony tail to boot.
  • The hachimaki is positioned to almost be like two separate pieces of head ornaments (AAFD here is the exception). Almost like as if she is wearing a headband/Alice band as well as a custom made hair bow.
  • Her three sizes again are very matching, as well in her "younger" form her hourglass designed seems to be somewhat more pronounced.

With everything that you could want for in a girl with the looks and stats to boot, what more do you have to resist? That was what I thought. She was also basically a loli to boot, because well.. there is always this article on Men With Younger Wives Live Longer But Women Should Marry Men The Same Age, Study

At the end of the day, yes I fell hard for a loli and I didn't regret on my choices considering that it was awkward to shift from a fan of larger vessels to a smaller but sadly an expendable ship became my preference.

Hachiryu's:(Prinz Eugen)
Hachiryu wrote:
I don't know. Kancolle was deeply a popular game for the last two years and I didn't join, because I was put off by the lottery.

But it all began when I decided to play Kancolle, mostly (1) because I have a huge fetish for twintails and (2) I wanted to collect cute girls. The anime also piqued my interest into playing the game.

So I had all the free time to setup everything to play the damn game. I did the lottery and voila, I got in. I thank the soul of Shigure (it was the actual day that she was sunk in real life when I registered) for getting in with just two tries and of course the wikia in showing me how to get in this game.

Of course, I wanted to collect all the twintailed girls. Get them all, construct them, get them by drops whatever. And as such, I put in the effort to get them all. But there's the cutest girl who stood out to me. She felt different to other ships out there. And no, not because she's voiced by Chiyo. And no, not because she has those twintails either.

But purely because she's a foreign enigma. I don't know why I started getting obsessed with this girl in the first place. She wasn't available by drop or construction, but only available as a reward in fall 2014. I was quite shocked when I discovered the fact. Still despite that, I kept saving fanart of her. I kept on thinking more and more about her on a daily basis. Even when I finished my wedding ring quest, I just kept my one and only wedding ring. I would wait forever until she becomes a drop or became craftable, I didn't marry other girls by then. There's no other girl that's better than her, because my heart was stolen from this girl.

This is what made me to construct a Bismarck first through LSC before anything else. I knew that one day, she would be happy to meet Bismarck if I got her one day. I even crafted Z1 and Z3 and protected my RO-500 from harm just for her. Building up my German fleet just in time to meet her whenever she comes to my fleet. Not only that, but what if I have increased chance of getting her if they made her craftable through LSC if I have all the Germans for the summoning ritual? (Don't try this kiddies, having what particular ship you have to craft someone is just placebo) I would take up that chance no matter what to craft my own shipfu.

Fast forward to Fall 2015 and it was revealed that she is available as a drop. I was so glad. Even more happier when she dropped on easy because I had little resources and buckets left. Unfortunately I actually cleared the map before getting her, therefore I will encounter the anchorage demon in diamond formation most of the time. But that made me never give up for the girl whom I continue playing for. After all what's the point of saving resources if they are meant to be used anyway? So I dedicated my entire day rescuing her. Well one day filled with failures. But that's not the end of it. I don't know what giving up means and I am not going to waste my entire effort on nothing. So I just start up the next day, made the run purely because I want to clear dailies or whatever. First run, despite how much BULLSHIT the RNG can be on top of PT boats and diamond formation trolling, I got her. Single line formation but the second weakest one. I was overjoyed. I couldn't believe my luck.

Which is why I felt I would dedicate my entire week grinding her to marriage then marry her on Christmas. She is the only one that I would dedicated giving my ring to and I think for a year worth of waiting, it paid off. Prinz Eugen is the only girl for me. I dedicate my life towards her and I have no intentions into marrying anyone else. I am so happy to be with her and I like to poke her everyday. Even her caring and positive attitude has already put my heart in danger.

Looking forward to taste her Eisbein Pot au Feu every night~

Dnite77 wrote:
Mine is Short and Simple:

-Saw Kongou way back before I started playing

-Anime Started and Decided to Play

-Search Wiki for Cute girls and Saw Marriage in game is legit

-Saw Nachi as first candidate

-Swap to Yahagi as candidate

-Swap to Haruna as candidate

-Swap to Shouhou as candidate(sank my first but got a 2nd one)

-Jinstuu save me(somewhat) back in Spring Event

-Jinstuu MVP during Summer Event

-Married Jintsuu after Summer Event cause CG was Love

Success Story After A Failed Summer Event

Arvin30p wrote:
My story seemed so strange anyways, I better tell it too...

My KC journey has been full of hardship and pain (mostly due to the fact that the I am still learning to play the game itself), but the battle was simply amazing.

I entered KC aftr watching the 3rd episode and somehow, I got won a slot in the lottery so it was very timely. then after that I was thrown into a world I never knew. (Plus the event was practically a few days away)

So yeah... that's not where I met my waifu.

I met my first crush in the starter selection of the game... she had this very calming aura that makes me want to want her more. Then again, I thought she is that person.

I created more accounts and somehow, I always pick the same starter from my second account up to the fifth account (discounting Nanodesu from my 3rd account in my choices). I realized that we clicked more.

I write stories too as a hobby (recently), and somehow, I accidentally made her a lovable character out of my stories so in the end... I fell for her and I plan to compromise others too... if I thought of getting a bit more.

Long story short: my waifu is not yet there... (only at level 72) and she would get the ring but not now. (planning on grinding her when the time comes.) So Sazanami, hang in there...

We'll take things slowly.


I also plan on marrying Samidare, Kinugasa, Kumano and Kazagumo too.

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