FANDOM wrote:
Ameno Miragu 

You seem like one of the naive "I don't see anti-american sentiment on (Western) forums (e.g. Wikia, Reddit, Himeuta) therefore it doesn't exist" people. How about looking at JP forums such as 2ch?

It's really naive to believe that anti-american sentiment doesn't exist and is merely a "myth/debacle"

Pretty offended by this accusation. You are assuming that I believe anti-American sentiment absolutely doesn't exist in Japan. All I said is that it is overexaggerated.

This is the way I see it. No matter what you and I do, there WILL be people in Japan who don't want to believe Japan lost the war/ did wrong/ etc. And guess what? As an American, I wholly support their freedom to believe that. What are you going to do, hawk and bash at them until they cave in? I'd rather let them know who they are and where they stand and be done with it, perhaps one day they will realize they are running against common world knowledge and come to terms with everything.

Douglas MacArthur had the opportunity when he subjugated Japan right after the war to really hammer into the Japanese that they were bad, the Emperor was guilty, and that Japan should be completely ashamed and made to pay reparations. This was actually the opinion of the American public right after the war. But he didn't, because things were more sure to be peaceful that way. If he had not done things the way he did, I can assure you relations between Japan and the U.S. wouldn't be any better than they are today, and there would still be revisionists/denialists whatever roaming around - just like there are people with conspiracy theories against the U.S. government here in the States.

Morgane of the Mists has things covered pretty well here. This game does take a questionable tone to WW2 and war in general. I can clearly see people here trying to defend Japan (who wouldn't, they made quite a nice game here for us to play, and for free too!) but things are what they are. I'd say let it slide as freedom of expression in a game and move on.

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