FogRepairShipAkashi wrote:
Well, we are going to Anzio. 

This will be fun.

All things considered it makes perfect sense. Japanese Americans fought there.

Task Force "Peter" (British) Task Force "X-Ray" (American)
1 Hq ship 1 Hq ship
4 cruisers 1 cruiser
8 Fleet destroyers 8 destroyers
6 Hunt destroyers 2 destroyer escorts
2 antiaircraft ships 6 mine sweepers
2 Dutch gunboats 12 submarine chasers (173´)
11 fleet mine sweepers 20 submarine chasers (110´)
6 small mine sweepers 18 motor mine sweepers
4 landing craft, gun 6 repair ships
4 landing craft, flak
4 landing craft tank (rocket)

Well, if we were looking for inspiritation for possible new ships there's a lot of choice lol, probably won't be a cruiser as we know we have another Pasta one incoming. (also oddly I can't immediately find a nice named list of the ships used, just numbers and even then only on a couple of sites)

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