FANDOM wrote:
to quit, or not to quit.

The answer is - to quit. If you dont like that events are being more and more troll with more and more gimmicks/mechanics, it's not going back - only further.  

As from what I know, porting the game from flash into HTML5 is the main objective, and pretty much neccessary to keep the game running because browsers will soon just not support flash. It might be something we not even NOTICE, but porting a game to another engine is actually no-joke of a work. 

Also, "NPC fleet" mechanic from the last event is said to basically be a teaser for a "Friend fleet" mechanic which they will introduce in plase 2. Will it be "a 5th fleet" that you send into the boss node, or another player's fleet (or something entirely different) - only time will tell. 

My personal wish is that they add animations to secretary ships. A lot of games have it, kancolle Kai had too, why not make it more lively . v . 

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