Now that things has gotten to this point, I think it's high time for me to reveal everything you need to know about the ever-so under the radar shipgirl until know.

About the ship

Launch date : 20 June 1935

Historically Murasame as the second (and last) IJN ship had a rather unimpressive history. Despite being built as among of the most powerful destroyers at her time, her and her sister ships were quickly superseded by the Asashio (and later Kagerou) class. She is the flagship of 2nd Destroyer Division, but the squadron she leads had a fairly unimpressive battle record outside of Ironbottom Sound, which is almost entirely credited to Yuudachi, though Yuudachi was sunk in the process. The rest of the division later had participated in Tokyo Express, which was given a far less flattering name of "rat transportation" among the Japanese since they had to transport war assets overnight to avoid interception by US fleet. Then she was sunk at the Battle of Blackett Strait, sharing the fate which befell many IJN destroyers during the war.

JMSDF later named two of their modern destroyer classes after her, and she is the lead ship for both, with the first one in 1958 named exclusively after members of the former DesDiv2 except Samidare. The second and present incarnation of JS Murasame outweighs her previous incarnations (4,500-6,000 long tons compared to 1,685 long tons) by well over twofold, and is in fact weighs about as much as a light cruiser in WW2 era.

About the shipgirl

Murasame as a shipgirl in Kantai Collection is portrayed as an energetic and girly girl, and on several occasions are depicted as the big sister Harusame looked up to. She is considerably more reliable than Shiratsuyu as a big sister figure (who is a bit too obsessed with being the leader or No.1 or both to really become one). In the Fall 2017 Event, she was noted to encourage Shigure for her upcoming battle, and considering the hellish map in the Surigao Straits she (and all of us experienced Admirals) had to trudge through, it's certainly a heartwarming moment to have at least one of her sisters to encourage her. Although not to the extent of Suzuya, she is not above teasing the Admiral, as shown in her summer and Valentine's lines.

Murasame is the tallest among the shipgirls in her class and has a rather sizable breasts (and possibly the largest among her sisters) even before their Kai/Kai Ni form, possibly as an allusion to the present JS incarnation, but her noticeable bulge went largely unnoticed even at Kai until her swimsuit CG came out. If the calendar art is of any indication, her Kai Ni would have, hands down, the largest breast size out of all Shiratsuyu-class.

For all of her charms, her fandom are fairly quiet one, even though the number of Admirals who would marry her would likely to be above-average. One particularly notable Admiral who had married Murasame is Uchida Shuu, who is currently the voice actor for Warspite and Ark Royal.

Unlike her sister ships, she doesn't have a counterpart in Azur Lane or Warship Girls at the time when I wrote this article.

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