KanColle 2018 Official Calendar:
Possible Murasame Kai Ni Teaser?


  • MurasameMurasame Kai Banner's Official Illustrator, Kujou Ichiso had mentioned on his Twitter that he had hidden a "Little Surprise" in the KanColle 2018 Calendar[1].
  • The Official Illustration for the Month of November in the KanColle 2018 Calendar revealed a New Design of MurasameMurasame Kai Banner, her hair featuring new ornaments and the "Dog Ear-like" Hair Flaps, which currently only ShigureShigure Kai Ni Banner, YuudachiYuudachi Kai Ni Banner, and KawakazeKawakaze Kai Ni Banner have in their Kai Ni Remodels.
  • Currently a Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer Kai Ni HAS BEEN HINTED (See Here)



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