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Wikia Winter 2018 Event Banner

Event InformationEdit

  • Event Details:
    • Official Title: 捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)
    • Unofficially titled: Showdown at Operation Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)
    • Starting Date: February 16th, 2018
    • Duration: 4.5 Weeks
    • Scale: LARGE.
  • Limited-time Event Maps
    • Number of Maps: 7
      • Main Operation : 4 Maps
      • Extra Operation : 3 Map

Special NotesEdit

  • Winter 2018 Event will be the FINAL event of Kancolle Phase 1.
  • Winter 2018 Event will be based on the remaining Naval Battles from the Battle of Leyte which were not covered in the Fall 2017 Event.
    • Will contain a Large Battle of the Surface Combined Fleet.
    • It will feature a Grand Hot Battle for MusashiMusashi Banner, and ZuikakuZuikaku Kai Ni A Banner in the Event.
    • In the December 27th Update, the LSC Success Rate for MusashiMusashi Banner has been increased for Players who do not own her yet, in preparation before the Winter Event.
      • It has been stated that MusashiMusashi Banner isn't completely mandatory however.
    • Medium (乙) and Hard (甲) mode has been stated to be "Suitably Difficult".



Hiburi Banner DE Hiburi
Gambier Bay Banner CVL Gambier Bay
Daitou Banner DE Daitou
Jervis Banner DD Jervis
Hamanami Banner DD Hamanami
Tashkent Banner DD Tashkent
Intrepid Banner CV Intrepid


10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount Kai + Additional Machine Guns 275 Card 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount Kai + Additional Machine Guns GreenGunDP Secondary Gun Musashi Kai Ni Stock Equipment
130mm B-13 Twin Gun Mount 282 Card 130mm B-13 Twin Gun Mount RedGunLight Small Caliber Main Gun E-4 Reward
QF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII Kai 280 Card QF 4.7inch Gun Mk.XII Kai RedGunLight Small Caliber Main Gun Jervis Stock Equipment
533mm Triple Torpedo Mount 283 Card 533mm Triple Torpedo Mount Torpedo Torpedo ?
SK Radar 278 Card SK Radar Radar Large Radar ?
SK + SG Radar 279 Card SK + SG Radar Radar Large Radar ?
Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 301st Fighter Squadron 263 Card Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 301st Fighter Squadron Interceptor Fighter Icon Interceptor Fighter ?
51cm Twin Gun Mount 281 Card 51cm Twin Gun Mount RedGunHeavy Large Caliber Main Gun ?



Escort Water Princess Banner
Escort Water Princess - Damaged Banner
Escort Water Princess
  • 3 normal + 3 damaged forms
Abyssal Light Carrier
Light Carrier Nu-Class Elite BannerHell plane 1Abyssal Patrolling Attack Hawk 574 Equipment
Light Carrier Nu-Class Flagship BannerAbyssal Hell Dive Bomber Kai 557 EquipmentAbyssal Revenge Torpedo Bomber Kai 558 Equipment
Light Carrier Nu-Class
  • 2 new elite forms
  • 1 new kai elite form
  • 2 new kai flagship forms
Abyssal Light Carrier
Aircraft Carrier Princess BannerAbyssal Hell Dive Bomber Kai 557 EquipmentAbyssal Night Revenge Torpedo Bomber 583 Equipment Aircraft Carrier Princess
  • 2 new forms
Abyssal Standard Carrier
New Submarine Princess Flagship Banner New Submarine Princess
  • 1 new form
Abyssal Submarine


Abyssal Night Cat Fighter 581 Equipment Abyssal Night Cat Fighter Night Fighter Aircraft Icon Carrier-based Fighter Aircraft
Abyssal Night Dive Bomber 582 Equipment Abyssal Night Dive Bomber RedPlane Carrier-based Dive Bomber
Abyssal Night Revenge Torpedo Bomber 583 Equipment Abyssal Night Revenge Torpedo Bomber Night Torpedo Bomber Icon Carrier-based Torpedo Bomber

February 16th UpdatesEdit

MusashiMusashi Banner Second RemodelEdit

Event-Exclusive Special CG/VoicelinesEdit

  • Winter 2018 Event Exclusive Special CGs and Voicelines will be given to certain Ship Girls.
    • ZuikakuZuikaku Kai Ni Banner
      Zuikaku Kai Ni A Banner
      and ShimakazeShimakaze Banner will have special CGs applied for the Event.
      • Several Ship Girls have been applied with Special Hachimakis on their current CGs for the Event.
    • Over 20 Ship Girls will receive Event-Special Voicelines.

New Event MechanicsEdit

New Event Hard to Easier Difficulty Change MechanicEdit

  • Starting from this Event, if you happen to be in Medium (乙) OR Hard (甲) Mode and have at the time depleted a high volume of the Boss total HP Bar, but decide to change down into an Easier Difficulty, your progress from the higher difficulty will be applied to the lower difficulty to a certain level.
    • Hidden Gimmicks Required are different depending on the Difficulty played.
    • If you change your difficulty down from a Hard/Medium into an Easier Difficulty, the Gimmick(s) you have already accomplished will be inherited onto the Lower Difficulty you have chosen up to an extent.
    • At certain Maps, if you were in progress of doing Hard Mode, but change your difficulty down to Easy Mode, then there are chances that a New Operation Route may appear in the Map.

New Difficulty: "Very Easy (丁)" ModeEdit

  • Starting from this Event, there will be a New Difficulty known as the "Tei" (丁) Difficulty (Tentatively called "Very Easy" Mode).
    • They are for Admirals who are extremely busy with Life, and hasn't been able to play all that much as well, but wish to clear the Event.

Friend FleetEdit

  • The Friend Fleet is a NPC Support Fleet that appears during the Night Battle Phase of a Boss Battle in certain Event Maps to support your fleet in sinking the Boss.
    • In certain Event Maps when you are against the Main Boss of the Map, when your Fleet enters the Night Battle Phase against the Boss, before your fleet initiates their attack against the Boss, the Friend Fleet will appear to attack the Boss first.
    • The Friend Fleets have multiple Fleets with preset Ships and Equipment Setups.
    • The Ships appearing in the Friend Fleet are Non-Modernized.

February 21st Live UpdateEdit

Zuihou 2nd RemodelEdit

Zuihou has received Two Convertible Remodels between Kai Ni and Kai Ni B remodel Vice-Versa.

Opening of Extra OperationsEdit

  • The Winter 2018 Event Extra Operations (E-5 to E-7) will now be available for Players to participate in.

New Friend Fleet CompositionsEdit

  • New Compositions of the Friend Fleet are now available and will be appearing in the Extra Operation.

Historical Ships PreparationEdit

The Center Historical Ships & FleetEdit

The Following are Names of the Fleet and the Ships who had historically participated in the Naval Battles listed above which the Winter 2018 Event will be based off, which you are highly recommended to take priority and focus on preparing for the next Event.

The Center Force (Kurita Fleet)Edit

The most powerful attacking force during the Battle of Leyte Gulf led by Takeo Kurita.

The Northern Force (Ozawa Fleet)Edit

The Northern Force led by Jisaburō Ozawa during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Other Historical ShipsEdit

The following are the Fleets & Ships of the Nishimura and Shima Fleet, who were the centerpiece of the Fall 2017 Event. They have been hinted to possibly be required for the next Winter Event as well. Please be advised Whether you prepare the following Ships or not is under your discretion.

The Southern Force (Nishimura Fleet)Edit

The vanguard of the "Southern Force" during the Battle of Leyte Gulf led by Shōji Nishimura.

The Second Striking Force (Shima Fleet)Edit

The rear of the "Southern Force" during the Battle of Leyte Gulf led by Kiyohide Shima.

Recommended Equipment PreparationEdit

The Following are specific types of Equipment you should take priority preparing when you are considering to participate in an Event.



ASW EquipmentEdit

Anti-Installation EquipmentEdit

If you are not familiar with Installation-type Bosses, please make sure to visit the Installation Type Information Page.

Anti-PT Imps EquipmentEdit

The PT Imp PackPT Imp Pack Banner are based on PT Boats treated as Abyssal Destroyers, and are very high in evasion and can only be effectively hit by certain Equipment.

Night Battle EquipmentEdit

  • Equipment that are specialized in giving you an edge during the night battle phase.
  • Each equipment works uniquely and either needs a certain requirement for it to activate, or it gives you an immediate boost at the cost of something else.
  • SearchlightSearchlightSearchlight 074 Card and Type 96 150cm SearchlightType 96 150cm Searchlight 140 Card
    • Fleet's accuracy and cut-in rate increases while enemy fleet's cut-in rate decreases. The stronger the searchlight, the stronger the effect applied.
    • Ships equipped with a Searchlight will receive an Icon Evasion penalty and will also be targeted more often.
    • The regular SearchlightSearchlight 074 Card can be equipped by Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Aviation Cruiser, Seaplane Tender, Battleship and Aviation Battleship.
    • The larger Type 96 150cm SearchlightType 96 150cm Searchlight 140 Card can only be equipped by Battleships, Zara dueZara Due Banner and Commandant TesteCommandant Teste Banner.
  • FlareIconStar ShellStar Shell 101 Card
    • Fire flares to illuminate the skies and discover the enemies.
    • Fleet's accuracy and cut-in rate increases while enemy fleet's cut-in rate decreases.
    • Unlike the Searchlight, the Star Shell does not have any negative effects when triggered, but this comes at the cost of not being guaranteed to always trigger.
    • The Star ShellStar Shell 101 Card can be equipped by Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Aviation Cruiser, Seaplane Tender, Battleship, Aviation Battleship, Torpedo Cruiser, Repair Ship and Submarine Tender.
  • SeaplaneType 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Night Recon)Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane (Night Recon) 102 Card
    • Similar to Recon Seaplane in functionality, but has additional effects during night battle.
    • If successfully triggered, will result in 'Night Contact' which boosts the following:
    • 10% Icon Hit Accuracy boost
    • Increased critical hit rate
    • +5 Icon Gun Firepower
    • Night Contact will only trigger if the air state is not Air Incapability or Air Parity if it started during day.
    • Night Contact will always have a chance to trigger if the battle started during night.

Hints and AdviceEdit

  • Make sure your fleet is prepared in all departments (Ex. Do not neglect your AV, SS, and/or AO).
  • Make sure to prepare a large amount of resources.
    • Give yourself at least 1 month of time to start stockpiling your resources.
  • Make sure to prepare a good amount of Aircrafts with good stats, especially with large range for Land Base Aerial Support and for your Aircraft Carriers (Ex. Do not neglect your Skilled Aircraft Conversion Monthly Quests as they give good aircrafts and are excellent to use in Land Base Aerial Support).
  • Do not jump into the Event on Day 1 if you aren't a Frontliner. Wait for the Frontliners to gather/publish confirmed fleet compositions and branching rules for each Event Maps. Be patient.
    • Some Initial Information may turn out to be partially confirmed, so please be patient until all information are completely verified first if you wish for a more smoother time running your Event.
  • Most important advice: Keep your sanity high.

Possible MechanicsEdit


Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Pre-Event


Currently KanColle Development Team is preparing for the preparation of release for the next Limited-time Operation of Winter 2018 Event scheduled to start next month. This Year's Winter 2018 Event is expected to start next Middle of the next month. For Admirals who are expecting to participate in this Operation, please make sure to thoroughly prepare your Fleet Strength and Resources!



Currently KanColle Development Team is preparing for the release of the KanColle Winter 2018 Event: Limited-time Operation [Showdown at Operation Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)], scheduled to start in the middle of next month. This Season Winter Event's Scale will be a Large Scale Decisive Battle. For Admirals who are planning to participate, please make sure to thoroughly prepare your Fleet Strength, and Resources!



The KanColle development team currently working on preparations for Operation Shō-Gō 1, the Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)". The Main Operation of the event is slated to start on the 16th February. Alongside the Main Operation we're also going to implement the second remodel of the 2nd ship of the Yamato-class battleships.



Currently KanColle Development Team is preparing for the next upcoming KanColle Server Maintenance & Update scheduled for next week Friday, February 16th. Through the completion of this Maintenance, the Operation Shō-Gō 1, the Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)" will be having its Main Operation finally begin!



For the Operation Shō-Gō 1, the Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)" scheduled to start this Winter, the Number #2 Ship of the Yamato-class Battleship who had fought multiple times against the U.S. Navy Carrier Task Force while on course towards Leyte Gulf, and as of result sunk under the Sibuyan Seas, will be receiving her Second Remodel. The Ship receiving this Second Remodel will be equipped with a 5th Main Equipment Slot!



Currently KanColle Development Team is at their best for the preparation of the upcoming release of this season's Winter Event. For this Event which will be the Final Event of Phase 1, we are preparing for the release of various kinds of New Ship Girls. This includes the New-class of Coastal Defense Ships who were teased in the Comptiq's Commercial, and a certain 'Lucky Destroyer' from the Country of Black Tea who was loved its Blessing and Fierce Battles!



KanColle's next scheduled Maintenance & Update is scheduled for this Friday, February 16th. With the completion of this Maintenance, the Operation Shō-Gō 1, the Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)" Main Operation will finally begin! The First Main Operation scheduled to be released is Battle Stations! Perform Thorough Patrols of the Route Ahead! [Battle of the Palawan Passage Route Patrols].

次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンスは【2/16(金)】実施予定です。同メンテ完了を以て、「艦これ」冬イベ2018:期間限定海域【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)】前段作戦、展開開始!同第一作戦海域は【作戦開始 前路哨戒を厳とせよ!「パラワン水道前路哨戒戦」】を展開予定です!


The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for the 16th February. It's completion marks the start of the main operation of the Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)"! The second map is going to be "The Grand Sortie! Kurita Fleet's "Battle of the Sibuyan Sea""!

次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンスは【2/16(金)】実施予定です。同日夜予定の同メンテ完了を以て、「艦これ」冬イベ2018:期間限定海域【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)】前段作戦、作戦開始予定!第二作戦海域は【威風堂々 出撃!栗田艦隊「シブヤン海海戦」】を展開予定です!


The Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)" will feature at least six new ship girls. All voice recordings were finished yesterday! Furthermore, this afternoon Kitakami and Ooi will receive time-limited attack voice lines. CLT admirals may want to look forward to them!





The KanColle Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)" that is scheduled to start after tomorrow's maintenance & update will consist of a total of four (4) Main Operation maps. Furthermore, four (4) new ship girls will be available in the Main Operation as rewards or drops.



Continuing on, the Extra Operation of this season's Winter Event will be added in a live update on the 18th February (Sunday) in the evening without shutting down the servers. The Extra Operation will consist of three (3) maps, which means that this Winter Event will consist of a total of seven (7) maps. A total of three (3) new Ship Girls will be available in the Extra Operation as drops or rewards!



フタフタサンマル。提督の皆さん、お疲れさまです! St. Valentine's Dayも終わり、艦隊泊地は作戦行動の準備に入っています。次回稼働全サーバ群メンテナンス&アップデートは、明日【11:00】より突入予定です。全サーバ群同作業完了は【23:00】を予定しています。頑張ってまいりましょう!


「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、本日この後【2/16(金) 11:00】よりメンテナンス&アップデートに突入致します。同作業完了は【23:00】を予定しています。本メンテナンス完了を以て、「艦これ」冬イベ2018:期間限定海域【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)】、その前段作戦、作戦開始です!


「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、本日この後【2/16(金) 11:00】より大規模メンテナンス&アップデートに突入致します。メンテナンス開始前にブラウザを閉じ、「艦これ」を一旦終了して頂けますと幸いです。提督の皆さん、ご協力、どうぞよろしくお願い致します!

Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Maintenance progress Tweets


メンテナンス状況:稼働全サーバ群はメンテナンス作業に突入しました! 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、大規模メンテナンス&アップデート作業に突入しました。本大規模メンテナンス及びそれに伴う同アップデート完了を以て、今季冬イベ捷一号作戦、そのレイテ決戦が開幕します!


Maintenance status: large-scale server maintenance currently in progress The KanColle server maintenance & update is currently in progress. We have reached the halfway point. The update accompanying this maintenance includes Home Port Showdown and Decisive Battle voice lines for at least 20 ship girls.

メンテナンス状況:稼働全サーバ群は大規模メンテナンス作業中です。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群はメンテナンス&アップデート作業を実施中です。作業は中盤のシークエンスに入りました。本メンテに伴うアップデートでは、20隻以上の艦娘に母港決戦ボイスや決戦戦闘ボイスなども実装中です。

  1. 艦これ


For this event we've changed the progress bar system so that if you switch from a high difficulty level such as Hard Mode or Medium to an easier one and, for example, have already chipped away a large chunk of the HP gauge, you'll be able to keep your progress to a certain extent.


  1. 艦これ


Musashi, second ship of the Yamato-class battleships, is going to receive her second refit at the same the time we're done implementing this winter event. The remodelled Yamato-class battleship "Musashi K2" will feature a fifth equipment slot. Whether it's several main batteries, anti-air equipment, radars, or a combination of new boilers and turbines, as a huge and powerful battleship she'll be able to use a large variety of different setups.



As usual veteral admirals will be able to select Hard Mode, Medium Mode etc. The required gimmicks you'll have to unlock to progress through maps will differ depending on the selected difficulty level. Even if you try a high difficulty level only to switch to a lower one halfway through the progress you've made for a map gimmick will carry over to a certain extent



As the map gimmicks differ between difficulty levels such as Hard Mode or Easy Mode, should you make progress in a map on Hard Mode up until a certain point and then lower that map's difficulty level, a new route may become available among other things. As far as map rewards and ship drops are concerned the higher the difficulty level the better.



Every single new ship girl we're implementing today can be obtained regardless of difficulty level. Clearing the second map of the Main Operation will reward you with the new ship girl "Hiburi", name ship of the Hiburi-class escort ships. Admirals who clear the last map of the Main Operation will obtain the escort carrier "Gambier Bay"!

全ての作戦難易度で、本日実装する【新艦娘】と邂逅すること可能です。前段作戦第二作戦海域の攻略突破で、新艦娘:日振型海防艦一番艦「日振」が艦隊に合流します。前段作戦最終作戦海域を見事突破された提督の元には、あの護衛空母、航空母艦「Gambier Bay」が合流します!


[To admirals who participate in an event for the first time:] Welcome to the world of KanColle! In order to clear event maps it is important to expand your fleet in normal maps, level your ships, hoard resources and possess a large equipment arsenal. Even if you think that's too difficult there's no need to try to bruteforce maps or throw money at the game. Instead you should make good use of the normal maps.

【始めて期間限定海域に参加する提督の皆さんへ】 「艦これ」の世界にようこそ!期間限定作戦海域の攻略には、通常海域での艦隊戦力の拡充、艦隊練度向上や資源の備蓄、装備の充実が大切です。これは難しい…と感じたら、反復出撃を強行したり、課金したりせず、通常海域もお役立てください。

Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


For this event we're going to implement the new "Casual Mode". It is a new difficulty level for admirals who simply don't have the time to play or have joined only recently and just want to clear the event anyway.



Admirals who want a challenge can still select Hard Mode as usual, admirals with a decent fleet can go for Medium Mode, and of course there's always Easy Mode. Please select the difficulty levels that suit your fleet or playstyle the most.

(続き) 手応えのある作戦海域を望む提督方は、引き続き最難関の【甲作戦】、そして充実の艦隊を運用している提督方への【乙作戦】、そして通常通りの【丙作戦】選択もそれぞれの艦隊運用スタイルに合わせてご選択ください。


"Musashi K2", the second refit of the second ship of the Yamato-class battleships, will be implemented together with this winter event. Due to the immense power of this remodelled Yamato-class battleship the refit will need several blueprints among other things. Three blueprints, three new artillery armament materials and one action report will be required. Oh my gooooooooooooooood! However...!



However, as long as you clear everything at least on Easy Mode, you'll be able to obtain all the required items, including the three blueprints, as rewards by clearing the Main Operation of the Winter 2018 Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)"



If you're already all set and ready to remodel "Musashi" into "Musashi K2" ASAP, that's fine. If you have a bunch of other ship girls just waiting for their K2s and want to remodel them first, that's also fine! In either case you'll be able to obtain three blueprints etc. in the Main Operation of this winter event.



Oh... and we're terribly sorry. Due to the immense workload we unfortunately have to announce that there will be delays. We're really sorry. Please give us about three more hours. The event duration will be extended and the Extra Operation start date will be pushed back accordingly. Just a quick update and apology. We'll try to fix this as fast as possible



Again, we're sorry. Working on it.



メンテナンス状況:稼働全サーバ群は大規模メンテナンス作業中です。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群はメンテナンス&アップデート作業を実施中です。現在、作業は最終シークエンスに移行中しつつあります。お待たせして申し訳ありません。各サーバ群の足並みと開放開始可能時間を確認作業中です。


The KanColle Winter 2018 Limited-time Operation: Showdown at Operation Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)'s Main Operation will consist of the following Operational Areas: E-1: Battle Stations! Perform Thorough Patrols of the Route Ahead! [Battle of the Palawan Passage Route Patrols] E-2: The Grand Sortie! Kurita Fleet's [Battle of the Sibuyan Sea]

「艦これ」冬イベ2018 : 期間限定海域【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)】 前段作戦は下記の作戦海域より構成されます。 第一作戦海域 : 作戦開始 前路哨戒を厳とせよ!【パラワン水道前路哨戒戦】 第二作戦海域 : 威風堂々 出撃! 栗田艦隊【シブヤン海海戦】


The KanColle Winter 2018 Limited-time Operation: Showdown at Operation Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)'s Main Operation's Third and Forth Operational Areas will consist of the following: E-3: Ozawa Carrier Task Force, Sortie All Out! [1st Battle of Cape Engano]. E-4: Beyond the Sea of Samar - [Battle of Leyte Gulf]

「艦これ」冬イベ2018 : 期間限定海域【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)】 前段作戦第三作戦海域以降は、下記より構成されます。 第三作戦海域 : 小沢機動部隊 全力出撃!【第一次エンガノ岬沖海戦】 最終作戦海域 : サマール沖 その先へ――【レイテ沖海戦】


Starting with the second map of the Main Operation you can form a "Combined Fleet". The main fleet consists of fleet #1 and the escort fleet of fleet #2. Drag & drop the fleet #2 icon at the top of the composition screen onto the fleet #1 icon to form a Combined Fleet with a maximum of 12 ships, provided the requirements are met, and sortie it to event maps.



Furthermore, for the duration of the event it is once again possible to select the "Vanguard Formation", a battle formation that focuses on breaking through enemy lines, while using a regular fleet (or a strike force consisting of 7 ships that can be formed with fleet #3). During the event the "Vanguard Formation" can also be used in regular maps. It might help you clear regular maps if you happen to be stuck at one!



When the event starts several ship girls will wear headbands and be on stand-by duty. Furthermore, "Zuikaku", second ship of the Shōkaku-class aircraft carriers and who commanded Japan's last task force, will wear her "Battle of Cape Engaño" outfit instead of her regular K2 or K2A clothes and join the fight. Main Task Force... get ready to head out!



The carriers Zuikaku, Zuihō, Chitose & Chiyoda of Ozawa's Northern Fleet, Atago, Takao, Chōkai & Maya of DesRon 4 that sortied as part of Force A & B of the first striking force under Kurita's Fleet and who were ambushed by enemy submarines at the Palawan Passage, as well as many other ships will receive "Decisive Battle" voice lines!



メンテナンス状況:稼働全サーバ群は最終シークエンスに入りました。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群はメンテナンス&アップデート作業を実施中です。現在、作業は最終シークエンスに入りました!全サーバ群の開放予定は、現在【03:30】を予定しています。午前三時を回りまして…申し訳ありません。


The Winter 2018 KanColl Event "Showdown at Shō-Gō! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 2)" is currently being implemented. In the fourth map of the Main Operation, E-4 "Beyond the Sea of Samar... [Battle of Leyte Gulf]", during the night battle phase at the final destination, the Allied Fleet might arrive and provide close quarters support!

現在実装中の「艦これ」冬イベ2018 : 期間限定海域【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(後篇)】。その前段作戦の最終海域たる、第四作戦海域 : サマール沖 その先へ――【レイテ沖海戦】最終目的地の夜戦フェイズでは、友軍艦隊(NPC)が突入、同近接戦闘援護を受けられる場合があります!


※ The supporting Allied Fleet will have several different lineups. ※ The supporting Allied Fleet will be an NPC fleet for this event. ※ The supporting fleet's lineup will depend on the fleet setup of the 1YB (First Striking Force) that enters Leyte Gulf under the admiral's command. Now go to Leyte Gulf and carve your victory upon its horizon of dawn!


  • 友軍艦隊の援護突入は本作戦ではNPC艦隊です。
  • 同突入艦隊の陣容は、レイテ湾に突入する提督指揮下の1YB(第一機動部隊)の艦隊構成によっても変化します。


大事なとこで噛んでしまったので、修正してお詫びです! 第一遊撃部隊です、第一遊撃部隊! 1YB! …ごめんなさい。


メンテナンス状況:【AM 03:30】に作業完了、サーバ開放予定です。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群はメンテナンス&アップデート作業を実施中です。この後【AM 03:30】に稼働全サーバ群を開放、捷一号作戦、いよいよ決戦開始です!提督の皆さん、大変お待たせ致しました。作戦発動まで、あと少し!

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「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンス&アップデート、作業完了しました!メンテ後暫くは接続が集中します。更新等が不安定な場合は、少しだけ時間をおいて、キャッシュクリア後の再接続をお試しください。大変お待たせしました、申し訳ありません! 捷一号作戦、レイテ決戦、作戦開始です!


マルヨンヒトマル。起きている提督の皆さん、お疲れさまです! 大規模メンテナンス&アップデートは完了し、今季冬イベ、開幕しています。一部のサーバ群では接続が不安定になっています。現在安定化対応にあたっています。いま暫くだけお待ちください…安定化してまいります。




マルロクマルマル。提督の皆さん、おはようございます! 本日は土曜日!昨晩実施の大規模メンテナンス&アップデート、全サーバ群共に完了しています!大変お待たせして、申し訳ありませんでした。捷号決戦!レイテ沖海戦、前段作戦、開幕です。今冬もどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


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