The Spring 2017 Event is starting soon! Start Preparing your Resources Admirals!
Event incoming 2017 spring event

Event Information

  • Event Details:
    • Official Title: 出撃!北東方面 第五艦隊
    • Unofficially titled: Sortie! 5th Fleet to the Northeast
    • Starting Date: May 2nd, 2017
    • Duration: 20 Days
    • Scale: Medium Scale
  • Limited-time Event Maps
    • Number of Maps: 5 maps
      • Main Operation : 3 Maps
      • Extra Operation : 2 Maps

Time until Event maintenance starts

Time until maintenance starts: Time until maintenance ends:

Maintenance start date and time: May 2 2017 11:00
Expected maintenance end date and time: May 2 2017 22:00
Actual maintenance end date and time: May 2 2017 23:40 (?)

Confirmed Mechanics

Possible Mechanics

Hints and Advice

  • Make sure your fleet is prepared in all departments (Ex. Do not neglect your AV, SS, and/or AO).
  • Make sure to prepare a large amount of resources.
    • Give at least 1 month of time to start stockpiling your resources.
  • Make sure to prepare a good amount of Aircrafts with good stats, especially with large range for Land Base Aerial Support and for your Aircraft Carriers (Ex. Do not neglect your Skilled Aircraft Conversion Monthly Quests as they give good aircrafts and are excellent to use in Land Base Aerial Support).
  • Do not jump into the Event on Day 1 if you aren't a Frontliner. Wait for the Frontliners to gather/publish confirmed fleet compositions and branching rules for each Event Maps. Be patient.
    • Some Information may turn out to be false or half-confirmed so please be patient until all information are verified first.
  • Most important advice: Keep your sanity high.

New Ships/Equipment

  • Escort Carrier (Taiyo?)
  • Foreign Battleship


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Currently KanColle Development Team is under preparation for the release of the Limited-time Operation Area for the Spring 2017 Event with the expectations to be released this Spring. For Admirals who are considering to take participation in this Event, it is recommended that you thoroughly prepare your fleet and resources to prepare for the Event. The Fleet Operation for this Spring, please look forward to it!



The next KanColle Maintenance & Update is scheduled for next week Wednesday April 5th. Before the incoming implementation of the Limited-Time Operation Area of Spring 2017 Event, for this update we are planning to increase the maximum Fleet slots from 320 to 330!



Currently KanColle Development Team is under preparation for the scheduled Update and Maintenance which will take place on April 5th Wednesday. This Update will be the final large update to take place before the next implementation of the Limited-time Operation Area of Spring 2017 Event. Admirals, thank you for your cooperation!



Currently KanColle Development is under preparation for the release of the Limited-Time Operation of Spring 2017 Event. This Operation is planned to be Seldom Big "Medium-scale". For all Admirals planning to participate, please make sure to prepare good supply of resources and various fleet members. Thank you!


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