Archer88 wrote:
I mainly want Taihou and Bismarck from LSC for now (also hope one of those recipe will grant me Nagato). Especially Taihou, because many times in this event my CVs went to chuuha before even their shelling turn. As for blueprints, I need at least 3 more before next event: 1 or both Fusou class, at least 1 Tone class and maybe 1 for Unryuu.

Hmm, personally I'm unwilling to remodel one before the other, considering how Fusou and Tone sisters being close siblings. That said though, I have 4 blueprints at the start of this event, with the remaining three from Nishimura fleet quest and Spring Event E5-E6 medals, spent on Bismarck and Fusou sisters.

Good luck with 4-5 though. Getting there is one thing, clearing it is another. Even with my best fleet that map still dolls out taihas on my mightest battleships.

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