Lushencia wrote:
@Ar-cen-ciel sucks to be me then, my waifu doesn't even bother to enjoy the summer

Well, considering how she's only around recently, it's no wonder.

Archer88 wrote:
I see. They want us to really dry up all our resource stocks, so that there won't be anything left to do September monthly EOs with. lol

More like they wanna keep us away from Hoppou-chan, the first three EOs aren't big on resources for experienced players. The next two though... I've just tried them out, and that has already shave off nearly 20k fuel.

ユサ wrote:
i don't get it why you think Teruzuki as Useless Ship

Already have Maya Kai Ni or/and Akizuki for air defense, Teruzuki is might as well an unused spare tire for slot-frugal TTKs.

Me though, I will definitely get Suzutsuki for sure.

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