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|Night Battle = 夜戦か...嫌なんだよね。悪い予感しか、しないけど。
|Night Battle = 夜戦か...嫌なんだよね。悪い予感しか、しないけど。
|Night Battle/En =
|Night Battle/En = A night battle huh... I don't like this. I have a bad feeling about this.
|Night Battle/Note =
|Night Battle/Note =

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Event Japanese English Note
Play Introduction How is everything?
Brooklyn生まれ。貴方、提督さん? よろしくね。
How is everything? I'm the Atlanta-class anti-air cruiser, Atlanta. I'm from Brooklyn. Are you the Admiral? Nice to meet you. She was actually built in Kearny, New Jersey. She was commissioned in Brooklyn, New York.
Play Library あたし、Atlanta級軽巡、その一番艦、Atlanta。
I'm the first ship of the Atlanta-class light cruisers, Atlanta. I suppose it sounds better to say I'm the anti-air cruiser Atlanta? Yes, I'm an anti-air cruiser that is synonymous with anti-air power, so just leave the fleet's air defense to me... Eh... Ah, apologies. I suppose night battles are fine too. Oh well. I'll be in your care.
Play Secretary 1 え?あたし?いいけど。
Play Secretary 2 もしかして、夜戦?だったらあたしはパス。
Play Secretary 3 Can I ask you something? あのさ、それって、どういう意味があるの? あたしの対空艤装に何か問題ある?
Play Idle 日本のFleet? 私は苦手かな。でも、わかってくると、意外といい奴もいるよね。意外とね?
Play Secretary Married Are you all right? 提督さん。そう? ならまぁ、いいけど。Coffee、ここに置くよ。 Are you alright, Admiral? ...Really? Well, that's fine then. I'll leave your coffee here.
Play Wedding 提督さん、何? Whats up? うん?なにこれ。開けていいの?...ありゃ...まぁ、いいんじゃない? Thanks...提督さん。私も、あり...かな。 Admiral, what is it? What's up? Eh? What's this? Can I open it? ...Oh wow. Well, isn't this nice? Thanks, Admiral. I guess I'll accept.
Play Looking At Scores Information? いいけど。
Play Joining A Fleet Are you okay? 防空巡、アトランタ、出撃するから!
Play Equipment 1 ま、いいんじゃない?
Play Equipment 2 Thanks.
Play Equipment 3
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Play Supply あ...Thanks.
Play Docking Minor シャワー、浴びてくる。
Play Docking Major やだな…臭い付いちゃう。少しお休み、もらうから。
Play Construction You know what? できたって。
Play Returning From Sortie 戻ってこれた...疲れたね。
Play Starting A Sortie あたしが旗艦...本当に? まぁ、いいけど。Atlanta、抜錨。艦隊、前進! I'm the flagship? Really? Well, alright then. Atlanta, setting off. Fleet, forwards.
Play Battle Start 来ちゃったか。仕方ない、始めるよ。 They've come huh... No choice then. Let's begin.
Play Attack 叩き落とせ。Fire!Fire! Take them down. Fire! Fire!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Play Night Battle 夜戦か...嫌なんだよね。悪い予感しか、しないけど。 A night battle huh... I don't like this. I have a bad feeling about this.
Play MVP え? あ、あたし? ...あたしが一番活躍したっての? ま...まあ、そうかな。そうみたい。いいんじゃない? Eh? M-me? I'm the highest achiever? O-oh, I see. It does look like it. Isn't this fine?
Play Minor Damage 1 っ! なにさ!
Play Minor Damage 2 直撃!? 嘘でしょ!?
Play Major Damage 消して消して!火を消して! ああ、水が...もう!
Play Sunk だから...いやだったの。この海は...深いのね。 Ironbottom Soundより、ずっと... That's why I said... I didn't like it... This sea is deep. ...Far deeper... than Ironbottom Sound...

Hourly Notifications (Kai)Edit

Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 今日の秘書艦は、私がやるよ。まぁいいじゃない。 I'll be the secretary ship today. Well, it's fine isn't it?
Play 01:00 1 o'clock. 夜はいやだね、本当。 1 o'clock. I really don't like the night.
Play 02:00 2 o'clock. 提督さんは、夜はどうなの? ...っ、そう。まぁいいけど。 2 o'clock. What do you think of the night, Admiral? Ah, I see. Well, that's fine too.
Play 03:00 3 o'clock. Coffeeほしくない?眠くなっちゃった...。あ、ごめん。淹れてくれるんだ。 3 o'clock. Can you make some coffee? I'm getting sleepy. Ah, sorry. You did make some.
Play 04:00 4 o'clock. Coffee、美味しい。Thanks. おかわりは、あたしが淹れるよ。 Play 4 o'clock. The coffee was delicious. Thanks. I'll go make a another cup.
Play 05:00 5 o'clock. ありゃ、明るくなってきた。はぁ...もう朝か。Good morning、提督さん。 Play 5 o'clock. Oh, it's getting bright. Aaaah, it's already morning. Good morning, Admiral.
Play 06:00 6 o'clock. Good morning! でも、すこし眠いね。仕方ない。 6 o'clock. Good morning. But, I'm still a little sleepy. That's bound to happen.
Play 07:00 7 o'clock. さぁ、morningは何にする?取ってきてあげるよ。卵はスクランブルで良い? 7 o'clock. Now, what would you like this morning? I'll get it for you. Would you like your eggs scrambled?
Play 08:00 8 o'clock. あ、あたし?あたしは...Fried Bacon、かな。基本だよ、そう。卵は2つね。 8 o'clock. Ah, me? I suppose I'll have fried bacon. That's a must. Yes, I'll have two eggs.
Play 09:00 9 o'clock. さぁ、海に出ますか。Task Forceを組む?空母は?重巡はどうする? 9 o'clock. Now shall we head out to sea? Let's put a task force together. Who will be the carriers? The heavy cruisers?
Play 10:00 10 o'clock. 対空演習?余裕、そんなの。相手はなに? Betty? Kate? あれは....知らないやつ。 10 o'clock. An anti-air exercise? I'm good at that. What will the targets be? Betty? Kate? I don't know that plane. "Betty" is the codename for the "Mitsubishi G4N" plane, which the Japanese army called "Ichishiki Rikkou(一式陸攻)".
"Kate" is also the "Nakajima B5N", which it called a "97 Shiki Kanko(97式艦攻)"
Play 11:00 11 o'clock. まぁ、なんだって墜とすけど。え?日本の駆逐艦。あー...そうね、ちょっと苦手かな。 11 o'clock. Well, I'll still shoot it down. Eh, Japanese destroyer? Hmmm, yeah. I'm not really good with them.
Play 12:00 Noon. よし、お昼だ。提督さん、lunch time. 今日はAtlanta burgerでいい?なかなかイケるよ。 Noon. Alright, it's noon. Admiral, it's lunchtime. Would you like some of my special burgers for lunch? They're pretty good.
Play 13:00 1 o' clock. さぁ、お昼のあとは、すこしお休みしない?ま、いいじゃない。 1 o'clock. Now shall we have a short rest after lunch? Well, isn't it fine?
Play 14:00 2 o... あいつらは、日本の...駆逐隊じゃん!いやぁ...あいつらは苦手、こっち来んなよ! っ...!! 2 o... They are... the Japanese Destroyer Division!? Well, I don't like them. Don't come near me! Eh!
Play 15:00 3 o' clo... っ、Hey, Akatsuki?。How are you?そ、そう?なによりだわ...。 3... o'clock. H-hey, Akatsuki, how are you? I-is that so? That's good.
Play 16:00 4 o' clock. h...Hey、Nightmare. 今日もぽいぽい言ってんのね...。まぁ、いいけど。はぁ... 4 o'clock. H-hi. Nightmare, you're still going "poi, poi" today too. Well, that's fine. Whew. She was attacked and confused by Yudachi in the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Yudachi was a real nightmare for Atlanta. poi?
Play 17:00 5 o' clock. あいつら、やっといなくなった。提督さんも、あんなのと毎日戯れて大変ね。...そう? はぁ、夕日が...夜に、夜になっちゃうよ。 5 o'clock. They finally left. You must have your hands full dealing with that every day, Admiral. Really? Ah, the sun is setting... It's... it's almost nighttime.
Play 18:00 6 o' clock. やばい...夜だ。まじ、どうしよう。え!?夕食?それどころじゃないよ...! 6 o'clock. Oh no, it's night. What should I do? Eh, dinner? Now's not the time for that.
Play 19:00 7 o' clock. やばい...日が完全に暮れた!戦闘態勢...え?メシ!? レーションでも食べてて! 7 o'clock. Oh no, the sun has set. Battle stations. Eh, food? Just eat some rations.
Play 20:00 8 o'clock. え、来客? 夜に?誰!? Hi...Hiei? やる気!?...え?手作りカレーの差し入れ?Th...thanks. 8... Eh, a visitor? At this time... Who is it!? Hi-hiei! You want a fight!? ...Eh? You brought some homemade curry? Th-thanks.
Play 21:00 9 o'clock. Battleship Hieiの差し入れだって。た、食べてみる?あ...美味しい。 9 o'clock. It's a gift from battleship Hiei. Sh-shall we try it? Ah, it's delicious.
Play 22:00 10 o'clock. 提督さん、そうなんだ。KongoのSpport recipeで...。いやまじ、アリだった...。 10 o'clock. Admiral, I see. It's Kongou's healthy recipe. No, it's really good. The curry made by Hiei seems to have become very delicious with the help of Kongo.
Play 23:00 11 o'clock. 今日もいろいろあったね。明日はもっといい日になるよ。じゃあ、good night. 11 o'clock. We did a lot today. I hope tomorrow will be an even better day. Then, good night.
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