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| image=[[File:545_Armored_Carrier_Princess.png|280px]]
| image=[[File:545_Armored_Carrier_Princess.png|280px]]
| color=red
| color=red
| type=Aviation Battleship
| type=Battle Carrier
| class=Abyssal
| class=Abyssal
| hp=270
| hp=270
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*Boss for Map 4-4 when Boss HP is under 25% and for 5-2.
*Boss for Map 4-4 when Boss HP is under 25% and for 5-2.
*Also appears in 5-4. 
*Also appears in 5-4. 
*She causes a two day battles.
*Shares voice lines with [[Southern War Princess]]
*Shares voice lines with [[Southern War Princess]]

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Armored Carrier Princess

No.545 装甲空母姫

Abyssal Class Battle Carrier

545 Armored Carrier Princess.png
Icon HP.png HP 270 Icon Gun.png Firepower 90
Icon Armor.png Armor 90 Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 90
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 20 Icon AA.png AA 70
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 192 Icon ASW.png ASW 0
Icon Speed.png Speed Fast Icon LOS.png LOS 80
Icon Range.png Range Medium Icon Luck.png Luck 20
Build Time Slot
unbuildable 3
Stock Equipment Icon Aircraft.pngSpace
Abyssal Fighter Mk.II 96
Abyssal Torpedo Bomber Mk.II 96
16inch Twin Cannon 0


Event Japanese English Note
ナンドデモ…ミナゾコニ…オチテイクガイイ… Doesn't matter how many...go to the bottom...as many times as you like... As in "sink to the bottom".





You will not pass through here...




So foolish...

Under attack



I won't...be defeated...again...



ワタシモ…ワタシモ…モウイチド…ヨミガエルノカ… I will...I will...come back once more...and be resurrected...


  • Boss for Map 4-4 when Boss HP is under 25% and for 5-2.
  • Also appears in 5-4. 
  • She causes a two day battles.
  • Shares voice lines with Southern War Princess
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