Seiyuu Kayano Ai (茅野愛衣) Availability Event Drop
Artist Konishi (コニシ) Implementation 2015/11/18




Kagerou Class Destroyer

Arashi Card
Icon HP HP 16 (18) Icon Gun Firepower 10 (29)
Icon Armor Armor 6 (19) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 24 (69)
Icon Evasion Evasion 44 (79) Icon AA AA 9 (39)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 28 (62)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 6 (19)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 11 (49)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 15 AmmoKai Ammo 20
Build Time Slots
Unbuildable 2
Stock Equipment Space
RedGunLight 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount12.7cm Twin Gun Mount 002 Card 0
DepthCharge Type 94 Depth Charge ProjectorType 94 Depth Charge Projector 044 Card 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Icon Torpedo+1 Icon Armor+1
Scrap Value
FuelKai 1 AmmoKai 1 SteelKai 6
Category Equipment that can be improved with Arashi as helper ship not found


Arashi Kai

No.254 嵐改

Kagerou Class Destroyer

Arashi Kai Card
Icon HP HP 32 (34) Icon Gun Firepower 12 (49)
Icon Armor Armor 14 (49) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 28 (79)
Icon Evasion Evasion 46 (87) Icon AA AA 16 (49)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 30 (70)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 8 (39)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 12 (63)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 15 AmmoKai Ammo 20
Remodel Level Slots
Level 35 3
Stock Equipment Space
GreenGunDP 12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model)12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) 091 Card 0
DepthCharge Type 3 Depth Charge ProjectorType 3 Depth Charge Projector 045 Card 0
Xx c - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 140 SteelKai 110
Modernization Bonus
Icon Gun+1 Icon Torpedo+1 Icon AA+1 Icon Armor+1
Scrap Value
FuelKai 1 AmmoKai 2 SteelKai 10
Category Equipment that can be improved with Arashi Kai as helper ship not found
[Edit]Arashi Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Icon Gun Icon Torpedo Icon AA Icon ASW Icon LOS Icon Armor Icon Evasion Note
RedGunLight12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model C Kai 212.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model C Kai 2 266 Card +1
+ LOS Radar +2 +3 +1
RedGunLight12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model D Kai 212.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model D Kai 2 267 Card +1 +1
RedGunLight12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model D Kai 312.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model D Kai 3 366 Card +1 +1
GreenGunDP5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.375inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37 308 Card +1
Equipment Extra Requirement Icon Gun Icon Torpedo Icon AA Icon ASW Icon LOS Icon Armor Icon Evasion Note
Ssp cSkilled LookoutsSkilled Lookouts 129 Card +1 +2 +2 +1 +2



Event Japanese English Note
Play Introduction や、陽炎型駆逐艦十六番艦嵐だ!司令、よろしくな!会えて嬉しいぜ! Yo, I'm the 16th Kagerou-class Destroyer, Arashi! Commander, take care of me, 'kay! It's great 'ta meet 'ya!
Play Kai よ、陽炎型駆逐艦十六番艦嵐だ!司令、さあ嵐を……巻き起こそうぜ! Yo, I'm the 16th Kagerou-class Destroyer, Arashi! Commander, now I shall raise a storm!
Play Library 陽炎型駆逐艦十六番艦、嵐だ。第四駆逐隊を編成して、四水戦で活躍したぜ。
I'm the 16th ship in the Kagerou-class Destroyer line. I was part of the 4th Destroyer Squadron, and was an asset to the 4th Torpedo Squadron.
At Midway, I was assigned as an escort to the Nagumo Carrier Task Force. After that, I also did occasional stints at the frontline as needed......
Near the end of the war, I was involved in transportation missions in the frontline, amidst the dark sea. Together with my sister ship, Hagikaze.
Remember me... and my comrades of the 4th Destroyer Squadron. Please.
Probably referring to Tokyo Express (Rat Transportation).
Play Secretary 1 俺かい?よし、任せろ! What do you want? All right, leave things to me!
Play Secretary 2 ん?司令どうした?寂しいのか?まさかな、うふふ Hm? Commander, what's up? You lonely? Ya can't be, haha.
Play Secretary 3 はぎぃやめなって!くすぐったいから!おほっ!…お、おお…?って司令かよ! Hagi, cut that out! I'm ticklish! Oho! ... Oh, oh...? If it isn't the commander!
Play Idle さあーなんか退屈してきたぞ…体が鈍ってきたぞ…司令は何しとんじゃ…おっ?なんか忙しいそうだな…すこし待ってやるか Man, how boring is this... my body'll get weak... Commander, just what are ya doin'... Oh? Seems like you're pretty busy, huh. Well, guess I'll just have to wait for a while.
Play Secretary Married 何だよ司令?疲れてるのかい?ん、らしくねじゃん…いいよ、すこし休んだら?俺が膝枕貸してやんぜ。ほら、来なって。いいんだよ、偶には休んだって…な。 What's up, Commander? Are you tired or something? Hmm... doesn't seem like it... Well then, shall we rest a while? I'll lend you my lap to use as a pillow. Come on over. It's all right, to take a rest once in a while... you know.
Play Wedding んだよ司令?嵐を呼んだか?萩の間違えなんじゃねの?あっ…俺でいいの?そっ…そっか?何だよ改まって…照れるじゃんか?えっ…これを指に?あ…あはは…なんか柄じゃねえけど…でもサンキュウな、暖かいぜ! What's up, Commander? You called for me? You sure you didn't mistake me for Hagi? Ah... are you really ok choosing me? R... really? What's with the's embarrassing. Eh... to put this on my finger? Ah... Ahaha... It seems a bit a bit inappropriate... but thank you for treating me so warmly!
Play Looking At Scores お、情報を見るのかい?大事大事♪いい事さ。ほらよ。 Oh, you wanted to see the intel? Important stuff! Here ya go.
Play Joining A Fleet 第四駆逐隊旗艦嵐、出るぜ!みんな、ついて来な! The flagship of the 4th Destroyer Squadron, Arashi, is sortieing forth! Follow me, everyone!
Play Kai 第四駆逐隊旗艦嵐、出るぜ!みんなガツンと行こうぜ! The flagship of the 4th Destroyer Squadron, Arashi, is sortieing forth! Let's go bravely, everyone!
Play Equipment 1 いいねぇ、みなぎるなぁ。サンキュー! Nice, I'm fired up! Thank you!
Play Equipment 2 ああ。ナメた潜水艦はぶっとばさねぇとな。爆雷は頼むぜ。 Ah. I have to wreck those submarines I underestimated earlier. Some depth charges, please. Referencing her pursuit of USS Nautilus
Play Equipment 3 やるな。いいぜ! That'll do. Alright then!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Play Supply お!ありがたい。サンキューな。 Oh! I'm grateful. Thank you.
Play Docking Minor ひとっ風呂浴びるぜ。いいだろ? I'll go take a bath. All right?
Play Kai 萩…?萩?呼んだか?気のせい…か? Hagi...? Hagi? Did you call for me? Was that... my imagination?
Play Docking Major く~っ!傷にしみるね。風呂は心の洗濯だな。司令も入るかい? These wounds hurt. A bath is what I really wanted. Commander, wanna join me?
Play Construction あ、なんか新しいの…出来たってさ。 Ah, something new...has been completed.
Play Returning From Sortie 作戦完了。艦隊戻ったぜ。 The operation is concluded. The fleet has returned.
Play Starting A Sortie 陽炎駆逐艦、嵐のお出ましだ!ああ…嵐巻き起こしてやるぜ、見てな! It's time for the Kagerou-class Destroyer, Arashi, to make my appearance! Ahh...the storm is rising, just watch!
Play Battle Start 敵艦発見、合戦準備。撃ち方…始め! Enemy ships spotted, get ready for the battle. Begin... fire!
Play Attack さぁやってやるぜ!嵐巻き起こせ! Well the, it's time for me to do it! I'll raise a storm!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Play Night Battle さーて夜戦だ。慎重に大胆に…突入だ! Now, it's time for night battle. Cautiously yet boldly...storming in!
Play Night Attack 天下の第四駆逐隊、まかり通る!くらえ! The mighty 4th Destroyer Division, coming through! Eat this!
Play MVP へっへーん。巻き起こした嵐、しっかり目に焼き付けたか?うん、司令とみんなのおかげさ。 Hehe~. Was the risen storm branded into your vision? Yeah, it's thanks to the Commander and everyone.
Play Minor Damage 1 ぐあぁっ!チッ、どこからだ! Gahh! Where did that come from!
Play Minor Damage 2 なっ、なんだなんだ? 敵はどこだっ? Wh, what is it, what is it?! Where's the enemy?!
Play Major Damage ちぃっ!なんだよ好き放題やりやがって…だがな…まだ沈まねぇよ! Tch! What's with you doing as you please... however... I haven't sunk yet!
Play Sunk 俺…沈むのか…。萩…また一緒だな…。時雨…あとは…頼んだぜ… I'm... I'm sinking...? Hagi... until next time... Shigure... after this... I'll leave it to you...

Hourly Notifications (Kai)Edit

Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 あー、司令、なんだ、その、今日は、この嵐が秘書艦を担当してやるぜ。おお、時報も任せておけ。今、ちょうど深夜零時だ、ああ。 Aah, Commander, what's up, seems like Arashi'll be your secretary ship for today. Yeah, leave timekeeping to me. It just turned midnight now, yep.
Play 01:00 マルヒトマルマルだぞ、司令。夜は…夜はちびっと緊張するな。ちびっと…なあ? It's 0100, Commander. Night... the night can put you a bit on edge, huh. Just a little bit... right?
Play 02:00 マルフタマルマルになったぞ、司令。なんだ、資料を読んでいるのか?暗いとこで本読むと、目が悪くなるぞ。この、探照灯で… It just turned 0200, Commander. What's up, you were going through the docs? Reading through 'em must be drag, your eyes'll go bad. Here, use this searchlight...
Play 03:00 マルサンマルマルだ、司令。あー…夜は、なんか落ち着かねえな。 It's 0300, Commander. Ah... now's a pretty good time to just chill out.
Play 04:00 マルヨンマルマルだぞ。夜中は、なんかやだよな。あ、そうでもない?そうか…司令はすげーなあ、川内さんの仲間だなあ… It's 0400. There's somethin' about the dead of night that makes me feel weird... ah, ya don't think so? That so... Commander, you're pretty cool. You're one of Sendai's buddies, huh.
Play 05:00 マルゴーマルマル!よーやく朝だあ、朝!やったー!朝だー!司令、朝だぞー! 0500! Mornin's a'comin', mornin'! YEAH! It's MORNING! Commander, IT'S MORNING! The complete opposite of Sendai
Play 06:00 マルロクマルマルだ!艦隊、総員起こし!司令、次は飯だな!さあ早く朝飯をつくってくれ!…え?俺?…俺ぇ!? It's 0600! Fleet, reveille! Commander, it's time for some food! Hurry up and get some breakfast ready! Me? ME?!
Play 07:00 マルナナ、マルマルだ。萩にやり方聞いて、今やってっけどさあ…食えるモンになっかなー…?あ、一応味噌汁と麦飯、あと干物な! It's 0700... I was listenin' to how Hagi would do it, but what do we got to eat right now...? Ah, for the time being, we've got some Miso soup and rice, and for later, we've got dried fish!
Play 08:00 マルハチマルマル。どうだった、俺の飯…あっ食えた?意外とうまい?そ、そうだろ、当然さ!第四駆逐隊舐めんなよ、へ、へへへへへ、へへっ! 0800. My cooking... how was it? Surprisingly good? Is... is that so, yeah, of course! Don't underestimate 4th Destroyer Division, heh, heheheheheh, heheh!
Play 09:00 マルキューマルマルだ。司令、よーし、第四駆逐隊、集合だ!いいかみんな、夜でも負けない特訓を開始する。まずこの… It's 0900, Commander. Alright, 4th Destroyer Division, round up! So we won't lose in night battle (?), we'll commence special training! First off...
Play 10:00 ヒトマルマルマルだぞ司令。我が四駆も、めきめきと練度が上がっている。ああ、前線もいつでもオーケーだ。任せろ! It's 1000, Commander. The 4th... (?) Yeah, we're always ready for the frontlines. Just leave it to us!
Play 11:00 ヒトヒトマルマルだ。…おお、水雷戦隊で出撃か。オーケー、旗艦は誰だ!?那珂さんか?まさか神通さん?…え、えぇ!?川内さん!? It's 1100. ...Oh, seems like the torpedo squadron'll be on sortie. OK, who's the flagship?! Naka-san? No way, Jintsuu-san? Eh... ehh?! SENDAI-SAN?!
Play 12:00 ヒトフータマルマール!なあ司令、昼はがっつりとしたカレーにしようぜ!今日間宮さんとこ、足柄さんはいってるってー!行こうぜ! 1200! Hey Commander, it's lunch, so let's get a big helpin' of curry! Ashigara-san'll be at Mamiya's today. Let's go!
Play 13:00 ヒトサンマルマル。やー、いいねえ。カツカレーいいよお!あれはいいもんだ。これで勝つ!って気がするねー。はぁー……食った食った! 1300... Yeeah, that was good... the katsu curry was real good! Now that was some good stuff. "So with that, victory!" what I'm thinkin'. Hahaah... I'm stuffed, stuffed!
Play 14:00 ヒトヨンマル…おお、のわっち!元気でやってっかー?おう、俺の方はばっちりさ。司令との相性だって…なあ司令?あれっ、いない! 140-... ooh, Nowachi! How ya doin'? Ooh, I'm feelin' great. Commander 'n me make a great pair... ain't that right, Commander? Wait - That's ain't it!
Play 15:00 ヒトゴーマルマルだぜ、司令。ああ、一航戦の最期の話か。…嫌なもんだぜ、負け戦ってのは。いつだって…嫌なもんさ。 It's 1500, Commander. Ahh, talk about about the First Carrier Division's final moments? ...It was a horrible thing. Fighting a battle lost. No matter the time... it was just horrible.
Play 16:00 ヒトロクマルマ…あ、翔鶴さん!お疲れっす!はい、元気してますよ!また、一緒に出撃したいっすね!はい!楽しみにしてます! 160-... ah, Shoukaku-san! Welcome back! Yes, I'm doing fine! It'd be great to go out on sortie with you! Yes! I'll be looking forward to it!
Play 17:00 ヒトナナマルマルだぜ、司令。夕焼け綺麗だよな…あれ、夕焼けボケっとみてたら、なんか、泣けてきた。あ、あれ? It's 1700, Commander. The sunset sure is beautiful, isn't it... What's this - it's as if I'm being taken aback by it, like I'm gonna be moved to tears. Ah-wh, what...?
Play 18:00 ヒトハチーマルマルッ。司令、夕飯どうする?俺、また作ってみようか?このレシピ見てさ。えっと…ふう、か、でん、ぴ…ん、ふ?ふ、はて… 1800. Commander, how about some dinner? I'll be the one to put it together again? I've been looking at this recipe. Let's see... Fuu, ka, de, pi... hm, fu? Fu... well, now...
Play 19:00 ヒトキュウマルマ…おお、陽炎ねえ!え、差し入れ?ふんふん。あっ、なんかいい匂いだ!いいのか?助かる!司令、食べ物、キター! 190-... oh, Kagerou-nee! Eh, you've got some food for us? (sniff sniff) Ah! This smells amazing! Is this really okay? You've saved us! Commander, dinner has arrived! Sashiire: A type of "gifted" food given in appreciation of someone
Play 20:00 フタマルマルマル。陽炎ねえの差し入れ、汁だな。くらむ、ちゃうだー…だって。…うん、うん…麦飯にも意外と合うよなー。…うまいぜ!飯が進むよ! 2000. Kagerou-nee brought this soup, "cla-m chowder-" it? (sip) Hm... mm... the rice works surprisingly well here! Delicious! Let's chow down!
Play 21:00 フタヒトマルマル…なーんかこの時間、嫌な予感すんだよなあ…はっ、川内さん!えっ、はっ、はい!夜の出撃っすね、お供します… 2100... What's up with this time of day... I've got a bad premonition about it. Hah-, Sendai-san! Eh, ye-, yes! About the night sortie, I'll be sure to attend it...
Play 22:00 フタフタマルマル。警戒を厳に…えっ、時雨何か言った?てっ敵!?回避!回避!体制を立て直して反撃だ!ちっくしょー! 2200. Stay on full alert... eh, Shigure, did you just say something?! Th-the enemy?! Evade! Evade! Regroup for a counterattack! Damn it!! She is remembering "The battle of Vella Gulf".
Play 23:00 フタサンマルマル。戻ったぜ、足はついてるぜ、一応な。な、なんだよ!泣かなくたっていいだろう司令。なんだよ、ったく… 2300. We've returned, I still have my own legs, just in case. Wh, what is it?! I wasn't crying, I'm fine, Commander! What's with you, jeez...

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Christmas 2014
End of Year 2014
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Valentines Day 2015
Valentines Day 2015
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Christmas 2015
メリークリスマス、司令!四駆の皆からプレゼントがあるんだぜ!いいか皆?せーのー!ワー!あ…怒ってる。 Merry Christmas, commander. We, the Des4 have a present for you! Ready, girls? One, two... BOO! Ah... He's angry at us.
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
End of Year 2015
時雨、みんな何やってんの?大掃除?そかそか…え?俺もやんの?マジかよ…。 Shigure, what are you doing? Year-end cleaning? Huh, oh... I also have to do it? Are you kidding...
New Year 2016
司令、新年あけおめだ!今年も俺や四駆のみんなをよろしく頼むぜ。さあ、パッと繰り出そうぜ!はぎ、のわっち、まい、行くぞ! Commander, Happy New Year. Me and the whole Des4 will be on your service this year as well. Now, let's raise some hell! Haggy, Nowacchi, Mai, Let's do this!
New Year 2016
Setsubun 2016
鬼はぁー外っ、福はぁー内っ!今年の鬼役は誰だ~?え?あぁ、川内さん!投げにくいなぁ。ま、いいか。とりゃあぁ! Demons are out, luck is in! So who's the demon for this year? Eh~? Uhh... it's Sendai! That's a hard thing to do... But, oh well. Rraagh!
Valentines Day 2016
し、司令さ。これ、あげるよ。…まぁ、大したものじゃないんで、あんま、気にすんな H-Hey, commander. Here, it's for you. W-well, it's not really a big deal, don't worry about it.
Valentines Day 2016
司令、さっきあげた包み…開けた?あ、まだ?そう…いや、別にいいんだ、別に… Commander, the packet from before... have you opened it? Ah... not yet, huh. I-I see. N-No, I don't mind, really. Secretary 2
Hinamatsuri 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
White Day 2016
これ、何?えっ、チョコのお返し?マジで?か、「返して」って言われても返さないよ? What's... this? Eh? In return for my chocolate? For reals? I'm not going to give it back even if you asked, you know?
Spring 2016
やったぜ春だぁ!この季節、なんかいいよなぁ~。花見に行こう!四駆のみんなを誘ってさぁ! Awright, it's spring! This season is nice, isn't it? Let's go flower viewing, I'll invite everyone in the 4th squadron to come along!
Third Anniversary 2016
嵐を巻き起こして、俺たちついに三周年かよ。まじか…司令、みんな、サンキューな。 After a storm, we have finally reached the third anniversary. Can't believe it... Commander, everyone, thanks.
Third Anniversary 2016
Rainy Season 2016
ややや… また雨じゃんか。どうも雨が続くと体の調子がおかしくなるよ。司令は平気か? Gosh... It's still raining. If it keeps on raining, I feel that my body will not feel so good. Are you doing fine, commander?
Rainy Season 2016
Early Summer 2016
Mid-Summer 2016
萩、なになに? え、水着で、浜辺へ? いいよ、俺はそういうのは…司令も、行くんだ? Hagi, what's up? Eh, you're going to the beach in your swimsuits? No, I'm fine! I'm not really good with- ...Commander's going too?
Fall 2016
Fall 2016
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Christmas 2016
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New Year 2017
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Valentines Day 2017
Valentines Day 2017
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Hinamatsuri 2017
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 Character Edit


  • She has yellow eyes and medium-length messy red hair with an ahoge.
  • Arashi clothing similar to other Kagerou-class destroyers, including a white blouse with a black vest, and a red neckerchief. She also wears a black pleated skirt, white gloves, black thighhighs, and loafers.
  • Her combat gear includes a twin-cannon turret held like a large pistol, with a backpack-like mount for a smokestack that carries swing-arms for more turrets. On her hip, she carries a pouch with depth charges, and tosses one in her official art. She also wears a belt that carries smaller anti-air guns and a searchlight as a belt buckle. (Due to similarity of design, the buckle can bring Kamen Rider references.)

Personality Edit

  • Arashi has a rough style of speech and an aggressive personality, although she appears to dread nighttime, having been sunk in a night battle.


  • Arashi means 'storm' or 'tempest'.
  • The real life Arashi is best known for her inadvertent role in the sinking of 1st Carrier Division aircraft carriers Akagi and Kaga in the Battle of Midway and thus changing the course of the war: the destroyer had been involved in chasing off the submarine USS Nautilus, and having separated from them, was steaming at full speed to rejoin the carrier fleet. Arashi's long wake due to her speed made her highly visible to US dive bomber squadrons from the USS Enterprise that had been searching for the IJN carrier force with no success. At the very limits of their range, and with squadron members suffering mechanical failures, the US planes used Arashi's wake to shadow the destroyer all the way back to the fleet. With Akagi and Kaga's fighters being involved in intercepting another torpedo bomber squadron elsewhere, the US aircraft were able to attack the carriers uncontested, resulting in the sinking of the 1st Carrier Division.
  • In her hourly notifications Arashi makes references to night battle and Shigure. This is because Arashi apparently suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, specifically as result of the Battle of Vella Gulf. In this battle: Arashi, Shigure, Kawakaze and Hagikaze were ambushed by six enemy destroyers, of which 3 using their radars fired 36 torpedoes in 63 seconds, impacting all except Shigure. Then the other 3 enemy destroyers opened fire on them.

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Mikura MikuraMikura Banner · YashiroYashiro Banner
Hiburi HiburiHiburi Banner · DaitouDaitou Banner
Type D Kaiboukan No.4Kaiboukan No.4 Banner
Destroyer Kamikaze KamikazeKamikaze Banner · AsakazeAsakaze Banner · HarukazeHarukaze Banner · MatsukazeMatsukaze Banner · HatakazeHatakaze Banner
Mutsuki MutsukiMutsuki Banner · KisaragiKisaragi Banner · YayoiYayoi Banner · UzukiUzuki Banner · SatsukiSatsuki Banner · MinazukiMinazuki Banner · FumizukiFumizuki Banner · NagatsukiNagatsuki Banner · KikuzukiKikuzuki Banner · MikazukiMikazuki Banner · MochizukiMochizuki Banner
Special Type Fubuki FubukiFubuki Banner · ShirayukiShirayuki Banner · HatsuyukiHatsuyuki Banner · MiyukiMiyuki Banner · MurakumoMurakumo Banner · IsonamiIsonami Banner · UsugumoUsugumo Banner · UranamiUranami Banner
Ayanami AyanamiAyanami Banner · ShikinamiShikinami Banner · AmagiriAmagiri Banner · SagiriSagiri Banner · OboroOboro Banner · AkebonoAkebono Banner · SazanamiSazanami Banner · UshioUshio Banner
Akatsuki AkatsukiAkatsuki Banner · Hibiki/VerniyHibiki Banner
Verniy Banner
 · IkazuchiIkazuchi Banner · InazumaInazuma Banner
Hatsuharu HatsuharuHatsuharu Banner · NenohiNenohi Banner · WakabaWakaba Banner · HatsushimoHatsushimo Banner · AriakeAriake Banner
Shiratsuyu ShiratsuyuShiratsuyu Banner · ShigureShigure Banner · MurasameMurasame Banner · YuudachiYuudachi Banner · HarusameHarusame Banner · SamidareSamidare Banner · UmikazeUmikaze Banner · YamakazeYamakaze Banner · KawakazeKawakaze Banner · SuzukazeSuzukaze Banner
Asashio AsashioAsashio Banner · OoshioOoshio Banner · MichishioMichishio Banner · ArashioArashio Banner · AsagumoAsagumo Banner · YamagumoYamagumo Banner · MinegumoMinegumo Banner · ArareArare Banner · KasumiKasumi Banner
Type A Kagerou KagerouKagerou Banner · ShiranuiShiranui Banner · KuroshioKuroshio Banner · OyashioOyashio Banner · HatsukazeHatsukaze Banner · YukikazeYukikaze Banner · AmatsukazeAmatsukaze Banner · TokitsukazeTokitsukaze Banner · UrakazeUrakaze Banner · IsokazeIsokaze Banner · HamakazeHamakaze Banner · TanikazeTanikaze Banner · NowakiNowaki Banner · ArashiArashi Banner · HagikazeHagikaze Banner · MaikazeMaikaze Banner · AkigumoAkigumo Banner
Yuugumo YuugumoYuugumo Banner · MakigumoMakigumo Banner · KazagumoKazagumo Banner · NaganamiNaganami Banner · TakanamiTakanami Banner · FujinamiFujinami Banner · HayanamiHayanami Banner · HamanamiHamanami Banner · OkinamiOkinami Banner · KishinamiKishinami Banner · AsashimoAsashimo Banner · HayashimoHayashimo Banner · AkishimoAkishimo Banner · KiyoshimoKiyoshimo Banner
Type B Akizuki AkizukiAkizuki Banner · TeruzukiTeruzuki Banner · SuzutsukiSuzutsuki Banner · HatsuzukiHatsuzuki Banner
Type C Shimakaze ShimakazeShimakaze Banner
Type D Matsu MatsuMatsu Banner
Type 1934 Z1Z1 Banner · Z3Z3 Banner
Maestrale MaestraleMaestrale Banner · GrecaleGrecale Banner · LibeccioLibeccio Banner
Fletcher FletcherFletcher Banner · JohnstonJohnston Banner
John C. Butler Samuel B. RobertsSamuel B. Roberts Banner
J JervisJervis Banner · JanusJanus Banner
Tashkent TashkentTashkent Banner
Light Cruiser Tenryuu TenryuuTenryuu Banner · TatsutaTatsuta Banner
Kuma KumaKuma Banner · TamaTama Banner · KitakamiKitakami Banner · OoiOoi Banner · KisoKiso Banner
Nagara NagaraNagara Banner · IsuzuIsuzu Banner · NatoriNatori Banner · YuraYura Banner · KinuKinu Banner · AbukumaAbukuma Banner
Sendai SendaiSendai Banner · JintsuuJintsuu Banner · NakaNaka Banner
Yuubari YuubariYuubari Banner
Agano AganoAgano Banner · NoshiroNoshiro Banner · YahagiYahagi Banner · SakawaSakawa Banner
Ooyodo OoyodoOoyodo Banner
Duca degli Abruzzi Duca degli AbruzziDuca degli Abruzzi Banner · Giuseppe GaribaldiGiuseppe Garibaldi Banner
St. Louis HelenaHelena Banner
Atlanta AtlantaAtlanta Banner
Gotland GotlandGotland Banner
De Ruyter De RuyterDe Ruyter Banner
Perth PerthPerth Banner
Torpedo Cruiser Kuma KitakamiKitakami Kai Banner · OoiOoi Kai Banner · KisoKiso Kai Ni Banner
Training Cruiser Katori KatoriKatori Banner · KashimaKashima Banner
Heavy Cruiser Furutaka FurutakaFurutaka Banner · KakoKako Banner
Aoba AobaAoba Banner · KinugasaKinugasa Banner
Myoukou MyoukouMyoukou Banner · NachiNachi Banner · AshigaraAshigara Banner · HaguroHaguro Banner
Takao TakaoTakao Banner · AtagoAtago Banner · MayaMaya Banner · ChoukaiChoukai Banner
Mogami MogamiMogami Banner · MikumaMikuma Banner · SuzuyaSuzuya Banner · KumanoKumano Banner
Tone ToneTone Banner · ChikumaChikuma Banner
Admiral Hipper Prinz EugenPrinz Eugen Banner
Zara ZaraZara Banner · PolaPola Banner
Northampton HoustonHouston Banner
Aviation Cruiser Mogami MogamiMogami Kai Banner · MikumaMikuma Kai Banner · SuzuyaSuzuya Kai Banner · KumanoKumano Kai Banner
Tone ToneTone Kai Ni Banner · ChikumaChikuma Kai Ni Banner
Battleship Fast Battleship Kongou KongouKongou Banner · HieiHiei Banner · HarunaHaruna Banner · KirishimaKirishima Banner
Bismarck BismarckBismarck Banner
Vittorio Veneto Littorio/ItaliaLittorio Banner
Italia Banner
 · RomaRoma Banner
South Dakota South DakotaSouth Dakota Banner
Iowa IowaIowa Banner
Richelieu RichelieuRichelieu Banner
Gangut Gangut/Oktyabrskaya RevolyutsiyaGangut Banner
Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya Banner
Battleship Fusou FusouFusou Banner · YamashiroYamashiro Banner
Ise IseIse Banner · HyuugaHyuuga Banner
Nagato NagatoNagato Banner · MutsuMutsu Banner
Yamato YamatoYamato Banner · MusashiMusashi Banner
Colorado ColoradoColorado Banner
Queen Elizabeth WarspiteWarspite Banner
Nelson NelsonNelson Banner
Aviation Battleship Fusou FusouFusou Kai Banner · YamashiroYamashiro Kai Banner
Ise IseIse Kai Banner · HyuugaHyuuga Kai Banner
Carrier Light Carrier Houshou HoushouHoushou Banner
Ryuujou RyuujouRyuujou Banner
Ryuuhou RyuuhouRyuuhou Banner
Shouhou ShouhouShouhou Banner · ZuihouZuihou Banner
Hiyou HiyouHiyou Banner · JunyouJunyou Banner
Chitose ChitoseChitose Carrier Banner · ChiyodaChiyoda Carrier Banner
Kasuga Maru Kasuga MaruKasuga Maru Banner
Taiyou TaiyouTaiyou Banner · ShinyouShinyou Banner
Mogami SuzuyaSuzuya Carrier Kai Ni Banner · KumanoKumano Carrier Kai Ni Banner
Casablanca Gambier BayGambier Bay Banner
Standard Carrier Akagi AkagiAkagi Banner
Kaga KagaKaga Banner
Souryuu SouryuuSouryuu Banner
Hiryuu HiryuuHiryuu Banner
Shoukaku ShoukakuShoukaku Banner · ZuikakuZuikaku Banner
Unryuu UnryuuUnryuu Banner · AmagiAmagi Banner · KatsuragiKatsuragi Banner
Graf Zeppelin Graf ZeppelinGraf Zeppelin Banner
Aquila AquilaAquila Banner
Lexington SaratogaSaratoga Banner
Essex IntrepidIntrepid Banner
Yorktown HornetHornet Banner
Ark Royal Ark RoyalArk Royal Banner
Armored Carrier Shoukaku ShoukakuShoukaku Kai Ni A Banner · ZuikakuZuikaku Kai Ni A Banner
Taihou TaihouTaihou Banner
Lexington SaratogaSaratoga Mk.II Mod.2 Banner
Submarine Junsen 3 I-8I-8 Banner
Junsen Type B I-19I-19 Banner · I-26I-26 Banner
Junsen Type C I-47I-47 Banner
Kaidai VI I-168I-168 Banner
Junsen Type B Kai Ni I-58I-58 Banner
Junsen Type A Kai Ni I-13I-13 Banner · I-14I-14 Banner
Sentoku I-400I-400 Banner · I-401I-401 Banner
Type IXC U-boat U-511U-511 Banner
Ro-series Ro-500Ro-500 Banner
Guglielmo Marconi Luigi Torelli/UIT-25/I-504Luigi Torelli Banner
UIT-25 Banner
I-504 Banner
Type 3 S.T.V. MaruyuMaruyu Banner
Seaplane Tender Kamoi KamoiKamoi Kai Banner
Chitose ChitoseChitose Banner · ChiyodaChiyoda Banner
Mizuho MizuhoMizuho Banner
Nisshin NisshinNisshin Banner
Akitsushima AkitsushimaAkitsushima Banner
Commandant Teste Commandant TesteCommandant Teste Banner
Auxiliary Ship Submarine Tender Jingei JingeiJingei Banner
Taigei TaigeiTaigei Banner
Fleet Oiler Kamoi KamoiKamoi Banner
Kamoi Kai Bo Banner
Revised Kazahaya HayasuiHayasui Banner
Amphibious Assault Ship IJA R1 Shinshuu MaruShinshuu Maru Banner
Hei Akitsu MaruAkitsu Maru Banner
Repair Ship Akashi AkashiAkashi Banner
Fleet of Fog Playable Iona · Takao · Haruna
Enemy Nagara Class · Takao · Maya · Kirishima · Haruna · Kongou
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