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艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- Kantai Collection -KanColle- Fleet Girls Collection KanColle Animation Sequence

With the emergence of the mysterious Abyssal Fleet, humanity had lost it's naval supremacy. However, there is a presence that can fight back. Ship girls. Those whom possess souls of ships from days past.

Special Type I Destroyer Fubuki arrives at a 'Naval Base'. This place is gathering versatile ship girls as a home & workplace. She begins her life there with a perky greeting, 'It's Fubuki! I look forward to working with you!'

What encounters can she have & ties can she nurture with other ship girls? (parsed machine translation)

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謎に包まれた敵「深海棲艦」の出現を機に、人類が制海権を失ってしまった世界。その脅威に対抗できる唯一の存在は、在りし日の艦の魂を持つ「艦娘」と呼ばれる者たちだけ――。特型駆逐艦・吹雪は「鎮守府」へとやってくる。この地は多彩な艦娘たちが集い、共に切磋琢磨しながら生活する場所であった。「吹雪です! よろしくお願いします!」明るく元気たっぷりのハツラツとしたあいさつで、「鎮守府」での生活を始める吹雪。彼女はこの鎮守府で、彼らとどんな出会いをし、どんな絆を育んでいくことになるのだろうか。(About image's alt text & appears to be different. Used for the summary.)


Naval Base
  • Destroyers: Mutsuki, Kisaragi*, Yayoi*, Mochizuki*, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Wakaba*(?), Shiratsuyu*, Shigure*, Murasame*, Yuudachi, Samidare*, Asashio*, Ooshio*, Michishio*, Kagerou* ,Shiranui, Shimakaze
  • Light Cruisers: Kuma*, Tama*, Kitakami, Ooi, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka, Yuubari*, Ooyodo
  • Heavy Cruisers: Kako*, Aoba*, Kinugasa*,Nachi, Ashigara*,Haguro, Takao*, Atago, Mogami*, Tone*, Chikuma*
  • Standard Carriers: Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu*, Hiryuu*, Zuikaku, Shoukaku*
  • Battleships: Kongou, Hiei, Haruna*, Kirishima*, Nagato, Mutsu, Yamato
  • Other: Mamiya*, Fairies*
    • * Not on the official site but are in the anime
Abyssal Fleet
  • Destroyers: Destroyer I-Class Late Model*, Destroyer I-Class Elite Late Model*, Destroyer Ro-Class*, Destroyer Ha-Class*, Destroyer Ni-Class*
  • Light Cruisers: Light Cruiser Ho-Class*, Light Cruiser He-Class*, Light Cruiser To-Class*
  • Torpedo Cruisers: Torpedo Cruiser Chi-Class*
  • Heavy Cruisers: Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class*
  • Light Carriers: Light Carrier Nu-Class*
  • Standard Carriers: Standard Carrier Wo-Class*
  • Battleships: Battleship Ru-Class*
  • Bosses: Anchorage Hime*
    • * Not on the official site but are in the anime

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Episode 1 : Nice to meet you, Commander!
Episode 2 : Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Regret!
Episode 3 : Operation Capture W Island!
Episode 4 : Now it's our turn! Follow me!  Airs January 29th




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Color of the Sea

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First Yokohama Naval Review rehearsal event

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