Operation FS (plot summary until episode nine)

Current Operation (plot summary episode ten on)

  • Due to a remodelling, the fleets are reorganized; however, the Abyssal Fleet strikes back
  • In search of the Abyssal operational base AF, fleets are sent on reconnaissance
  • One goal is dealt with first with Operations MI & AL
    • Goals: Recover the Teitoku & neutralize the Naval District attack fleet
      • Contains numerous references to actual Pacific War events & battles


  • Only on sea scenes
    • Even then, certain shots are traditionally animated
      • Leads to frequent switching


  • The title & its reading
  • Kanmusu-related titles read by their seiyuu

All kanmusu & Abyssals are redesigned for the anime

Kanmusu quotes are frequently employed

  • Possibility even when they do not quite fit

Time progression

  • Timeskipping is evident, preventing derivations from day/night cycles & the script
  • Travel times are skipped given the planning maps shown throughout the series
  • Docking time, other than showing a few timers, is skipped
  • Operation dates & times are not provided other than in a relative fashion

The series is split in half

  • Odd episodes are serious
  • Even episodes are usually character-focused

As is the usual practice, physics is bent as necessary for viewer expectations, dramatic effect, & so forth.

A Naval Base is within a Naval District. For example, the Kure Naval District's layout was:

  • Naval Base
    • Naval Guard Unit
    • Naval Arsenal
    • Naval Hospital
    • Naval Prison
    • Naval Fuel Depot
    • Special Naval Landing Forces
  • Submarine Base
  • Naval Infantry Barracks
  • Naval Fuel Depot
  • Security Squadron
  • Local Defence Squadron
  • Naval Air Group
  • Submarine Division

Episode NotesEdit

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  • The Teitoku delegates many tasks to the Secretary Ship
    • Usually has a scene or two per episode
  • Scenes with the Teitoku are either from the Teitoku's perspective, or an angled shot to the visitors
  • Only their shadow is seen

Secretary Ship

  • Has an aide
  • Intermediary between the teitoku & kanmusu
  • Has operational control
    • Employs a Communications Officer
    • Communications between the naval base & operating fleets utilize morse code.

Arrows transmorgify in a yellow aura after shooting into aircraft

The basic Kongou-class armaments can fire in the X-form or compact form.

Abyssal remodel is indeterminate unless noted

The Abyssal aircraft launch in a mini-form, then enlarge within a yellow aura

Abyssal shells are shown as cracked spheres.

Combat ranges are extremely close

The Naval Base has numerous fleets, but naturally, only the fleets Fubuki interacts with are ever seen deploying

  • Even during base emergencies

A port is not necessary for departing or demounting equipment

Beaching does not exist

  • Fully equiped kanmusu can walk on land & operate in shallow waters

There is no hospital - only the docks

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Western Japan print ad


Eastern Japan print ad


  • The initial broadcast was planned to be on Summer 2014, but due to reasons unknown, the date was pushed to Winter 2015.
  • Western & Eastern Japanese print ads were compositionally reversed

The end of episode twelve confirmed a sequel.


Anime partnership with Pizza Hut 1
  • Pizza Hut partnered with the anime
    • Monday, February 23rd, 2015 through Sunday, April 5th, 2015


In each episode, the end of the commerical break has an illustration by a kanmusu artist

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