The reason for the impromptu boot camp is elaborated upon - orders from Naval Headquarters. As it is Fubuki's first standard briefing, she is quite nervous with the assembled Third Torpedo Squadron, Fourth Torpedo Squadron, & Secretary Ship with her aide. With the success from sunking Anchorage Hime, measures must be taken to reinforce the adjusted battle lines & push forward. Thus, the W Island is the target.

Fubuki, however, is apprehensive once more. Although various kanmusu cheer her on at Mamiya's Cafe, her urge for last-minute practice persists until Mutsuki intervenes multiple times. Yet, the next morning, Fubuki starts last-second practice anyways, but Mutsuki gains Akagi's assistance. The thoughts & support from her idol are successful & so, the operation begins.

At W Island, the Third Torpedo Squadron launches scouts & take turns on overwatch until nightfall; unfortunately, the plan was not cautious enough & an Abyssal Dive Bomber passes by. Torpedo Squadron One begins their defense & the Third Torpedo Squadron is ordered to scrub the operation. However, Fleet Two blocks their route & the Fourth Torpedo Squadron is called in to delay Torpedo Squadron One. While the Third Torpedo Squadron is able to deal with one carrier, the air wings continue to cause havoc until Second Fleet arrives & wraps things up.

Despite this, while Torpedo Squadron One retreats, a damaged Fleet Two fighter successfully sneak attacks & sinks Kisaragi.

Back at base, the Third Torpedo Squadron returns to much fanfare, & Mutsuki & Fubuki rush off to wait for Kisaragi. Aside, Tone wonders if Jintsuu's hope is crueler.

At 1542, 56 km off W Island's coast, destroyer Kisaragi was sunk by an enemy bomber. The Fourth Torpedo Squadron searched for her without success. (inexact)


Naval BaseEdit

Abyssal FleetEdit

Naval Base FleetsEdit

  • Third Torpedo Squadron: Jintsuu (flagship), Sendai, Naka, Mutsuki, Yuudachi, Fubuki
  • Fourth Torpedo Squadron: Yuubari (flagship), Kuma, Tama, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Mochizuki
  • Second Fleet: Kongo (flagship), Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima

Abyssal FleetsEdit

  • Torpedo Squadron One: 3 Destroyer Ro-Class Late Model, 1 Destroyer Ha-Class Late Model, 2 Light Cruiser Ho-Class



  • Fubuki




Perhaps due to their real life construction, Mutsuki & Kisaragi are characterized with a strong bond

  • Kisaragi occasionally observes how Mutsuki is doing
  • Game-wise, it's only reflected in how they share the same outfit

Due to the above, Mutsuki is carrying on the comfort it has given her by mentoring Fubuki

True shooting, certain hitting (seisha hicchū)

The CM outro is a Yoshinori Shizuma Nagato & Mutsu illustration

The Abyssal aircraft launch in a mini-form, then enlarge within a yellow aura

The torpedos run shallow & otherwise visible enough to be shot at & destroyed


It's shown that communications between the naval base & operating fleets utilize morse code.

General anime notes


17 Pois

3 Yasens

1 Khorosho

2 Teitoku scenes

  • One is a flashback

5 Death flags

  • As illustrated in Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou chapter 24, pages 27-28.
  • Essentially, a common literary technique to indicate the impending death of a character.
    • Though a few are expected given the nature of this series - war, that is

Akagi makes an interesting speech that's being both realistic & optimistic

Fubuki continues to struggle under deployment pressure with no real explanation of why she's assigned instead of the plentiful other destroyers, whether it be countless expeditions or whatnot.

SpeculationEdit on BD sales
That's an invalid conclusion drawn from misinterpreting the real meaning of the data. What it shows is merely the ranking positions, which by itself tells us nothing. Kancolle had skyhigh ranking positions for the first week or so (it started off at #1 of all BD sales), so naturally the number of people potentially preordering now is greatly reduced simply through the fact that so many people already preordered.

Then, to take a look at the ranking position change for the day (0:00 to 23:00) of the airing of the anime:

Episode 1: 50 --> 13

Episode 2: 92 --> 60

Episode 3: 134 --> 78

Furthermore, this is only the ranking of the special edition of volume 1, there is also a regular version:

Episode 1: 129 --> 24

Episode 2: 172 --> 101

Episode 3: 331 --> 215

Of course ranking position alone tells us nothing, because it doesn't provide the data on the amount, perhaps the difference between position 1-50 is as big as the gap between 51-1000. The Amazon stalker, from where all this data is, provides an estimation based on points (a point being the equivalent of a unit sold). So, as for the point change on the day of airing:

Episode 1: +232 / +139

Episode 2: +94 / +45

Episode 3: +73 / +29

Sure, the gains are decreasing, but considering the amount of preorders already made, that is something to be expected and not an indicator of episode 3 dropping the hammer on the sales.


Opening & EndingEdit




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