In the early morning, Fubuki starts additional training. During classes, Yuudachi's laziness results in trouble, but Fubuki shares her smarts....which makes it a wonder why she has issues in her practicals. Fubuki is left with determination.

In Mamiya's Cafe, Mutsuki tries to cheer Fubuki up, though Yuudachi is blunt. Fubuki's idol-worship of Akagi leads to a trip to the docks to ask Akagi for advice. The power of the docks is illustrated, while Akagi is saved from a lengthy bath by an instant repair bucket. They spend some time together.

At night, Sendai interrupts Fubuki's sleep for extra training. She's followed by Jintsuu in the morning. After classes, Naka grabs her for an idol sess....attempt to gain Kitakami's assistance.

Before the cycle repeats that night, Mutsuki lays down the law, allowing Sendai, Jintsuu, & Naka realize what's been happening. However, Mutsuki is briefed on the situation. In the end, Fubuki has taken the decision into her own hands, continuing extra training. The Third Torpedo Squadron has her back. The days pass & Fubuki's tenacity impresses Kitakami into tutoring.

During the determining exercise, although Fubuki is still not at combat readiness, her torpedo girl's creed impresses Nagato enough to allow her into the operation.


Naval BaseEdit

  • Destroyers: Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Mochizuki, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Samidare, Asashio, Ooshio, Kagerou, Shimakaze
  • Light Cruisers: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Ooi, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka
  • Heavy Cruisers: Kako, Aoba, Kinugasa, Ashigara, Atago, Tone, Chikuma
  • Standard Carriers: Akagi
  • Battleships: Nagato



Evidently, this holds true: In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. — Albert Einstein

Akagi initially had a 015:30:45 second repair time

The CM outro is a bob Sendai, Naka, Jintsuu illustration

Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Regret!

  • It seems to be an idiom derived from the Gosei (the Gosei in full)
  • It, as the title, is repeated many times
  • It was translated differently by different people, & even by the same group (Crunchyroll)
    • Don't be Bad, Don't be Ashamed, Don't Slack! into Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!
    • Don't go against, don't feel ashamed, & do exert all possible effort!
  • In Japan, 憤り means resentment & 憾み is regret. Given Fubuki's steadfastness, it is better to use 'regret'. Via 1 & 2

All of the kanmusu without lines had static character frames

  • Kako, Mochizuki, & Yayoi vanish vanish by the end of the idol session

First Love Torpedo Squadron

  • Seiyuu: Sa....nevermind

Apparently, a kanmusu's mental state can result in sinking

Endless squats in bloomers!

Fubuki has 'the soul of a torpedo girl'

  • It is perhaps better interpreted as a 'torpedo girl's creed


20 Pois (plus 3 Ashigara pois)

1 Spoilt [Inazuma] making

3 Nanodesus

3 Ladys

1 Khorosho

2 Oichiis

1 Teitoku scene

  • Which is from their perspective

1 Farewell, Pride!

Instant repair buckets are, this episode, better than this image or this image, yet luckily, did not result in this image

Um, Admiral? Is it mealti-No! Is it time to start the operation yet!?

ObservationsEdit on visual discrepancies 1

But then again, maybe this is over analysing things. The image only appears for a few frames and in most of them the image is really hard to see. On top of that, the shipgirls have a scale that weighs in kilotons ( but Fubuki manages to balance on top of two baseballs without crushing them ( and walks on sand without making any footprints ( OVERTHINKING MOE ANIMU Fubuki isn't in pain because her right hand is slightly stretched, or because Naka's microphone disappears for several frames, she's in pain because several bricks in the background are slightly longer than they should be. on visual discrepancies 2
I don't know how short you thought she was, but she's only a bit taller than Yuudachi according to this shot (

On a height related note: Fubuki and Nagato's heights compared against the Admiral's door (,atfWV50,Dy90gta#0)

Since we're measuring height we'll just break the door up into 3 sections based on the pattern; the bottom rectangle, the middle (longer) rectangle and the top rectangle.

Looking at the first image, Fubuki seems to be just tall enough to have her head reach the bottom of the top rectangle. She would be a little shorted if you moved her back against the door.

Looking at the second image shows you that Nagato is about the same height as Fubuki against the door, however when you look at the third image you notice that Nagato is a fair bit closer to the Admiral than Fubuki was, indicating that if you put Nagato up against the door she would be shorter than Fubuki.

The moral of the story - backgrounds aren't a good height reference.

Before getting rambunctious over the visual discrepancies, remember that TV is mostly the rough & ready version, where a lot of detail is missing. Have a look at Mami's room in Magica Madoka.

This image from a frame in the opening animation may be a burning & capsizing non-kanmusu Akagi.

Opening & EndingEdit



  • Fubuki
    • Scenes of Fubuki, Mutsuki, & Yuudachi


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