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With the secure of the southwestern resources, the Teitoku abruptly orders a fleet reorganization. The Third Torpedo Squadron is in shock, yet begins to pack up their belongings. Before sleeping, Fubuki & Mutsuki stroll outside to contemplate the recent happenings, but Yuudachi was right behind, followed by Sendai, Jintsuu, & Naka. They end on a cheer by Naka, since Jintsuu's was too serious.

The next day, the whole base is gradually given their reassignments one-by-one in the Teitoku's office. The atmosphere in the hallway is filled with nervousness. Fubuki has been reassigned to the Fifth Mobile Unit while Mutsuki is in the Fourth Fleet. They head off to their new dormitories & at one of the Fifth Mobile Unit's rooms, Fubuki encounters Kitakami & Ooi. Before greetings can be exchanged, Ooi interrupts to usher Fubuki out. Ooi desires a room for Kitakami & herself & as such, directs Fubuki to the unit's other room. Unfortunately, within, Kaga & Zuikaku are not compatible. Fubuki awkwardly exits & runs into Kongou, the last member of their unit. Now that they've gathered, they first attempt to arrange rooms.... It's been slotted for the future.

After classes that day, Fubuki consults Mutsuki & Yuudachi, but they've meshed quite well in their new fleets. At Mamiya's Cafe, Fubuki runs into Akagi & she cannot resist consulting with her once more. In the process, Akagi explains Operation FS. With renewed cheer, Fubuki rushes back to the Fifth Mobile Unit's rooms.

However, it's dashed during the unit's current task - deciding upon the flagship. It's become chaos. To resolve the situation, a round of rotating flagships with the overall MVP being the permanent flagship is settled upon. Kongou starts....& fails spectacularly. Zuikaku's next....& fails spectacularly. It does not improve during Kaga's, Kongou's (second), or Ooi's turns.

As such, with nearly everyone's agreement, Zuikaku decides to request the Fifth Mobile Unit be disbanded & reassigned. However, Fubuki wish-washily disagrees until she's reminded of Akagi. Before she's able to persuade Zuikaku, a convenient emergency arises that somehow only has the Fifth Mobile Unit as responders. Even having lost multiple bases, the Abyssal Fleet is able to assault the mainland itself.

The sortie begins poorly, with Zuikaku & Ooi doing their own thing. Here, Fubuki interjects & goes back to the basics. The engagement initiates with Fubuki as point & taking fire. A Type 21 Zero Fighter then distracts while a Type 97 Torpedo Bomber & Kongou attack. Kitakami & Ooi wrap things up while the others are delt with offscreen.

After returning, Fubuki has been selected as flagship & the rooms have been arranged. However, Kongou is missing her tea time, & Kaga would appreciate her personal space.


Naval Base[]

Abyssal Fleet[]

Naval Base Fleets[]

  • Third Torpedo Squadron: Jintsuu (flagship), Sendai, Naka, Mutsuki, Fubuki, Yuudachi
  • Fourth Fleet: Mogami (flagship), .... , Mutsuki
  • ?: Naka (flagship), .... , Yuudachi

Abyssal Fleets[]

  • Fleet One: unseen
  • Fleet Two: unseen
  • Fleet Three: unseen
  • Fleet Four: unseen
  • Fleet Five: unseen
  • Fleet Six: 1 Torpedo Cruiser Chi-class (leadship), 1 Destroyer I-class, 1 Destroyer Ro-class





'The soul of a torpedo girl'

  • It is perhaps better interpreted as a 'torpedo girl's creed

The CM outro is a Konishi Shoukaku & Zuikaku illustration

Regarding Operation FS's current status:

  • There are two Abyssal bases in the southwest, relative to the naval base
  • The plan is to split their sea lanes so they can be neutralized in an order
  • The hope is to discover the Abyssal fleet's origins & goals
  • A step the Naval Base is taking is to increase the fleets' flexibility
    • Of which the reorganization is one part

Regarding the flagship rotation:

  • Kongou may be relying upon instinctual communication with her sisters
  • Zuikaku was not able to outrange the Abyssals, or have Kaga follow her orders
  • Kaga is ineffective
  • Ooi relies on instinctual communication with Kitakami while everyone else only protects Kitakami

Destroyers being flagships has happened multiple times

  • Not including the game of course

Fifth Mobile Unit Room assignments

  • Kitakami, Ooi, Kongou
  • Fubuki, Kaga, Zuikaku


# Burning Love!

# Pois

# Yasens

∞ Kitakami-sexual Ooi scenes

1 Teitoku scene

  • Which is from their perspective

2 Flightdecks

Shoukaku acknowledges the assistance of support ships

Fubuki's the tsukkomi

The episode is over at least eight days unless the admiral was plowing through buckets

Some of the other Shiratsuyu sisters finally drawn well~


Grinding 3-2A? Without submarines?

Opening & Ending[]