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Episode 1

English Nice to Meet You, Commander!
Japanese 初めまして!司令官! Romaji Hajimemasite! Shireikan!
Script Hanada Jukki Storyboard Kusakawa Keizou
Episode Director Mishio Tempei Animation Director Ide Naomi, Matsumoto Mayuko
Air date January 8th, 2015 Advance Screening December 27th, 2014
Briefing Newly-assigned Fubuki arrives at a naval base & is interrupted during a tour to sortie against a mysterious enemy.
Official Details parsed machine translation
「It's Fubuki! With Regards!」

Ship girls are those whom possess souls of ships from days past. Now, at a naval base that is assigned such girls, Special Type Destroyer Fubuki arrives.

Along with her roommates Mutsuki & Yuudachi, she tours the First Carrier Division's training grounds, where she cannot not look away from Aircraft Carrier Akagi's awe-inspiring figure.

Akagi's words - "I hope we can fight in the same fleet someday" - cause Fubuki's heart to throb.

Absolute Spoilers


Within the water, a recitation of the Gosei is heard.

As the setting is described, an Abyssal fleet, Fleet Zero, is shown. Along with a palette shift, a it morphs into Fleet One & is then engaged by a naval base's Fourth Fleet. The naval base is in search of the Abyssal's base.

A newly-assigned & now arrived Fubuki procedes inside the main building, is taken on a tour, one stop being a shared room & meeting the rest of the Third Torpedo Squadron.

A fight scene interrupts, with the result being the base is located & the Fourth Fleet is ordered to return.

Back at the base, Mutsuki, Yuudachi, & Fubuki share their combat experience, with Fubuki providing an odd answer. She's saved by a trip to the to the famous First Carrier Division. Akagi's words strike a chord within Fubuki, especially the hope to be in the same fleet.

The next stop is Cafe Mamiya, but before they get to fully enjoy, a siren activates, notifying them & others.

At the port, the Third Torpedo Squadron, the First (Carrier) Task Force, & the Second Support Fleet are briefed as the Fourth Fleet rests in the docks.

Troubles arise when it is revealed Fubuki has no experience, but with coaxing from the others, she pushes on. They encounter Fleet Two, with Second Support Fleet soon engaging as well.

Suddenly, Fubuki is ambushed by a Fleet Three Destroyer I-Class Elite Late Model, but before it can damage her the Second Fleet's air wing strikes. With the Second Support Fleet's assistance, Akagi's third wave wraps it up.

As the day comes to a close, Fubuki is left somber; however, the admiral takes time now to step in & reinvigorate Fubuki, sending her back to her fleet as they wind down from the day. Fubuki really idolizes Akagi & wants to be her escort.


Naval Base[]

  • Destroyers: Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Wakaba(?), Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Samidare, Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio, Kagerou, Shimakaze
  • Light Cruisers: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Ooi, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka, Yuubari, Ooyodo
  • Heavy Cruisers: Atago, Mogami, Tone
  • Standard Carriers: Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu, Hiryuu, Shoukaku
  • Battleships: Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Nagato, Mutsu
  • Other: Mamiya, Fairies

Abyssal Fleet[]

Naval Base Fleets[]

  • First (Carrier) Task Force: Akagi (flagship), Kaga, Souryuu, Hiryuu, Ikazuchi, Inazuma
  • Second Support Fleet: Kongou (flagship), Hiei, Mogami, Yuubari, Akatsuki, Hibiki
  • Third Torpedo Squadron: Jintsuu (flagship), Sendai, Naka, Mutsuki, Yuudachi, Fubuki
  • Fourth Fleet: Haruna (flagship?), Kirishima, Shoukaku, Kuma, Tama, Atago

Abyssal Fleets[]

  • Fleet Zero: Standard Carrier Wo-Class (leadship), Destroyer I-Class, Destroyer Ha-Class, Light Cruiser Ho-Class, Light Cruiser To-Class, Battleship Ru-Class
  • Fleet One: Battleship Ru-Class (leadship), Destroyer I-Class Late Model, an unindentified Late Model, Light Cruiser Ho-Class, Torpedo Cruiser Chi-Class, Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class
  • Fleet Two: 3 Destroyer I-Class, 3 Destroyer Ro-Class, 2 Destroyer Ha-Class
  • Fleet Three: Anchorage Hime (boss) with numerous of: Destroyer I-Class, Destroyer I-Class Elite Late Model, Destroyer Ro-Class, Destroyer Ha-Class, Light Cruiser Ho-Class, Light Cruiser To-Class, Torpedo Cruiser Chi-Class, Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class, Light Carrier Nu-Class, Battleship Ru-Class





The episode composition is an info-dump

  • Possibly utilizes short scenes & one-liners to add as many kanmusu & animate as many game aspects as possible.
  • As of January 8th, 2015, there are 147 kanmusu.

Certain seiyuu have multiple roles

  • As can be observed in the credits

Gosei is read by Mdm Sakakibara (?)

These reflections were originally devised by Vice Admiral Hajime Matsushita,
who was the Chief of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy.
Every evening cadets are expected to meditate on these inter-related questions.
  1. Hast thou not gone against sincerity
  2. Hast thou not felt ashamed of thy words and deeds
  3. Hast thou not lacked vigor
  4. Hast thou exerted all possible efforts
  5. Hast thou not become slothful

Mutsuki implies that there are multiple bases

  • According to English subtitles, anyways

Naka is advertising her first live

  • It seems she is relatively new or has only recently set being an idol as a goal

The CM outro is a Shibafu Fubuki illustration

Most duties are handled by the Secretary Ship

Etch our victory into the sunrise!

  • Possibly a IJN motto?

No arrogance!

  • It is a running theme in the second half, as well as a oft used line of Akagi's
  • A speculation, but perhaps a reference to a common belief regarding the IJN's loss of momentum in WWII

Only Kongou is Kai Ni.

Fighters have enough gun & cannon firepower to deflect destroyers

  • Unlike the game, much less reality

Arrows transmogrify in a yellow aura after shooting into aircraft

The basic Kongou Class armaments can fire in the X-form or compact form.


1 Burning Love!

2 Ossois

18 Pois

2 Yasens

1 Khorosho

2 Teitoku scenes

  • Which is from their perspective, except to indicate whom it is

Lazy Yuudachi & her bear~

Plain Fubuki confirmed~ by all she encounters~

A snazzy launch sequence that is similar to Bubblegum Crash & Starcraft, among others.

Fairies are in the planes rather than on. It's possibly the same for equipment.


Due to clearing the sea around Naval district, perhaps Anchorage Hime will be the new boss of World 1 or just World 1-1? Hard Mode coming soonTM?


Due to the using three fleets, it may be an event map ala Summer 2014 & Fall 2014 or from Shoukaku's presence, the first game event, Spring 2013 on characterization
Fanon elements cannot be too prominent in an anime broadcast due to prior art rules governing intellectual property of broadcast material. This is different from paper publications like the 4-koma where prior art rules largely concern visual depictions and not characterization. To summarize a complex situation, technically Kadokawa Anime can be sued by the first person to depict Nagato as a loli predator (provided such person can prove it) but Kadokawa Manga can't be sued for the same person for their 4-koma because they own Momoi Ryouta's work on kancolle. This is because loli predator Nagato is a derivative character but Momoi Ryouta's loli predator Nagato is MOMOI RYOUTA's derivative character. Of course, Kadokawa GAMES, who own original Nagato, can then sue the guy who created loli predator Nagato for making an unlicensed derivative character. Yeah, that sounds dumb as heck, but such is the nature of IP laws.

Note that this specifically applies to Kadokawa's case as owner of both anime and game. If, say, Sunrise had licensed kancolle instead then they would likely have made the effort to depict characters differently, because then they'd have LICENSED derivative characters who can be further licensed for merchandising profit. They might even try to make original kanmusu for maximum gain.

It's just overall easier to avoid the headache by keeping the anime characters as close as possible to their game characters. It's also generally a good idea for the company to keep official depictions under control. One good example for why this is can be seen in the Marvel Spider-verse arc of Amazing Spiderman, where nearly all Spidey incarnations (and even Leopardon!) have made an appearance, except for about 8 derivatives which Marvel have lost rights to thanks to complex licensing. This kind of thing is also the reason Marvel has been trying to retcon the comic universe to match the movie universe to preserve a semblance of lore integrity, yet ignored the X families. This is because the mutants' movie selves are derivative characters belonging to the licensee. Kadokawa is similarly just trying to keep away from the headache of maintaining control over 180 plus kanmusu and their derivatives by maintaining multimedia character integrity from the start. on fanon
One problem about pandering to fanon is that different people have different opinions on the character of each kanmusu, and one man's meat is another's poison. Take Nagamon for example. Folks like to make fun of her but the people who really like her would be furious if the anime had decided to portray her as the buffoon that is so prevalent in fanon. Not to mention it looks stupid to have an idiot as a vice commander in a (for now) semi-serious series (though I admit that a Nagato that is a good soldier but still retains a feminine side appeals to me =3).

The other problem is that trying to squeeze every attribute in fanon into a cour anime runs the risk of not focusing what really matters, in this case, Fubuki's development. Of course bits of fanon can still make their way into the anime but only if they don't derail the process. Akagi's appetite was included partly to show Fubuki that her idol is ultimately still just a (more or less) kanmusu like she is. The usual Akagi that we see in fanon is one that rivals Nagamon in silliness and messes up just as much. Hardly the image of some who's the Pride of the 1st CarDiv.

At the end of the day, it is up to Kadokawa to decide what they want in their game and anime. I rather have a story that at least knows what it wants and does what it should, than to have one that spirals out of control and ends up as a wreck just because folks tried too hard to please everyone and ended up pleasing none.

Opening & Ending[]


  • A prologue containing a Gosei recitation & a battle sequence



Episode 2

English Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Regret!
Japanese 悖らず、恥じず、憾まず! Romaji Motorazu、Hajizu、Uramazu!
Script Hanada Jukki Storyboard Kusakawa Keizou
Episode Director Amano Syouta Animation Director Ide Naomi, Matsumoto Mayuko
Air date January 15th, 2015
Briefing With the revelation Fubuki is inexperienced, her crash course begins. An unexpected amount of 'help' is offered, but an encounter re-energizes her in time for two make-or-break moments.
Official Details parsed machine translation
「It would be wonderful if I could protect everyone like that, too....」

So says Fubuki, whom has safely returned from her first sortie.

With admiration of Akagi & the other aircraft carriers' actions during the battle, Fubuki plans to one day be a part the same fleet. However, at her current ability, whether she would even be able to sortie is uncertain.

One after another, the Sendai-class cruisers call out to Fubuki, who begins her special training immediately.

Absolute Spoilers


In the early morning, Fubuki starts additional training. During classes, Yuudachi's laziness results in trouble, but Fubuki shares her smarts....which makes it a wonder why she has issues in her practicals. Fubuki is left with determination.

In Mamiya's Cafe, Mutsuki tries to cheer Fubuki up, though Yuudachi is blunt. Fubuki's idol-worship of Akagi leads to a trip to the docks to ask Akagi for advice. The power of the docks is illustrated, while Akagi is saved from a lengthy bath by an instant repair bucket. They spend some time together.

At night, Sendai interrupts Fubuki's sleep for extra training. She's followed by Jintsuu in the morning. After classes, Naka grabs her for an idol sess....attempt to gain Kitakami's assistance.

Before the cycle repeats that night, Mutsuki lays down the law, allowing Sendai, Jintsuu, & Naka realize what's been happening. However, Mutsuki is briefed on the situation. In the end, Fubuki has taken the decision into her own hands, continuing extra training. The Third Torpedo Squadron has her back. The days pass & Fubuki's tenacity impresses Kitakami into tutoring.

During the determining exercise, although Fubuki is still not at combat readiness, her torpedo girl's creed impresses Nagato enough to allow her into the operation.


Naval Base[]

  • Destroyers: Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Mochizuki, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Samidare, Asashio, Ooshio, Kagerou, Shimakaze
  • Light Cruisers: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Ooi, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka
  • Heavy Cruisers: Kako, Aoba, Kinugasa, Ashigara, Atago, Tone, Chikuma
  • Standard Carriers: Akagi
  • Battleships: Nagato



Evidently, this holds true: In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. — Albert Einstein

Akagi initially had a 015:30:45 second repair time

The CM outro is a bob Sendai, Naka, Jintsuu illustration

Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Regret!

  • It seems to be an idiom derived from the Gosei (the Gosei in full)
  • It, as the title, is repeated many times
  • It was translated differently by different people, & even by the same group (Crunchyroll)
    • Don't be Bad, Don't be Ashamed, Don't Slack! into Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!
    • Don't go against, don't feel ashamed, & do exert all possible effort!
  • In Japan, 憤り means resentment & 憾み is regret. Given Fubuki's steadfastness, it is better to use 'regret'. Via 1 & 2

All of the kanmusu without lines had static character frames

  • Kako, Mochizuki, & Yayoi vanish vanish by the end of the idol session

First Love Torpedo Squadron

  • Seiyuu: Sa....nevermind

Apparently, a kanmusu's mental state can result in sinking

Endless squats in bloomers!

Fubuki has 'the soul of a torpedo girl'

  • It is perhaps better interpreted as a 'torpedo girl's creed


20 Pois (plus 3 Ashigara pois)

1 Spoilt [Inazuma] making

3 Nanodesus

3 Ladys

1 Khorosho

2 Oichiis

1 Teitoku scene

  • Which is from their perspective

1 Farewell, Pride!

Instant repair buckets are, this episode, better than this image or this image, yet luckily, did not result in this image

Um, Admiral? Is it mealti-No! Is it time to start the operation yet!?

Observations[] on visual discrepancies 1

But then again, maybe this is over analysing things. The image only appears for a few frames and in most of them the image is really hard to see. On top of that, the shipgirls have a scale that weighs in kilotons (http://imgur.com/Fsq3YqM) but Fubuki manages to balance on top of two baseballs without crushing them (http://imgur.com/ETmXPqC) and walks on sand without making any footprints (http://imgur.com/Xn3saPs). OVERTHINKING MOE ANIMU

http://imgur.com/GMMnEI0 Fubuki isn't in pain because her right hand is slightly stretched, or because Naka's microphone disappears for several frames, she's in pain because several bricks in the background are slightly longer than they should be. on visual discrepancies 2
I don't know how short you thought she was, but she's only a bit taller than Yuudachi according to this shot (http://imgur.com/YC5alTR).

On a height related note: Fubuki and Nagato's heights compared against the Admiral's door (http://imgur.com/LDkrWX2,atfWV50,Dy90gta#0)

Since we're measuring height we'll just break the door up into 3 sections based on the pattern; the bottom rectangle, the middle (longer) rectangle and the top rectangle.

Looking at the first image, Fubuki seems to be just tall enough to have her head reach the bottom of the top rectangle. She would be a little shorted if you moved her back against the door.

Looking at the second image shows you that Nagato is about the same height as Fubuki against the door, however when you look at the third image you notice that Nagato is a fair bit closer to the Admiral than Fubuki was, indicating that if you put Nagato up against the door she would be shorter than Fubuki.

The moral of the story - backgrounds aren't a good height reference.

Before getting rambunctious over the visual discrepancies, remember that TV is mostly the rough & ready version, where a lot of detail is missing. Have a look at Mami's room in Magica Madoka.

This image from a frame in the opening animation may be a burning & capsizing non-kanmusu Akagi.

Opening & Ending[]



  • Fubuki
    • Scenes of Fubuki, Mutsuki, & Yuudachi


Episode 3

English The W Island Capture Operation!
Japanese W島攻略作戦! Romaji W Tou Kouryaku Sakusen!
Script Yoshino Hiroyuki Storyboard Tamaki Shingo
Episode Director Tamaki Shingo Animation Director Honda Mino
Air date January 22nd, 2015
Briefing The preparations for the operation begin & Fubuki is feeling the pressure. A combination of kanmusu help build her confidence & start the operation wonderfully; however, the operation runs into a snag....
Official Details parsed machine translation
「Thank you. I love you. You're wonderful. I'm so happy.... Convey your important feelings to your loved ones.」

After successful exercises & special training, Fubuki is to participate in an operation to capture W Island along with the Third Torpedo Squadron.

To ease the tension & gently soothe Fubuki's anxiety before the sortie, Mutsuki intervenes.

The tenderness of Mutsuki's is a trait endowed from her sister-ship Kisaragi.

The next day, Fubuki, Mutsuki, Kisaragi, & the rest initiate the W Island capture operation.

Absolute Spoilers


The reason for the impromptu boot camp is elaborated upon - orders from Naval Headquarters. As it is Fubuki's first standard briefing, she is quite nervous with the assembled Third Torpedo Squadron, Fourth Torpedo Squadron, & Secretary Ship with her aide. With the success from sunking Anchorage Hime, measures must be taken to reinforce the adjusted battle lines & push forward. Thus, the W Island is the target.

Fubuki, however, is apprehensive once more. Although various kanmusu cheer her on at Mamiya's Cafe, her urge for last-minute practice persists until Mutsuki intervenes multiple times. Yet, the next morning, Fubuki starts last-second practice anyways, but Mutsuki gains Akagi's assistance. The thoughts & support from her idol are successful & so, the operation begins.

At W Island, the Third Torpedo Squadron launches scouts & take turns on overwatch until nightfall; unfortunately, the plan was not cautious enough & an Abyssal Dive Bomber passes by. Torpedo Squadron One begins their defense & the Third Torpedo Squadron is ordered to scrub the operation. However, Fleet Two blocks their route & the Fourth Torpedo Squadron is called in to delay Torpedo Squadron One. While the Third Torpedo Squadron is able to deal with one carrier, the air wings continue to cause havoc until Second Fleet arrives & wraps things up.

Despite this, while Torpedo Squadron One retreats, a damaged Fleet Two fighter successfully sneak attacks & sinks Kisaragi.

Back at base, the Third Torpedo Squadron returns to much fanfare, & Mutsuki & Fubuki rush off to wait for Kisaragi. Aside, Tone wonders if Jintsuu's hope is crueler.

At 1542, 56 km off W Island's coast, destroyer Kisaragi was sunk by an enemy bomber. The Fourth Torpedo Squadron searched for her without success. (inexact)


Naval Base[]

Abyssal Fleet[]

Naval Base Fleets[]

  • Third Torpedo Squadron: Jintsuu (flagship), Sendai, Naka, Mutsuki, Yuudachi, Fubuki
  • Fourth Torpedo Squadron: Yuubari (flagship), Kuma, Tama, Kisaragi, Yayoi, Mochizuki
  • Second Fleet: Kongo (flagship), Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima

Abyssal Fleets[]

  • Torpedo Squadron One: 3 Destroyer Ro-Class Late Model, 1 Destroyer Ha-Class Late Model, 2 Light Cruiser Ho-Class



  • Fubuki




Perhaps due to their real life construction, Mutsuki & Kisaragi are characterized with a strong bond

  • Kisaragi occasionally observes how Mutsuki is doing
  • Game-wise, it's only reflected in how they share the same outfit

Due to the above, Mutsuki is carrying on the comfort it has given her by mentoring Fubuki

True shooting, certain hitting (seisha hicchū)

The CM outro is a Yoshinori Shizuma Nagato & Mutsu illustration

The Abyssal aircraft launch in a mini-form, then enlarge within a yellow aura

The torpedos run shallow & otherwise visible enough to be shot at & destroyed


It's shown that communications between the naval base & operating fleets utilize morse code.

General anime notes


17 Pois

3 Yasens

1 Khorosho

2 Teitoku scenes

  • One is a flashback

5 Death flags

  • As illustrated in Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou chapter 24, pages 27-28.
  • Essentially, a common literary technique to indicate the impending death of a character.
    • Though a few are expected given the nature of this series - war, that is

Akagi makes an interesting speech that's being both realistic & optimistic

Fubuki continues to struggle under deployment pressure with no real explanation of why she's assigned instead of the plentiful other destroyers, whether it be countless expeditions or whatnot.

Speculation[] on BD sales
That's an invalid conclusion drawn from misinterpreting the real meaning of the data. What it shows is merely the ranking positions, which by itself tells us nothing. Kancolle had skyhigh ranking positions for the first week or so (it started off at #1 of all BD sales), so naturally the number of people potentially preordering now is greatly reduced simply through the fact that so many people already preordered.

Then, to take a look at the ranking position change for the day (0:00 to 23:00) of the airing of the anime:

Episode 1: 50 --> 13

Episode 2: 92 --> 60

Episode 3: 134 --> 78

Furthermore, this is only the ranking of the special edition of volume 1, there is also a regular version:

Episode 1: 129 --> 24

Episode 2: 172 --> 101

Episode 3: 331 --> 215

Of course ranking position alone tells us nothing, because it doesn't provide the data on the amount, perhaps the difference between position 1-50 is as big as the gap between 51-1000. The Amazon stalker, from where all this data is, provides an estimation based on points (a point being the equivalent of a unit sold). So, as for the point change on the day of airing:

Episode 1: +232 / +139

Episode 2: +94 / +45

Episode 3: +73 / +29

Sure, the gains are decreasing, but considering the amount of preorders already made, that is something to be expected and not an indicator of episode 3 dropping the hammer on the sales.


Opening & Ending[]




Episode 4

English Now it's Our Turn! Follow Me!
Japanese 私たちの出番ネ! Follow me! Romaji Watashitachi No Deban Ne! Follow Me!
Script Aoshima Takashi Storyboard Inagaki Takayuki
Episode Director Kosaka Harumi Animation Director Wang Guonian, Hoshino Reika, Takamoto Itsuki
Air date January 29th, 2015
Briefing Although having proved herself, Fubuki has been rattled, among others. However, she is assigned on another sortie. Yet....it does not go quite as planned. From the start, even. (It's absolutely the Teitoku's fault.)
Official Details parsed machine translation
「It's okay, I understand perfectly」

Overwhelming force - the Kongou-class Fast Battleship sisters. They have won over Fubuki.

On the other hand, Mutsuki was still waiting for Kisaragi, whom will not come back. Fubuki tries to encourage her & somehow, while over what words I know not, is incorporated into the Southwest Area Fleet, led by Kongou.

As such, it became that challenge again to fight against the Abyssal Fleet.

Absolute Spoilers


The day after Operation FS, the Secretary Ship with her aide discuss the prior engagement & plan for the next one in the southwest sea zone.

Elsewhere, destroyer classes for the day have been ineffectual with Kisaragi's loss. Everyone is treading delicately around Mutsuki, whom is the only one acting normal. However, Shimakaze & Fubuki have been summoned for another mission.

Upon learning they've been temporarily assigned with Kongou's fleet, Fubuki begins another idolization session. Unfortunately, the ideal shatters as Kongou charges in & proceeds to be herself, along with the rest of the Kongou class.

The next day, before the mission can begin, a hunt for Shimakaze has to be undertaken as she's quite free-spirited. The first attempt is music, the second attempt is sweetness, & the third attempt is baiting, but the method that draws her is food.

The mission is finally underway & the battleships duke it out while the destroyers skirmish. However, a Ru-Class targets Fubuki, yet before one of the shells hit, Kongou begs to differ. The others buy time for Kongou to console Fubuki's heart & dispel the squall. Kongou & Shimakaze wrap things up.

Mutsuki, whom has been taking Kisaragi's loss poorly, is finally able to grieve with Fubuki utilizing what Kongou has shown her - a hug.


Naval Base[]

  • Destroyers: Mutsuki, Yayoi, Mochizuki, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Yuudachi, Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio, Kagerou, Shiranui, Shimakaze
  • Light Cruisers: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Ooi, Naka, Yuubari, Ooyodo
  • Heavy Cruisers: Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara, Haguro, Takao, Atago, Mogami, Mikuma, Tone, Chikuma
  • Light Carriers: Houshou
  • Battleships: Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Nagato, Mutsu

Abyssal Fleet[]

Naval Base Fleets[]

  • Southwestern Theater Fleet: Kongou (flagship), Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Fubuki, Shimakaze

Abyssal Fleets[]

  • Fleet One: 2 Ru-Class (leadships), 1 Destroyer I-Class, 2 Destroyer Ro-Class, 1 Destroyer Ha-Class



  • Kongou

Was there ever any doubt?




Kongou nicknames Ooyodo Yodo, Shimakaze Zekamashi, & Fubuki Bukki

Off-duty kanmusu can be quite different from their on-duty selves

A kanmusu's mental state affects buoyancy

Abyssal shells are shown as cracked spheres

These Abyssals are quite passive - no evasive maneuvers during the torpedo attacks, & blandly tanking shots

General anime notes


4 Pois

3 Oi! Oh!s, 2 Ossois

2 Burning Love!s

1 Lady

1 Wailing session

Countless scenes worth clipping

With a few, but not limited to
* A BB-class facepalm is unable to stop Shimakaze

It's rammed in that Mutsuki doesn't take Kisaragi's loss well

Crunchyroll translates Bukki as Bucky

General anime trivia


Visual discrepancies

Opening & Ending[]




Episode 5

English Don't Put Me Together with CarDiv5's Kids.
Japanese 五航戦の子なんかと一緒にしないで! Romaji Gokousen No Ko Nankato Issyo Ni Shinaide!
Script Hanada Jukki Storyboard Yoshida Tōru
Episode Director Tokoro Toshikatsu Animation Director Taniguchi Motohiro, Synod
Air date February 5th, 2015
Briefing Due to the ongoing Operation FS, a fleet reorganization has been announced. Fubuki has been ported with familar, yet unfamilar, kanmusu. Unfortunately, most everyone's personalities do not mesh....
Official Details parsed machine translation

By the Teitoku's order's, each fleet of the naval base is to be reorganized.

Fubuki of the Third Torpedo Squadron is incorporated into the Fifth Mobile Unit.

Kaga, Zuikaku, Kongou, Kitakami, & Oi......radiate strong idiosyncrasies, but one person puzzled Fubuki. Be that as it may, the selection of this new fleet's flagship causes the kanmusu to violently collide.

Absolute Spoilers


With the secure of the southwestern resources, the Teitoku abruptly orders a fleet reorganization. The Third Torpedo Squadron is in shock, yet begins to pack up their belongings. Before sleeping, Fubuki & Mutsuki stroll outside to contemplate the recent happenings, but Yuudachi was right behind, followed by Sendai, Jintsuu, & Naka. They end on a cheer by Naka, since Jintsuu's was too serious.

The next day, the whole base is gradually given their reassignments one-by-one in the Teitoku's office. The atmosphere in the hallway is filled with nervousness. Fubuki has been reassigned to the Fifth Mobile Unit while Mutsuki is in the Fourth Fleet. They head off to their new dormitories & at one of the Fifth Mobile Unit's rooms, Fubuki encounters Kitakami & Ooi. Before greetings can be exchanged, Ooi interrupts to usher Fubuki out. Ooi desires a room for Kitakami & herself & as such, directs Fubuki to the unit's other room. Unfortunately, within, Kaga & Zuikaku are not compatible. Fubuki awkwardly exits & runs into Kongou, the last member of their unit. Now that they've gathered, they first attempt to arrange rooms.... It's been slotted for the future.

After classes that day, Fubuki consults Mutsuki & Yuudachi, but they've meshed quite well in their new fleets. At Mamiya's Cafe, Fubuki runs into Akagi & she cannot resist consulting with her once more. In the process, Akagi explains Operation FS. With renewed cheer, Fubuki rushes back to the Fifth Mobile Unit's rooms.

However, it's dashed during the unit's current task - deciding upon the flagship. It's become chaos. To resolve the situation, a round of rotating flagships with the overall MVP being the permanent flagship is settled upon. Kongou starts....& fails spectacularly. Zuikaku's next....& fails spectacularly. It does not improve during Kaga's, Kongou's (second), or Ooi's turns.

As such, with nearly everyone's agreement, Zuikaku decides to request the Fifth Mobile Unit be disbanded & reassigned. However, Fubuki wish-washily disagrees until she's reminded of Akagi. Before she's able to persuade Zuikaku, a convenient emergency arises that somehow only has the Fifth Mobile Unit as responders. Even having lost multiple bases, the Abyssal Fleet is able to assault the mainland itself.

The sortie begins poorly, with Zuikaku & Ooi doing their own thing. Here, Fubuki interjects & goes back to the basics. The engagement initiates with Fubuki as point & taking fire. A Type 21 Zero Fighter then distracts while a Type 97 Torpedo Bomber & Kongou attack. Kitakami & Ooi wrap things up while the others are delt with offscreen.

After returning, Fubuki has been selected as flagship & the rooms have been arranged. However, Kongou is missing her tea time, & Kaga would appreciate her personal space.


Naval Base[]

Abyssal Fleet[]

Naval Base Fleets[]

  • Third Torpedo Squadron: Jintsuu (flagship), Sendai, Naka, Mutsuki, Fubuki, Yuudachi
  • Fourth Fleet: Mogami (flagship), .... , Mutsuki
  • ?: Naka (flagship), .... , Yuudachi

Abyssal Fleets[]

  • Fleet One: unseen
  • Fleet Two: unseen
  • Fleet Three: unseen
  • Fleet Four: unseen
  • Fleet Five: unseen
  • Fleet Six: 1 Torpedo Cruiser Chi-class (leadship), 1 Destroyer I-class, 1 Destroyer Ro-class





'The soul of a torpedo girl'

  • It is perhaps better interpreted as a 'torpedo girl's creed

The CM outro is a Konishi Shoukaku & Zuikaku illustration

Regarding Operation FS's current status:

  • There are two Abyssal bases in the southwest, relative to the naval base
  • The plan is to split their sea lanes so they can be neutralized in an order
  • The hope is to discover the Abyssal fleet's origins & goals
  • A step the Naval Base is taking is to increase the fleets' flexibility
    • Of which the reorganization is one part

Regarding the flagship rotation:

  • Kongou may be relying upon instinctual communication with her sisters
  • Zuikaku was not able to outrange the Abyssals, or have Kaga follow her orders
  • Kaga is ineffective
  • Ooi relies on instinctual communication with Kitakami while everyone else only protects Kitakami

Destroyers being flagships has happened multiple times

  • Not including the game of course

Fifth Mobile Unit Room assignments

  • Kitakami, Ooi, Kongou
  • Fubuki, Kaga, Zuikaku


# Burning Love!

# Pois

# Yasens

∞ Kitakami-sexual Ooi scenes

1 Teitoku scene

  • Which is from their perspective

2 Flightdecks

Shoukaku acknowledges the assistance of support ships

Fubuki's the tsukkomi

The episode is over at least eight days unless the admiral was plowing through buckets

Some of the other Shiratsuyu sisters finally drawn well~


Grinding 3-2A? Without submarines?

Opening & Ending[]




Episode 6

English The Sixth Destroyer Division & the Battle of Curry Sea!
Japanese 第六駆逐隊、カレー洋作戦! Romaji Dairokukuchikutai、Kare-you Sakusen!
Script Aoshima Takashi Storyboard Ōshima Hiroyuki
Episode Director Ōshima Hiroyuki Animation Director Moroishi Kota
Air date February 12th, 2015
Briefing Nagato's ready to sacrifice everything! It's DesDiv6's toughest moment! Who shall win....

....The Naval Base Curry Tournament? The sea! Where's the sea?!?!

Official Details parsed machine translation
「Now, all of the curry is present in here」

The day-to-day guidepost for kanmusu is the important cuisine, 'curry'.

Once again, it's the season for the 'Naval Base Curry Tournament' that determines the top of such curry.

The distinguished, long-running 'Naval Base Curry Tournament' was born long ago. The Sixth Destroyer Division consisting of Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, & Inazuma are practicing for the challenge bravely. How will the contest end?

Absolute Spoilers


The Secretary Ship is ready to sacrifice everything & her aide can only be there for her....

The Sixth Destroyer Division is seen in the docks, washing up. Once again, Akagi is there & occupying herself with something to pass the time. Much to Akagi's delight, they are an expedition fleet that have gained excellent bauxite rewards.

Though once done, Akatsuki is displeased about her goal of becoming a lady. They notice a flyer to the yearly Naval Base Curry Tournament & Takao & Atago explain it as they pass by. Naturally, Akatsuki focuses upon the comment of being the number one cook as a shortcut in being a lady. As such, at Mamiya's Cafe she persuades the rest of DesDiv6 to join as well. When they cheer themselves on, Kongou suddenly joins in. Both Ashigara & her won't let the chance slide by either. Though for....differing reasons.

In a kitchen, they begin their practice. However, they are impatient during the stewing & at the construction area, speed it up with....undesirable results. As they reaffirm their commitment, Yuubari helps them with a new pot & Mamiya assists them with ingredients. Their expedition for it fails, though. As they contemplate resigning, Nagato steps in to encourage them.

The competition beings with the teams of Kongou & Hiei, Shoukaku & Zuikaku, Akagi & Kaga, Shimakaze, Ashigara & Haguro, & DesDiv6. The Secretary Ship is the judge. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, teams begin to drop out due to self-inflicted sabotage. However, one of the remaining teams lays on a heavy revelation. It takes Nagato to step in once more to reinvigorate DesDiv6 & the audience to continue challenging THE BOSS.

Once the time is up, the Secretary Ship tastes Ashigara & Haguro & DesDiv6 dishes. After a hard decision, DesDiv6 is declared the winner. Everyone has a serving of the winning curry & DesDiv6 has the rest of champions.


Naval Base[]

  • Destroyers: Mutsuki, Satsuki, Fumizuki, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Yuudachi, Asashio, Ooshio, Arashio, Michishio, Shimakaze
  • Light Cruisers: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Ooi, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka, Yuubari
  • Heavy Cruisers: Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara, Haguro, Takao, Atago
  • Standard Carriers: Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu, Hiryuu, Shoukaku, Zuikaku
  • Battleships: Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Nagato, Mutsu
  • Light Carriers: Houshou
  • Other: Mamiya

Naval Base Fleets[]

  • Sixth Destroyer Division: Akatsuki (flagship), Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma



  1. BBS: Bauxite-Bottom Sound
  • Failure!


6th: Kongou & Hiei

  • Dropped out due to knockout

5th: Akagi & Kaga

  • Dropped out due to no dish

4th: Shoukaku & Zuikaku

  • Dropped out due to wardrobe malfunction

3rd: Shimakaze

  • Dropped out due to no dish

2nd: Ashigara & Haguro

1st: Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, & Inazuma


Takao & Atago have been assigned to the Naval Base for over a year

Sixth Destroyer Division was assigned to the Naval Base sometime after the prior Naval Base Curry Tournament

Akatsuki wants to be lady & lead the Akatsuki class
Hibiki just enjoys being with her sisters
Ikazuchi wants to be relied upon more, of which being a major fleet flagship is one
Inazuma doesn't want anyone to fight each other

Kongou's latest nicknames

  • Akatsuki as Tsuki
  • Ikazuchi & Inazuma as Raiden (It's a combination of their kanji)

Boke: Kirishima
Tsukkomi: Naka


.# Khorosho

.# Lady

.# Nanodesu

3 Oi! Oh!s, 2 Ossois

.# Pan-paka-pan!

# Pois

.# Spoilt [kanmusu] making

2 Breakdowns

5 Dropouts

2 Knockouts

2 Mispronounciations

1 CarDiv1, Akagi! I'm here to ea-cook!

1 Shounen/Shoujo FINAL BATTLE

Crunchyroll translates Tsuki as Zucky


Opening & Ending[]




Episode 7

English I Hate CarDiv1!
Japanese 一航戦なんて、大ッッキライ! Romaji Ikkousen Nante, Dai Kirai!
Script Yoshino Hiroyuki Storyboard Yoshida Tooru
Episode Director Yoshida Tooru Animation Director Uetake Tetsurou
Air date February 19th, 2015
Briefing Operation FS continues with a new mission that requires the abilities of multiple Naval Bases. However, due to an shakedown run incident, a kanmusu must be switched out. Compounding this are suspicions regarding the failed W Island capture operation.

This mission may be a fight against fate....

Official Details parsed machine translation

「Now, I'm going, Zuikaku!」 The Fifth Mobile Unit appears to be finally coming together under Fubuki's efforts.

Meanwhile, a moment of inattention during a sortie by Zuikaku leads to Kaga being torpedoed.

Instead of the wounded Kaga, Shoukaku will participate in battle.

Fubuki participates in an operation to capture MO along with the two kanmusu of CarDiv5, where they encounter an abyssal carrier task force in the Coral Archipelago Sea.

Absolute Spoilers
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Episode 8

English I'm not a Hotel!
Japanese ホテルじゃありませんっ! Romaji Hotel Jya Arimasen!
Script Hanada Jukki Storyboard Kusakawa Keizou
Episode Director Ninomiya Souji Animation Director Honda Mino, Ide Naomi, Matsumoto Mayuko
Air date February 26th, 2015
Briefing The operation to capture MO was a tactical success, although a strategic failure. Regardless, the Naval Base relocates to a forward base. While preparations for the next operation are underway, everyone has a bit of downtime. Interestingly, there's amazing facilities & a curious host....
Official Details parsed machine translation

Yamato-class, first ship, Yamato. Heading forth!」 The wounded Shoukaku along with Fubuki & the Fifth Mobile Unit have arrived at the FS strategy execution forward base, Truk Island.

They are welcomed by the strongest, state-of-the-art kannmusu: the Yamato-class battleship, first ship, Yamato.

In the tropical weather, the kanmusu can finally relax for the first time in a while.

However, for Fubuki, the lonely expression of the hosting Yamato is worrisome.

Absolute Spoilers
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Episode 9

English Kai Ni-poi?!
Japanese 改二っぽい?! Romaji Kai Ni-poi?!
Script Hanada Jukki Storyboard Aoyama Hiroshi
Episode Director Kosaka Harumi Animation Director Wang Guonian, Lee Duck Ho
Air date March 5th, 2015
Briefing Yuudachi has remodeled, & with it, the fleet organization has entered review. However, it's not without reason, as soon becomes apparent at the Naval Base....
Official Details parsed machine translation

「I'll fight it out, even with a hammock as a sail!」 Physical conditioning transforms Yuudachi.

Seeing that state for the first time, the other destroyers are curious.

Upon seeing Yuudachi, Nagato leads her to the factory.

Filled with worry, Fubuki & Mutsuki follow the Yuudachi into the factory.

So those two people saw - !?

Absolute Spoilers
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Episode 10

English Let's Do Our Best!
Japanese 頑張っていきましょー! Romaji Ganbatte Ikimasyou!
Script Hanada Jukki Storyboard Hayashi Hiroki
Episode Director Ooshima Hiroyuki Animation Director Kim Jeong Eun
Air date March 12th, 2015
Briefing While various fleets are on reconnaissance, Fubuki focuses on training & gaining experience to the exclusion of all else. Although there is a near miss, a special training session may yet justify her overzealousness....
Official Details parsed machine translation

「I want to be useful to someone!」 Fubuki heard from Nagato, the Teitoku's words.

Inspired by those words, Fubuki became dedicated to raising her proficiency.

To achieve a large-scale remodeling, Fubuki continues training, studying, combat, & exerting effort.

Witnessing an important friend changing beyond recognition, Mutsuki is watching & feeling a sad premonition.

Absolute Spoilers
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Episode 11

English Operation MI, Commence!
Japanese MI作戦! 発動! Romaji MI Sakusen! Hatsudou!
Script Yoshino Hiroyuki Storyboard Ibata Shouta
Episode Director Ibata Shouta Animation Director Ibata Shouta, Lee Duck Ho,Kim Jeong Eun
Air date March 19th, 2015
Briefing Akagi's premonitions have lead to a change in the battle deployments. As the operation nears the outset, everyone is on edge. Will fate have it's way? Unfortunately, the plan doesn't stay on course....
Official Details parsed machine translation

「First Carrier Task Force, going!」 Finally, Operation MI has commenced.

Based on the Teitoku's orders left behind, the Naval District's fleets proceed with the sortie preparations.

Meanwhile, Akagi alone secretly feels uneasiness.

In order to shake off that disturbing premonition, Akagi submits an opinion on the task forces' fleet organization proposal to Nagato before the decisive battle.

Absolute Spoilers
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Episode 12

English Enemy Planes Above, Dive-bombing!
Japanese 敵機直上、急降下! Romaji Tekki Tyokujyou, Kyuukouka!
Script Hanada Jyukki Storyboard Hayashi Hiroki, Kusakawa Keizou
Episode Director Kusakawa Keizou Animation Director Ide Naomi, Matsumoto Mayuko, Honda Mino, Kohara Makoto
Air date March 26th, 2015
Briefing Fate's strong pull is seems impossible to overcome. However, Fubuki, the primary attack force, & the rest of the navy are determined to not let it succeed. Even if the Abyssals haven't unleashed their full potential.... The Teitoku sees all!
Official Details parsed machine translation

「I will change everything!」 The fleet gathered to battle in the waters of Operation MI.

However, in addition to a series of unforeseen events, by the onslaught of deep sea abyssal ships, Akagi is stymied.

It's Akagi one destroyer wants to protect.

The name: Fubuki.

With the girls cooperating, all the kanmusu are challenging the central deep sea abyssals in the MI waters in a final battle.

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