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|戦績表示時 = 提督、情報は大切ですね?天城もそう思います。
|戦績表示時 = 提督、情報は大切ですね?天城もそう思います。
|EN5 = Reports are important, right, Admiral? Amagi thinks so, too.
|EN5 = Reports are important, right, Admiral? Amagi thinks so, too.
|秘書放置時 = 烈風まぶしい…あっ、自分の艦載機なのにみとれちゃいま
|秘書放置時 = 函館…なんでだろう懐かしい響き気のせいですね。あっ、提督お呼びでょうか
|装備時① = 対空火器の、増強でしょうか?
|装備時① = 対空火器の、増強でしょうか?

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No.202 天城

Unryuu Class Standard Carrier

331 Card
Icon HP HP 48 Icon Gun Firepower 0 (25)
Icon Armor Armor 26 (51) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0 (0)
Icon Evasion Evasion 33 (?) Icon AA AA 27 (72)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 51 Icon ASW ASW 0 (0)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 38 (?)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 13 (59)
Build Time Slot
Unbuildable[?] 210min[?] 4
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
25mm Triple Autocannon Mount 18
12.7cm Twin High-angle Mount 24
- Unequipped - 3
- Unequipped - 6


Amagi Kai

No.229 天城改

Unryuu Class Standard Carrier

429 Card
Icon HP HP 60 Icon Gun Firepower 0 (45)
Icon Armor Armor 35 (76) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0 (0)
Icon Evasion Evasion 36 (?) Icon AA AA 33 (79)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 69 Icon ASW ASW 0 (0)
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS ?
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 17 (69)
Build Time Slot
Lv50 Remodel + Blueprint 4
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
Zero Fighter Type-52c (601) 18
Suisei (601 Air Group) 21
Tenzan (601 Air Group) 27
12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher 3


Event Japanese English Note
I'm Amagi, an Unryuu Class Carrier.
I will be in your care, Admiral.
Now, Amagi will concentrate!
Library Intro
えっと…滞空戦ですか。 Uhm.... An air battle?
What? Commencing anti-aircraft fire!
Ara? Admiral? Um....well....
Admiral, what's wrong with Amagi's hangar?
Deploying aircraft? Yes, I'm happy.
 ⇧ for Kai form, plays Base form's Secretary Married line when sparkled
Show player's score
提督、情報は大切ですね?天城もそう思います。 Reports are important, right, Admiral? Amagi thinks so, too.
Joining a fleet
航空戦隊旗艦天城、出撃します。 Amagi, flagship of the carrier squadron, sortieing.
新しい艦載機天城感激です。ありがとうございます。 Amagi is thankful for the new aircraft. Thank you very much. Aircraft of which she was never able to receive in life....
天城が参ります。 Amagi will now be going.
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
貴重な燃料や艦載機、ありがとうございます。 Thank you, for all these precious fuel and aircraft.
≤ minor damage
深い傷ではないですが…提督、すみません。 It's not a serious wound but....thanks, Admiral.
≥ moderate damage
I'm sorry. I'm going to take a lot of time in the bath.
I'm truly sorry.
Ship construction
新造艦が就役した模様です。 Looks like a new ship has joined the fleet.
Return from sortie
艦隊が無事帰途しました。お疲れ様です。 The fleet has returned. Good work everyone.
Start a sortie
航空母艦天城、抜錨いたします。 Aircraft Carrier Amagi, sortieing.
Battle start
Air battle
Night battle
つ…追撃ですか?そうですか。頑張ります。 What.... A pursuit attack? Then.... I'll do my best.
Night attack
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Amagi is....number one? Really?
Thank you very much. I....I'm happy.
Minor damaged(1)
Minor damaged(2)
≥Moderately damaged
うわ…やられました。艦載機発着艦不能です。 Uwa....I've been hit. It's impossible to launch planes now.
沈むのに…天城…不思議な気持ちです…今度は精一杯行きました…よね… Even though....Amagi is sinking....Amagi still has this strange feeling....This time, I did my best....right...? In contrast to her historical capsizing.


  • Presumably in reference to her history, her basic form represents her time spent moored & camouflaged until her capsizing.
    • As such, her kai form may represent what may have been if she was able to sortie.


  • Departing from Unryuu's naming scheme set by Souryuu & Hiryuu, due to being be a modified version of them, Amagi & her following sisters utilized the defunct battlecruiser naming scheme. That is, names of mountains.
    • Amagi was last used for the Amagi-class battlecruisers, of which Akagi was a part of.
  • Although she was commissioned, she was never possessed an air wing due to losses during the war, & as such, never traveled far from a port.
    • The 601 Air Group were slated to be her air wing if not for their deployment in the Battle of Iwo Jima
    • She was permanently moored at an island in Kure harbor & extensively camouflaged on April 13th, 1945 after light damage from Task Force 58.
  • Beginning on July 24th, 1945 & supplemented on July 28th, Task Force 38 attacked her. Her damage was not repaired & she capsized her at her moorings.

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