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Nguyên liệu sửa chữa khẩn cấp Introduced in Summer 2019 Event, this mechanic allows mid-sortie repairs when entering an "Anchorage Node" with either

Akitsushima Kai

or Akashi Kai in the fleet equipped with Trang bị sửa chữa tàu.

Depending on the slot the Trang bị sửa chữa tàu is equipped in, the range of ships that can be repaired will be different:

1st Slot 2nd Slot 3rd Slot 4th Slot Repair Amount
Akashi kai card.jpg Main Fleet
1st - 3rd Ships
Main Fleet
4th - 6th Ships
Escort Fleet
1st - 3rd Ships
Escort Fleet
4th - 6th Ships
30% of Max HP
AV Akitsushima Kai 450 Battle.jpg Escort Fleet
1st - 3rd Ships
Escort Fleet
4th - 6th Ships
No Effect N/A 25% of Max HP
Tập tin:Anchorage Node Prompt Example.png

Repair Prompt Example

  • Multiple Trang bị sửa chữa tàu can be equipped to cover larger areas of the fleet.
  • Upon reaching an anchorage node, if any ships within the applicable slots are Light or Medium Damaged, the game will prompt if you would like to perform repairs. (Heavily Damaged Ships cannot be repaired.)
  • One Emergency Repair Material will be consumed per mass repair.
  • Any ships that are in range of the Ship Repair Facilities that are not at max HP will be repaired.
  • The amount of HP repaired will be rounded up.
  • Steel required for the amount of HP repaired will also be deducted as necessary.
  • Repaired ships will also additionally gain 15-20 morale.

Acquisition[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

From Events[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Events may reward this item for clearing certain maps on certain difficulties.

From Shop[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Additional amounts may be purchased from the shop in Packs of 3 (and 800 Steel) at 600 DMM Points each.

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