The Amagi class (天城型 Amagi-gata) was a series of four battlecruisers planned for the Imperial Japanese Navy as part of the Eight-eight fleet. The ships were to be named Amagi, Akagi, Atago, and Takao (initially named Ashitaka), after the mountains Amagi, Akagi, Atago, and Takao.[A 1] The Amagi design was essentially a lengthened version of the Tosa-class battleship, but with a thinner armored belt and deck and a modified secondary battery arrangement. Limitations imposed by the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty prevented the class from being completed as designed. However, the treaty had a limited allowance for hulls already under construction to be converted into aircraft carriers. Amagi and Akagi were both intended for conversion, but an earthquake damaged the hull of Amagi so extensively that the ship was scrapped. Akagi was reconstructed as an aircraft carrier and served with distinction as part of the Kido Butai during the Second World War, participating in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before being sunk at the Battle of Midway.

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Lớp Akagi
Akagi Akagi
Mẫu hạm tiêu chuẩn

Icon HP p2 69

Icon Gun p2 0 (38)

Icon Armor p2 28 (54)

Icon Torpedo p2 0 (0)

Icon Evasion p2 28 (69)

Icon AA p2 32 (74)

Icon Aircraft p2 73

Icon ASW p2 0

Icon Speed p2 Nhanh

Icon LOS p2 44 (69)

Icon Range p2 Ngắn

Icon Luck p2 12(49)

Xx c 18

Xx c 18

Xx c 27

Xx c 10

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