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Lớp Ship Girls (4)
Khu trục hạm Harusame, Naganami,Yuugumo
Khác Mizuho
Minh họa Ship Girls (4)
Akira Mizuho
Fujikawa Naganami,Yuugumo
Kujou Ichiso Harusame

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Seiyuu (31)

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Satsuki Play 今日は特別な日なんだってさ。司令官がいれば、ぼくにはいつも、特別な日だけどね…。 Apparently, today's a special day. But to me, everyday's a special day if I'm with you commander.... Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Fumizuki Play 司令官、今日みたいな日はあたしが傍にいなきゃね。だって、特別でしょ。 Commander, for days like this, I have to be next to you. Because it's special, isn't it?
Nagatsuki Play 司令官、今日は特別な日だな。 Commander, it looks like today is a special day.
Kikuzuki Play 司令官、今日は特別な日、らしいな…。菊月でいいなら、共に祝ってもいいが…。 Commander, it seems today is a special day.... It'd be good if we could celebrate it together....
Mikazuki Play 司令官、今日は特別な日。この三日月が、しっかりエスコートしてあげますね。 Commander, today is a very special day. This Mikazuki will firmly escort you.
Miyuki Play おおそうか!今日は特別な日じゃん!司令官、これからもよろしくな! Oh, I see! Today's a special day! I forgot! Commander, I look forward to working with you!
Murakumo Play そっか、今日は特別な日じゃない!よし、あんたもついてらっしゃい! Oh, isn't today an important day!? Okay, you come here, too!
Hatsuharu Play うむ、めでたいの。今日という日を貴様と祝えて、わらわも嬉しいぞ。よきかな。 Yeah, congrats! To celebrate a day like today with you, we, too, are happy. Good.
Nenohi Play 今日は何の日?そう、子の日、じゃないけど、特別の日。やったね。 What day is it today? Yeah! It's Nenohi~! It's not, but it's a special day! Yeah!
Hatsushimo Play 今日は大切な日ですね、なんか輪形陣でお祝いしたくなりますね。えっ?ならない? Today is an important day, isn't it? We'll celebrate in something like a diamond formation. Eh? We won't?
Samidare Play 提督、今日は記念日ですね?素敵ですね?五月雨、いつもより頑張っちゃいます! Admiral, today is an anniversary, right? It's amazing! Samidare will try harder than usual!
Suzukaze Play てやんでぇ!今日はすっげえ大切な日じゃねえか!提督、おめっとさん!なぁ! Wait! Isn't today a very important day? Admiral, congrats! Yup!
Yamagumo Play 司令さ~ん、今日は特別な日ね~。ご一緒できて、山雲嬉しいです~。うふふ… Admiral~, today is special, right~? Yamagumo is happy to be able to be with you~. Ufufu....
Asagumo Play そっかぁ、今日は特別な日なのね。司令、良かったね。あたしも、ちょっと嬉しいわ。 So, today is a special day? Commander, good for you. I'm a little bit happy, too.
Kagerou Play 今日は大事な日じゃない?司令、皆、おめでとう! Isn't today an important day? Commander, everyone, congrats!
Shiranui Play 司令、今日は大切な日ではないですか?そうですか…それは、喜ばしいですね。 Commander, isn't today a really important day? Really...? Well then, it's delightful.
Kuroshio Play 司令はん、今日は記念日やね?うちも嬉しいわぁ! Commander, today is an anniversary, right? Kuroshio is happy, too!
Hatsukaze Play 今日は特別な日よね。提督さんと一緒にすごせて嬉しいわ。 Today is special, right? I'm happy to spend this time with you.
Yukikaze Play 司令ー、記念日ですね。おめでとう御座います、雪風もうれしいです。 Admiral, it's a memorial day. Congratulations, Yukikaze is happy, too.
Nowaki Play そうですか…今日は特別な日なんですね。司令、良かったですね。そうですか…。 I see... today is a special day. Commander, that's great, really...
Maikaze Play 提督、今日は素敵な大切な日じゃない?舞風と踊ろうよ、ねー。それ、ワン、ツウー。 Admiral, today is a nice, important day. Let's dance with Maikaze~ Now, one, two~
Shimakaze Play
Fubuki Play
Shirayuki Play
Hatsuyuki Play
Ayanami Play
Shikinami Play
Mutsuki Play
Kisaragi Play
Mochizuki Play
Yayoi Play
Uzuki Play
Oboro Play
Akebono Play
Sazanami Play
Ushio Play
Akatsuki Play
Hibiki Play
Ikazuchi Play
Inazuma Play
Shiratsuyu Play
Shigure Play
Murasame Play
Yuudachi Play
Asashio Play
Ooshio Play
Michishio Play
Arashio Play
Arare Play
Kasumi Play
Akigumo Play
Yuugumo Play
Makigumo Play
Naganami Play
Isokaze Play
Urakaze Play
Tanikaze Play
Hamakaze Play
Tokitsukaze Play
Akizuki Play
Teruzuki Play
Hatsuzuki Play
Takanami Play
Asashimo Play よっしゃー!今日は特別な日じゃんか!よし!司令、一緒に祝おうぜ。なぁ! Yeah! Today is special day! Alright! Commander, let's celebrate together, ok? Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Play Secretary 2
Libeccio Play
Okinami Play
Kazagumo Play
Arashi Play
Hagikaze Play
Umikaze Play
Kawakaze Play

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Ooi Play 今日は大切な日、ここはやっぱり北上さんと過ごさないと。北上さあーーーーーん Today's an important day! During a day like this, it's the best to spend the day with Kitakami-san! Kitakami-saaaaan! Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Kitakami Play うん?今日って特別な日なんだ…忘れてたぁ…うわぁ!駆逐艦集まってくんなぁ…! Huh? I forgot....that today is a special day.... Whoa! All the destroyers - don't gather around me...!
Yuubari Play おめでとう、提督と私たち。今日は特別な日ね。あとで感想、たっぷり聞かせてね! Congratulations, today is an important day for you & us. Tell us your thoughts after this, Admiral!
Tenryuu Play (Rough Transcription) 提督、三周年おめでとうだぜ!まぁ、よく三年も俺強さたえてだな!やるな!
Tatsuta Play (Rough Transcription) 三周年、おめでとうございます!もちろんおめでたくてもおさわりは禁止しています。あら、聞こえてないの?死にたい?
Kuma Play (Rough Transcription) まさかの三周年だくま。球磨も躍れきだくまでもおめでたいくま、くま!
Tama Play (Rough Transcription) にゃ!三周年にゃ?多摩もお祝いするにゃ!すごいにゃおめでとうにゃ
Kiso Play (Rough Transcription) 三周年ど言うわけか?お前と俺も長い付き合いなったか。いや、悪くないさ
Yura Play (Rough Transcription) 提督さん、三周年、三周年です!本年も艦隊と由良をよろしくお願いしますね!ね?
Sendai Play (Rough Transcription) 提督今日は大事な日さ?ね?こんなにも夜戦、そう夜戦しおう!
Jintsuu Play (Rough Transcription) 提督、おめでとうございます!今日は大切の日、神通もお祝いも上げます。
Naka Play (Rough Transcription) はぁぁい、那珂ちゃんだよ!提督今日はスペシャルの日!那珂ちゃんも嬉しい!
Kinu Play
Abukuma Play
Agano Play
Noshiro Play
Yahagi Play
Sakawa Play
Ooyodo Play Admiral, Our fleet has now reach its third year of service. Congratulations! Please be of service as well for next year.

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Furutaka Play 提督、今日は素敵な日。ご一緒できて古鷹、光栄です!いつも感謝してます! Today is a wonderful day, Admiral! Furutaka is honored to be with you! Thanks as always! Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Kako Play 今日を提督と過ごせて、嬉しいよ! To be able to spend such a day with the Admiral - I'm happy!
Suzuya Play チーッス!提督、今日は記念日じゃん?鈴谷も、ちょっち嬉しいかな。うん! Cheese! Isn't today an anniversary, Admiral? Suzuya is happy, too, yup!
Kumano Play 提督、今日は素晴らしい記念日ではなくて?シャンパンでお祝いするのかしら? Admiral, today is an important day, right? Shall we celebrate with champagne?
Prinz Eugen Play 今日は素敵な日ですね。アドミラールさん、いつもありがとう、えへへへ。 Today is a wonderful day! Good work as usual, Admiral! Ehehe.
Mogami Play
Aoba Play
Myoukou Play Admiral, I would like to show my appreciation for spending a time with me, Myoukou on this important occasion.
Nachi Play Ah, that's right. Today is a special day. Then i shall drink the night away. Of course, with you.
Ashigara Play Oh my, Today is an important occasion for us. And it's a good day to deep fry some Katsus. Right?
Haguro Play C-Commander sir... Today is anniversary day, right? I am so happy... Happy indeed. Yes.
Takao Play
Atago Play
Tone Play
Chikuma Play
Mikuma Play
Kinugasa Play
Zara Play

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Ise Play 今日はめでたい日かぁ。日向、いいね、楽しい気分だね。今日は飲んじゃおうか。 Today is a happy day? Hyuuga is in a good mood. Shall we get drunk today? Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Hyuuga Play そうか?今日はおめでたい日なのだな...皆嬉しそうだ。まあ...悪くないな。 Oh? So, it's an anniversary today.... Looks like everybody is happy. Well, that's not too bad.
Nagato Play It has been three years for us. How thrilling... Right. Today, we raise our canons magnificiently! I see, It's the third year... Time sure flies...
Mutsu Play Oh! Oh my! It's the third anniversary! Amazing that it still goes on. I'm a bit surprised over it. Oh, that's not what i meant. I meant well.
Kongou Play Hey admiral~! It's the third anniversary! Yay~! Congratulations and Burning Love~!!
Hiei Play I, Hiei, on the third year of love, will go! With my spirits... Held high! Yeah! *pant*
Haruna Play Admiral, Thank you so much for being with me, Haruna for three years. I felt inspired by it, admiral.
Kirishima Play Is the mic volume ok? Check. One, two... Right. Today i would like to show my gratitude for reaching our third year. Từ here on, we're... eh, too long?
Fusou Play
Yamashiro Play
Yamato Play
Musashi Play Admiral. We have finaly reach the third year. Hehe... To have a reliable friend is reassuring indeed. Here's to another year, partner.
Littorio Play
Roma Play

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Hiyou Play そっかぁ、今日は特別な日なのね。隼鷹、もう真っ赤だし…。どんだけ飲んでるの…? So, today is a special day. Jun'you, you're already red.... How long are you going to drink...? Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Jun'you Play おぉ、今日は特別な日じゃん!よぉーし、いい酒を開けてヒャッハーしようぜ! Ooh! Isn't today an important day? Good! Let's open some sake &.... Woohoo!
Houshou Play
Ryuujou Play Holy cow, It's the third year! Ain't that a happy occasion. Holy hot dang!
Chitose Play
Chiyoda Play
Shouhou Play
Zuihou Play

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Souryuu Play おめでとう提督!そして私たち!今日はお祝いですね!酒保開けちゃいましょ! Congratulations to you, Admiral! And to everybody else, too! We're going to celebrate today, right? Time to open the canteen! Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Hiryuu Play そうか今日はお祝いなんだね!やったぁ!来年も、提督と一緒にお祝いしたい…ね? So we're gonna celebrate today! Yessss! Hiryuu wants to celebrate with the Admiral next year, too.... Okay?
Amagi Play 提督、今日は特別な日ですね。天城、ご一緒できて光栄です。ふふっ、嬉し。 Admiral, today is an important day, right? Amagi is honored to be with you! Fufu, I'm happy.
Akagi Play Admiral, today it's an important day to us CarDiv 1. Here's to another year working together with you.
Kaga Play Third anniversary? We did it. Truly this is an exhilarating feeling. Let celebrate it with a sake. Would you like to join me, admiral?
Shoukaku Play
Zuikaku Play
Taihou Play Admiral, Congratulation on our fleet's third anniversary. I, Taihou will celebrate this occasion. Let us do our best for the upcoming year.
Unryuu Play
Katsuragi Play
Graf Zeppelin Play

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Ro-500 Play 提督、やったね。今日はお祭りだね。ろーちゃんも、嬉しいって!はい! Admiral, you did it! Today is a festival, right? Ro, too, is happy! Yup! Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
I-19 Play
I-168 Play
I-8 Play
Maruyu Play
U-511 Play

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Tên Audio Tiếng Nhật Tiếng Việt Ghi chú
Katori Play 提督、今日はとても大切な日ですね。そんな日にご一緒できて香取は、幸せです! Admiral, today is an important day. Katori is happy to be with you on such a day! Từ Kỷ niệm 2 năm
Kashima Play
Akitsu Maru Play
Akashi Play
Akitsushima Play
Mizuho Play Admiral, It is the third anniversary. Congratulations. I too, am happy for it.
Hayasui Play
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